Graffiti Talk

Graffiti Talk

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: April 1, 2016

Hoy viene a mi mente esa recuerdo de la primera vez que la vi. 
En ese momento siento que me hechizo con tan solo mirarme asi. 
Tan hermosa y preciosa que daria cualquier cosa para tenerla cerca de mi. 
Me estoy muriendo de ganas de dicerla que de fuera ella es todo lo que a dios pedi. 

I continue to play scenarios in my head of the different ways I would impress her and make her smile.
The attention I would give her would not only caress her heart, but leave it immensely versatile. 
I'll prepare myself for the obstacles she has set up surrounding her heart by an innocent beguile
Charming her won't be easy, but proving I'm worth her time will give me a better looking profile. 

Jumping to assumptions as to what she is like could and would taper. 
But any girl that can captivate me like that can suspend any deal breaker.
My preferences would adapt to her personality rather than her personality on paper. 
I would attempt to admire her for who she is and support her on everything her life will take her. 
I have hopes for her, and I don't want to believe she is merely a decoration. 
I want to have a reason to love her, instead of just a simple shred of infatuation.
She has to be everything I need, and as delusional as it maybe be, it's dedication. 
Until I am proven wrong, I will continue to pursue her, even if it takes me to the world's limitation. 

If I'm going to be completely honest, my initial intentions were to let innocent attractions deceive.
Then when I had mere-exposure to not even a single hair out of place, I attained sub motives up my sleeve. 
Because I tend to often stare in her direction, my eyes manipulate my ideas of what I actually believe. 
I don't even know her, but I still associate her face with ideal characteristics that my unconscious mind conceives. 

She's simply an enchantress, capable of putting these thoughts in my head with only eye contact. 
If she has control of my emotions, she can control my ideas and just about anything else that is abstract. 
If there is one thing I know, her name is the feminine version of mine, and my heart is willing to be her artifact.
If I am taking the time to write her this poem, this will be the first exchange of words from me to her, despite how she may react. 

My words never touch base with what I have in mind with the idea of romanticism.
I hesitate to talk her because my words in person are not like the poetic art of naturalism. 
Even so, it's like graffiti, either people can value such art, or consider it a form of vandalism. 
She may take offence, but if she appreciates it, my ideologies of her will convert themselves pragmatism. 

© 2016 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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Beautiful poem. Definitely not “ amateur-ish “ at all.
Love how your words paint this picture of perfection you see in this women.
Excellent piece.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Daniel Valentine Rivera

9 Months Ago

Thank you for your kind words.

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1 Review
Added on April 2, 2016
Last Updated on August 2, 2016


Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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