Bridge or barrier?

Bridge or barrier?

A Story by DreamCatcher08

A little thing I wrote while in a foreign land. Where a family who had never met me treated me as if i was a son of their own


Language is a funny old thing isn't it? It exists as a bridge between one mind and another but is so often portrayed as a barrier. The truth is most likely neither. If we only used grunts and squeaks, we'd probably still get our points across. I imagine a bar where every language in the world is represented by only one person. Oh what fun they'd have. Laughing at the pronunciation of the word "pronunciation" a thousand times over until it sounded alien even in its native tongue. They'd all drink and share their local drinks and think and share their local thinks. Exchanging ideas that borders and hemispheres shouldn't ever stand a chance of holding back. If we take our differences out of this event, would it be half as spectacular? Or would it be a thousand people sipping warm beer, occasionally catching eyes and immediately throwing them away again? We are scared of our similarities, probably more than we are afraid of our differences because at the end of the day, we are all human beings searching for other human beings that make being a human being feel human. The need for that forsakes words, sonnets, colloquialisms and accents. We will find light in the shadows of the unusual, right up until we eclipse the shadow and make it part of our own. Which, I'm afraid is an inevitability. 

The greatest things that have ever been shared between people require no vocalisation at all. Has it ever come as a shock when a Romeo tells a Juliet for the first time; "I love You"? Or has it always been a silent knowledge? If the words are truly meant, it's the later. If you've ever thought of a person to be beautiful, trust me, they probably already know. If they act like they don't, that's where the real beauty of language comes into play. As you discover eleven thousand and two ways to convey your feelings. Each more fitting than the last. 

© 2017 DreamCatcher08

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Added on September 14, 2017
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