A Poem by Dustin Orin Talley

Take it out.

Take it out carefully.

Wear static gloves,

so as to keep the oils

from your fingers from tattooing it.

Humanity will eat away at it's frail frame.

“What is this?” you ask yourself,

looking down at all the mass of attachments

and tiny towers that offer power and connection.

Now get a sewing needle and stick it in a flame,

just above the cherry of your cigarette will do.

Find the connections, the “but”, the “and”,

now take your glowing red needle and slash

verticle between them and what they link.

Seperate the words and send the sentence

broken and confusing out into the world,

where perhaps someone will find a verb or a noun

and cling onto them for dear life,

not caring what they were originally intended for.

Find the names that humanize the content behind them,

find the names and pull them out.

Pull them out and drop them to the floor

and if they don't shatter,

take your boot heel and your weight

and apply it until they name break into

a million possibilities.

Those tiny towers that we spoke of earlier,

take a hammer and hit them.


Make sure they are gone and if the damn thing

is not split and cracked by this then take the gloves off

and slam it against something.

Anything will do.

Now yell at it.

Put the face of your abusive father on it's

war torn mass.

Think of the guy who raped you in college,

and how you were too afraid to report it.

Yeah, that's it.

Pour something on it.

Light it on fire.

Destroy your angry love of the past,
the circuitry that should have been replaced
long, long ago. 

© 2011 Dustin Orin Talley

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Added on April 7, 2011
Last Updated on April 7, 2011


Dustin Orin Talley
Dustin Orin Talley

Chapel Hill

I'm a 29 year old poet and novelist living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. more..