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A Story by DreamCatcher08

A short story from personal experience. Hope You enjoy my First post.

"Capital" She sighed, as She sunk Her body into Mine. Two years Her junior, I hoped that what I lacked in numbers, I made up for with blind passion. She let off a tiny little laugh, it wasn't much, but more than enough to decay any looming awkwardness. The laugh wilted beautifully into a cheeky smile, this told Me that not only was I warming Her bed but also Her thoughts. Although I detest any bed but My own, that information was enough to convince Me that closing My eyes was safe, She didn't have Her running trainers and Her heels were far too high that evening to attempt escape. Even though I Think She was too at ease to consider such a thing, I had heard it was a tradition of relationships like Ours, which as of yet, was undefined.

I looked around me for a prop, a vessel to carry the early morning forward and avoid being swallowed by the sea of sleep. Our conversations had taken Us this far, it seemed only fitting that We should continue in the same vein. Part of Me wanted to ask how I measured up to lovers of the past, but I was afraid of the answer and My confidence abandoned Me mid-breath, making it glaringly obvious I had intended on saying something but didn't. She caught this and instantly enquired,

"You were about to say something"

in a tone of voice somewhere between question and statement. She sounded doped by sleep but as of yet unwilling to give into it's horrible demands.

I thought for a long moment about what I could say. There were many things that needed to be said but asking about lovers who were lost was not one of them. The fact that it was I with whom she had shared the preceding weekends with and none other, alluded to the answer. Seconds had passed now since the question was posted to me. So many seconds that I knew she would not believe what I said now to be my original thought. In light of this, I decided to opt for a slight side-step and hit Her with something so undeniably truthfull and sweet, She would be too embarassed to question its legitimacy.
I Whispered to her,

"You were the most beautiful Girl in the room tonight"

It was a decoy, but in no way was it a lie. I could tell that She enjoyed the compliment, I felt Her cheek flare up on my chest, Her change in expression moved my skin and I became conscious of the claminess in the contact between us. With anyone else, this would have been an irritant, but with Her everything felt so different.

Deep down, I think She knew it wasn't My first intention to say this, but She was happier for it as She relaxed again, sinking back into the rythym of My beating chest, rising and falling like the gentlest of tides. I slowed My breathing so as to increase Her comfort, but not so much that falling asleep would be too easy. We had all our lives left to sleep, but right in that moment, it felt like we had to move forward.

© 2015 DreamCatcher08

Author's Note

This is one of the first short stories I ever wrote, probably around the age of 18/19. It later went on to inspire a song of the same name. Feedback welcome and appreciated. Thanks. I am very new to this and would only ever write for fun and a desire to become better at it through practice.

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Added on October 26, 2015
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