Foreboding Sunlight Gives the Darkest Hearts the Impression of Stained-Glass Windows

Foreboding Sunlight Gives the Darkest Hearts the Impression of Stained-Glass Windows

A Poem by Sweet & Tender Hooligan

'People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.'

Sunlight breathes inadvertently through darkened hearts,
Drought of feelings thinking of yourself and no-one else.
Maps lead you to the heart of nothing.

We're all strangers,
 Discreetly leaving fingerprints on glass.
(Grey streets and white houses)
Windows between different worlds,
Mirrors between our different life's
(Thank you for living my life)
I hope I never have to live again.
We don't need anyone but ourselves to save us.

Trouble stretches time bear in mind life is mad,
All too much the worst of the world is aglow.
Mirrors in the sand, I only know myself
Yet you seem to know me more than I know myself.
Try changing yourself, try being an individual
Too much sun brings clusters of fake smiles
And incessant swarms of judgemental eyes.

We're all strange,
Reality is worse than nightmares.
We can close out the world
But we can't close our eyes to reality forever.
The cruellest corners are teachers of the darkest hearts.

My spirit is sad, my heart is broken but it leaves me at my strongest,
Sometimes we need blunt people the same way roses need thorns.
Changing weather shoreline and the sea, and turning tide.
Sunsets and dawn need sorrow just as much as love.
Traces of wasted youth, youth is wasted on youth.
Stained-glass souls in the veils of darkness crippled by life,
Reflecting the shadows of shadows.

Time against time, life without life
Selfish people in their selfish ways love to hurt.
No answers just more and more questions,
Building and foreboding like greying clouds.
Truth spewed out innumerously like unfurling a blanket of stars,
 No right's and no wrong's, just re-repeating love and promises with someone new.

Losing track of time in the wilderness of the mind,
Where does the horizon and the stars end?
Life specialises in making hell,
What if the seas stopped? What if everyone disappeared?
Tired-out strange forms of waking,
Where did the time go? 
Trails of cigarette smoke hanging around like wallflowers,
The sky turns black and blue, bullied by man and time.
If you were the sun,
Would you still shield your eyes?
We're our brightest in darker times,
Silhouettes kissing the sun with closed eyes.
Light seeping through tree-tops,
Sunlight reaper made the moon a sewn shut eye.

Rain on flowers as heavy as held in tears,
People let go of other people like string
Because time lets go of us.
Stars pinned against the tide onto the skin of the skyline,
The universe is drowning from within the heart of every living thing.

© 2011 Sweet & Tender Hooligan

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There is so much packed into this poem... and so many great lines. From these words, I get a sense of the desperate need for the delicate balance that keeps the earth alive... darkness and light, blunt and sharp, sorrow and love; the ebb and flow of relationships across time. Lyrical and thought-provoking.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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If I had to single out one line, it would be this one:

The cruellest corners are teachers of the darkest hearts...

but in truth every line has hidden meaning and beautiful imagery.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Beautiful title you have there :) Imagery's sublime.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Sweet & Tender Hooligan
Sweet & Tender Hooligan

Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom

I'm Russell from Wales. I've been writing for many years. Writing is important to me and its my only reason for being on this site. I like to take my time on my poems and I hope to keep learning an.. more..


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