What do you know about adventure?

What do you know about adventure?

A Poem by DreamCatcher08

Havent posted in ages, here's a poem. My friend tasked me to write something with this title, thought it was a cool idea.

She used to ask me questions,
Of matter and of mind,
She'd ask me how the world would work,
If I left her behind.
She'd ask to hear my stories,
My poems and my rhymes,
She had to know the details,
of how I'd spent my time.

What do you know about adventure?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
Nothing worthy without pain,
Nothing whole that wasn't broke,
Nothing done without some hope.

I didn't always have the answers,
I didn't always know the score,
I always tried to give direction,
I always opened up the door.
When she asked to hear my stories,
My tales of song and time,
I'd try to hide a lesson learnt,
inbetween the lines.

What do you know about adventure?

You're not the centre, nor the cure,
You're just the hero, nothing more.
You're not the problem, or disease,
You're not the world that's on it's knees.

I've tried to save the world before,
From the thunder and the rain,
Some things are just meant to happen,
So you ask me this again.

What do you know about adventure?

It's all in what you make of it,
The little thing's you'll do,
There's nothing you can take from it,
That wasn't meant for you.
When you change the way you look at things,
When you change the way you see,
Everything's one big adventure,
You've gotta let it be.

© 2016 DreamCatcher08

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^^ Such a nice idea, and you wrote it well. I like the idea of telling someone a story and they keep asking why this and why that, reminds me of a little kid, wondering how things work and at times you just run out of answers and just say that is how it is. lol

Good Job

Posted 2 Years Ago

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