A Poem by Silente

Accuse me...?

I think it's time that I redefined what it means to rhyme with style
in fact my stylus goes on for miles, we call it files that I tend
when bile rises, I defend
It's aisles of hypocrites on one end, and sly deeds done in crypts on the other
Now I sit on spun-bone marrow bleached and harrowing
I don't even need new formats or schemes to defeat these barrel-headed freaks
So give me more time so I can imbibe the two-way grime of doing it bare-backed on the fly
I'm scary with my raps
you lack tact like a Padawan that can't deflect lasers and crap
I'm saddling you, like where's the stirrups and strap
Guess I'll go straight to the neck...
It's jaded-abated-rained down as blood-red sap
gated and fading from life you can't hack
It's sad to call me a liar with my lines
I'll sandblast your face-flat with my freestyle gone wide
It's wild crimes you couldn't commit with a Reebok and beat-box strip
so just sip my fine-a*s till you die a blip with your thumb in lip
 postin' about lies and misguided psychology on the sly like a wimp
I'm a transparent kinda guy, I'll tear your transient a*s down with my fly open
and yes, I'm so honest I'll even admit I used fly twice, context was also sly
Oh wait did I just use sly twice?
Now I'v said twice three times...
 Guess that makes thrice im'a squirt in your eyes for trying to follow along to my nonsense jive
So get lost, bye-bye... And oh yeah...
I said sly four times 

© 2017 Silente

Author's Note

Plagiarism is abhorrent... Go ahead and accuse me... I will freestyle whatever subject, word, or thought given to me... In real-time messenger if you want... I can put my money where my mouth is... So have at it...

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Being here a long time, I went through a lot of crap because I took things too seriously and had to learn to ignore not only people, but accusations, and situations that in the scheme of things were not as important as I made them out to be.

We write here for fun. No one's being graded for graduation and no one is going to receive a salary from what they post. The reviews are not done by professionals and put up against the best in the business, we'd all come in last.

Enjoy writing. If you didn't copy someone else's writing you shouldn't have to spin your head and get dizzy over it. You also don't need to be defensive if you're in the right.

I've seen all the negative talk this morning on the live feed. Relax my friend. There's no need to get upset on a site like this. I wish you good luck.I'm only sharing what I've learned. Take it with a grain of salt or ignore me, I'll be fine either way. :)

Posted 11 Months Ago

5 of 5 people found this review constructive.


11 Months Ago

I think I did... Never reviewed it... As I saw it in very brief passing and then forgot to get back .. read more

11 Months Ago

No worries! No review req'd . . . just wanted to make sure you know you've inspired me.

11 Months Ago

That is the... STRONGEST FORM OF FLATTERY THAT EXISTS IN WRITING, imo... To be inspired to create..... read more


Gee wilickers boys and girls… I wonder why this vacuous SJW d********g ran away with his tail between his legs? I wonder why that "social writing site" turned out to be a fake effort abandoned almost immediately by it's own creator?

Eggregious hypocritical virtue signaling bully games never work out in the long run. I'm glad you realized how embarrassing your actions were/are. Maybe if you had some substance behind your populist rage you'd be worth something... but alas... you turned out to truly be intellectually vacuous.

And I'm not even going to get into the plagiarism accusations against you. (which is probably the real reason you ran away like the coward you truly are.)

If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Enjoy your shame. I hope you learned something.


-- you know who this is... I never blocked you, ya coward. Despite all of your bullshit... you are still welcome to say whatever you want to me publicly or privately. And if you had any balls, personal integrity or honor you wouldn't have had to scurry away like you did. We could of talked like men and I would have been more than happy to debate you. You chose to act like an SJW bully. You did this to yourself...

(also, stop plagiarizing other peoples work... if your that intellectually bankrupt you have to resort to that s**t... maybe writing just isn't for you)

I look forward to your further cowardly silence.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Haha, I truly love your writing style, always so well done, amazing

Posted 2 Months Ago

Writing something like this is no mean feat. Takes immense skill and guts. Kudos to you!

Posted 6 Months Ago

What a fun poem! I can almost imagine this being a rap song. Good job!

Posted 7 Months Ago

I have no doubt you can rhyme all the time, and trust that ain't no crime. (ok, that was bad please forgive...)

In all seriousness, I hate plagiarism, for me it's right up there with censorship as one of the things that I detest the most. This is a great piece, and one that I think needed to be done. Great job.

Posted 8 Months Ago

I like the forceful challenge present within this, a screw you to certain people. Minor "plagiarism" oftentimes cannot be avoided. The best poets and artists and writers borrow from others. By this point, it's almost as if that everything that can be said has been said. So what?

Posted 9 Months Ago

You got rhymes alright...

Posted 9 Months Ago

Got to read your work after long it was amazing as always

Posted 10 Months Ago

The mediocre bide their time until they can attack the great. I don't know the story, but I know you're a great enough writer to not need to plagiarise. The sad part is, though, that most of the shoddy writers on here don't know who they are. They just go around writer's cafe with a vague sense of anger, lashing out at the truly talented writers.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Being ill, I have missed a lot :/ And I'm sorry to have dropped out of sight. This is a great work of art, as I always felt your pieces to be. You are no mere writer, but an artist. I am again in awe at your gift/talent/ intelligence. Whenever these traits are apparent, there will be real enemies. We don't believe this to be, and so we're shocked when it happens. Don't let it stun you, nor feel the need to defend yourself. But use it as confirmation that your light shines too brilliantly for certain eyes. The green demon of Envy is real. I attempted to join your group, but something goes wrong with my device. I'm surprised that this site is even working for me, as it glitched violently in the past. Much admiration, I.I.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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