King of Flawed Reason

King of Flawed Reason

A Poem by Silente


Festering molestation of achin'...
I'm separated by my own demons, my own feelings leapt alive with meanin'...
I'm crowning myself king of flawed reason...
For the reason I stand alone most the time...
Is I'm not feeling very grown at the time...
Like a seed with no warmth, a man outta lines, my rhymes are not good enough...
I stow it under and keep grumblin', actin' tough, mining away and wondering if it will ever be true...
Will I follow a shining path or break hollow and used...
Blasted by traces of iced gas, leaving me numb and bruised...
A rats uncle I'm stuffy and masked, you are sultry and out of grasp...
So I gasp and raise myself above the bar, I raise my own bar...
The imperfection flawed is tar that stops and harms...
Will I garner enough force to engulf mars...
Or will I fall hard and overwhelmed...
Just scars...

© 2017 Silente

Author's Note

Sometimes depression is crippling... Hope everyone reading this remembers they are not alone in the fight... Keep living day-to-day, and know you are valued... Have a good one

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This is so abstract, and so beautiful, just as always. I specially love the lines,

"The imperfection flawed is tar that stops and harms...
Will I garner enough force to engulf mars...
Or will I fall hard and overwhelmed...
Just scars..."

Just so beautiful.


Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

As always, a beautiful review, Vasilees, thank you, and am glad you enjoyed


Gee wilickers boys and girls… I wonder why this vacuous SJW d********g ran away with his tail between his legs? I wonder why that "social writing site" turned out to be a fake effort abandoned almost immediately by it's own creator?

Eggregious hypocritical virtue signaling bully games never work out in the long run. I'm glad you realized how embarrassing your actions were/are. Maybe if you had some substance behind your populist rage you'd be worth something... but alas... you turned out to truly be intellectually vacuous.

And I'm not even going to get into the plagiarism accusations against you. (which is probably the real reason you ran away like the coward you truly are.)

If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Enjoy your shame. I hope you learned something.


-- you know who this is... I never blocked you, ya coward. Despite all of your bullshit... you are still welcome to say whatever you want to me publicly or privately. And if you had any balls, personal integrity or honor you wouldn't have had to scurry away like you did. We could of talked like men and I would have been more than happy to debate you. You chose to act like an SJW bully. You did this to yourself...

(also, stop plagiarizing other peoples work... if your that intellectually bankrupt you have to resort to that s**t... maybe writing just isn't for you)

I look forward to your further cowardly silence.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Again you show why you are a poetry badass. This is a great piece, words you don't always see in poetry are not only used here, but you can't imagine the piece without them. Great job on another fine piece.

Posted 8 Months Ago

excellent flow, word choices and expression...I really enjoyed this read.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Yes, it's dark but strength, resilience, and courage shine through at the end. The rhyming is good, the pace excellent, the ending perfect. We get our asses kicked sometimes, but we get back in the fight. Nice work.

Posted 10 Months Ago

cofused again... needs a bit of some cleaning up but you are one writer bro..

Posted 10 Months Ago

The demons of depression dot the air
And grow before uncertainties at bay.
A mighty force of poetry and care,
rides high in showing us a stronger way.

The questions cling like always, from afar,
but verses hold the power of relief.
A gasp, to rise above the reset bar,
denying doubt its handhold onto grief.

But, what of imperfections in one’s life?
Will they tar and feather all the good?
Depression is the cloud, the king of strife,
depending only on those things that could.

I think I understand this from the start
But if I missed the boat, it’s all on me.
The message here is one we take to heart.
You’ve left it plain and clear for us to see.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Wow, this poem is so relatable for me. While reading this I can recall my own experiences and similar emotions I face. In my life I tend to doubt myself and my ability to do things "right". This piece is very deep and I love the way you had written it. I find that writing helps me deal with the issues I face daily. I am so happy we have the opportunity to share our work and help others. This truly helped, thank you!

Posted 11 Months Ago

Depression has away to grab one by the undies and dig in that wedgie. Sucks really but we can only be strong, hope it passes, and keep a true realization that we are the purest of talents and abilities. Easier said than done.

Always and with love

Jayden D.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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11 Months Ago

Thank you, Jayden, it means a lot to hear appreciation for this one, but also saddens me... Your exc.. read more
Matthew Kult

11 Months Ago

Indeed. You are welcome

This was wonderful. I just loved the "rat's uncle"...never heard that one before. The write is filled with a sort of self-doubt or even self-loathing perhaps...a sort of depressing demeanor that exudes a sense of being lost and desperate. But then, there is hope and courage here...a grabbing of the boot straps to pull the self out of self-pity and into action. I like that. I think we've all been down that road at one point. I see some great original descriptive work here as well. I enjoyed.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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11 Months Ago

Oh wow, what a wonderful review, thanks so much, Fabian... This was inspired by Chester Bennington's.. read more
This is very deep and unique, you word choices were spot on and the rhyming is very distinctive.

Thanks for writing this.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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11 Months Ago

Thank you for reading, Joey
Joey Nizz

11 Months Ago

Your welcome :)

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A Poem by Silente

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