Phantom Ballerina

Phantom Ballerina

A Poem by DuffyDreamer

I know, it's so hard to guess what this is about.


Her delicate muscles rippled her skintight leotard, revealing the hours devoted to this passion. She stretched out her body, straining to uncomfortable positions, yet her face displayed only peace. After a short period of contracting and bending her limbs, she set off to the room’s core. Readying herself, he watched her eyes slide shut for a brief second and her chest fall slowly. Suddenly, eyes flashed open and it all exploded.

Flashes of cloth and limbs, blended with the music’s melodic sound to create a burst of pleasure to his senses. Her natural coloring of milky skin, was decorated with faint sparkles and rosy cheeks and her thick bronze hair cascaded across her shoulders in exquisite waves. This was merely practice and she already had him breathless. She carried herself easily alongside the rhythm, never missing a beat. The motions overpowered her and she surrendered and succumbed to the muscle memory, letting her eyes close. Seeing her face shift into pure bliss, had him wanting to be the reason behind such emotion from her. He envied the power dance had over her but let it go when she leapt and spun, seeming to defy gravity. He was scared she would fly away and leave him behind, forever craving her return. When the moment broke and she returned back down with swift ease, she flung her frail body down in a pained way. The music combined with her displays of heartbreak, had his chest aching along with her. Limbs, graceful but strong, swung in gentle circles, following an invisible path around her body. 

The way her movements complimented the music to explain a story, astonished him and he marveled at this incredible woman. There was no doubting his sincere adoration and respect for her, but could he ever arrange it in such a way as she did her emotions? The raw passion that demanded to be appreciated and experienced with her. She was his now and he was constantly careful never to let his dancer slip away. His eyes trailed her like his life, his sanity, depended on it. His phantom ballerina. 

© 2018 DuffyDreamer

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so much training and pain goes with this sport,you painted a great image of her

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Why thank you Ron

1 Week Ago

my pleasure d/d
The title pulled me here.... and you have painted such beautiful creation... loved it... :)
So much between the lines.. love the title...

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

So glad to hear you appreciated the write G

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Added on February 10, 2018
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I dare you to figure it out. more..