Double A

Double A

A Poem by DreamCatcher08

The first of my songs I've ever posted on here. One of My favourites too. A song about any sort of personal addiction / loving something or someone despite knowing how bad they are for You.

Life is a horrorshow,
But You're the hands that cover My eyes,
My only vice,
True darkness fighting the light.
We used to come alive in the night time,
The only time that we'd find time,
But now all my time is spare,
And You always seem to be there.

I need a Double A,
To help me shoot straight,
I need a Double A.

Life was my favourite game,
Until You changed the way I played it,
You made Me cheat My way,
You made Me up, down, B and A it.
I feel invincible,
But You're just waiting for my fall,
To make a quick revive,
I've never felt so alive.

I need a Double A,
It'll help Me shoot straight,
I need a Double A.

You'll catch Me when I fall,
You're the one that'll push me off.
I need some time, to think
To think.

I need a double A,
It'll help Me shoot straight,
I need a Double A.

© 2015 DreamCatcher08

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Added on November 4, 2015
Last Updated on November 4, 2015



Scotland, United Kingdom

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