the diffrence

the diffrence

A Story by Donicca Dona L

she given up.she ended up trying not to break her heart but she broke it to be honest she can't do this anymore she can't pretend like she doesn't know when she knows it.
Do she owns you  a explanation ? No? Neither of you of course. Every of her action was action she chose.
So  she played with us both?
No, but I guess that part is your part.

Do  you even feel hurt Love? Don't stare at her like that.  Like she cheated on the love she said she have. Boys pride, their ego, or was it an idea you created on your head about her? This nice good girl who wouldn't chat with others while telling you ''she loves me''. She wanted your time but she could no longer beg for it.  Even while writing to the other guy , she wrote to you a simply ''hi'' the one like she doesn't care when she f*****g did , the one who in silent was screaming '' it still you on my heart and mind''  no matter what her actions may say.  
Hasn't she told you that she would never use nicknames like darling etc You should have known she was pretending about those nicknames, somehow she hoped she would wake you up , but I guess it was her mistake, do you really cared or just your ego or was it this idea that all woman are all the same since your past already broke the trust, when they don't get attention they search it somewhere else or maybe any of your other thoughts she can't think about it now. She knew he was a friend of yours , that her message were going to be toward to you, she didn't cared all of that would be used against her. 
she said . You attrack '' and meant in a physical way...  she didn't said he was Love.And when he started showing ''interest '' she showed him because they share some things in common. Love what  do you want to hear from her? That there haven't been nights she wasn't thinking about you, she won't deny she tried to forget you. do you remember how foolish she looked while trying not to look foolish in front of you when you first met her alone or the fact when you asked her for favor she said YES without doubt, your favor could have been anything  . She dedicated all her poems story to you. You had heart in your hands. She remember when a friend once said he is not worth it all of your time how long you gonna wait 5 or more years like you did with Giovanni, and she told him about this other guy ''he is treating you right '' . She also told him that she can help it but feel that there is a connection between you too. Her friend called crazy, but she always trusted her inner feelings or intiute or  whatever it is called. But Love isnt about treating or wasting time. She doesn't know how long it would take her to forget you, all she knows is last week she dreamed you and knew she was still in love with you .
who played who again? she ? or you two? 
And dear darling imagine she would  gave you her heart, it would start based on lies, you really didnt been honest. Yes you never asked about her past or her now she didnt lied she did like you but there is huge difference between like and loving.  Maybe she is paying for something she did it in the past and doesn't remember who knows. You became dear to her even after all but she can't pretend anymore . Was what real what you said or was it nothing? You didnt make a step back, I guess your pride was important too.
what know she ask herself? 
and she doesn't know it either.


© 2017 Donicca Dona L

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Added on September 23, 2017
Last Updated on September 23, 2017


Donicca Dona L
Donicca Dona L

Podgorica, Tuzi, Montenegro

Hello my name is Donika Lulgjuraj. I am from Montengro, Podgorica. I am an albanian writer. I published my first poem book in 2008 in albanian called ''Rruga e jetes'' translated '' the way of life'' .. more..

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