Letters to India

Letters to India

A Story by Donicca Dona L

this is a chapter but I will correct it later... you can tell me what you think, I am not that good at novels


Dear Lui...

I feel this need of writing somehow writing is my personal thing. You didn’t tried to change me but you still did, I told you before you have an effect on people by doing nothing. But you see I have to write so I kill every thought I may have. When you came I thought’’ s**t this is just not happening not real .He just did not came. But it felt so real because of the way I felt. ‘’ For the first time my brain was taking a rest damn I wasn’t overthinking but I was overfeeling. I let the feelings just flow and felt great. Yeah I may have looked like a fool into your eyes because my brain wasn’t able to work but my heart understood every word you said, my feelings couldn’t wake my thoughts. I wish there would be a way to show or to make you understand the way I feel no honestly I wish you could feel just for once what I feel. My first thought when you went away ‘’ cuteness level beyond ‘’ and than I thought ‘’ universe he must think I am an idiot’’. (well I usually thought the second one first , but I guess the first thought came as thought from my heart).
But all of this doesn’t really matter.
I wish someday not for me but for ‘’someone else’’you will feel again,and I am sure you will, like you have your own believing I have mine.
After I left Giovanni I swore I would never love again anyone I had myself for love . after days, month and years passed I started to believe in this ‘’ to never love again’’ till I gave up completely on it on love as a word as an idea I had created in my head. And there you were? Sitting on a office. And you know what , we never stop really to love we fall in love with everything we do or someone or somebody because love it is our nature like many other things we forgot about. I am sure this girl you will meet one day will make happy for her it will be enough let say it on a literarely way’’ to sleep under the trees while you are there’’. And you gonna call me or text me and say ‘’ she finally came’’. I am not sure what I will be doing maybe some month or a certain day or years. You said ''you wouldn't again '' its sounded like you know what tomorrow brings, but the truth is tomorrow is always gonna be unknown.

Stay well.
your friend Ann.

(L.to.I) .... D.L

© 2017 Donicca Dona L

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Added on June 30, 2017
Last Updated on June 30, 2017


Donicca Dona L
Donicca Dona L

Podgorica, Tuzi, Montenegro

Hello my name is Donika Lulgjuraj. I am from Montengro, Podgorica. I am an albanian writer. I published my first poem book in 2008 in albanian called ''Rruga e jetes'' translated '' the way of life'' .. more..

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