The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

A Poem by Tabitha Marie

You promised happy

I gave you lies

Everything so snappy

Pulling tears from these eyes

Never did I give you

The chance to do or say

I figured you'd always be true

Never giving you the time of day

Suddenly it all changed

Looking at you wasn't the same

My heart felt so caged

It beckoned for your name

But you had were already gone

How could I have expected you to wait?

When all I did was was lead you on

Never giving it to you straight

Seeing how you loved her

Never letting it show

Making you think that for sure

I wasn't letting go

Of all the things I cared about

Doing everything I was against

When really from inside I would shout

That my emotions were fenced

The jealousy and rage got to me

I couldn't stop the blade

I just wanted it all to be

Taken from me like a raid

The crimson drops across the floor

Were everything I had

Never caring about what was in store

Or about who I made mad

I thought they were stupid

They didn't understand

That my hate for cupid

From you it had began

The ways of dealing with losing you

Became more drastic by day

When cutting didn't seem to do

I searched for a new way

Popping was just too easy

Numbing me inside and out

Leaving me more sleazy

But not having to think about

You and what I couldn't obtain

My love for you was killing me

But the drugs made it easy to substain

From the thoughts that could have been you and me

I'd never get have you

Or kiss you in the rain

You'd never teach our little one to tie his shoe

Or teach him the next refrain

No till death do us part

Or long white dress

No two to one heart

Or yelling and stress

Never would you be the one

I woke up next to each day

Never would the sun

Shine on me in such a way

That you would look at me in the city

And get the sudden need

To tell me I look pretty

And kiss me with such speed

No movie nights on weekends

Cause we have school all week

And as our love deepens

The future seems less bleak

All of it may seem foolish

Seeing how we're still so young

But my feelings for you weren't toolish

They were what my hearts' bells rung

But now when I look at you

All that I can see is she

And shouldn't I be happy,

Considering that I have he?

I guess that's just the way

That we are going to end

You're the one who got away

And I'm the one that will never spend

That one special night with you

The one we spoke of so long

But all I can ever do

Is let you go and stay strong

Cause a heart is only built for two

No strings attached right?

I just hope you know that it's you

I dream about every night.


© 2011 Tabitha Marie

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This poem is very well put... The message of falling out of love, and feeling foolish for being in love so young is evident.... You hae done a wonderful job on this poem and I really like it

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 1, 2011
Last Updated on February 1, 2011
Tags: love, hurt, pain, addiction, losing, special


Tabitha Marie
Tabitha Marie


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