Cambiando Caminos

Cambiando Caminos

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: June 06, 2016

Nadie me podria quitar el orgullo de ser Latino, mucho menos quitar la esperanza. 
Hay orgullo en ser Americano tambien, y quiero ver a todos con ese tolerancia. 
Tengo un sueño, que el exito se presta para los indocumentados que no alcanzan. 
Quiero supportar a los que batallan, y expresar mi admiracion por ellos con una alabanza. 

I was planted in this country, but blossomed in two cultures and traditions. 
Any paper work I posses points me as being a citizen, an American in addition. 
Because of this, I have more privileges than some of my peers who arn't granted admission. 
Owe a debt of gratitude, for my parents and God for placing me in this unappreciated position. 

My mind is American, but my heart is Mexican and I'm proud to have this as my identity 
As do many, but not many have those same benefits; legal status being the enemy. 
I know very well that they have dreams more profound than mine; dreams of leaving a legacy. 
Those who envision greatness with very few resources should be allowed to follow their destiny. 

There is proof that you can be undocumented and still be able to achieve something impressive. 
A beautiful sight to see on my news-feed, nothing less than accomplished and expressive. 
Their paths were faced with countless obstacles that discouraged but they prove to be progressive. 
Obstacles, because they're labeled as an alien, with a government having the audacity to be oppressive. 

There is much uncertainty when considering what lies ahead and how things can suddenly change at any instant,  
But this recent decision to end a certain program will not be an impediment because they will remain persistent.
They, so ambitiously, will continue to prosper, standing by compassionate people who will defend and offer assistance. 
They call themselves Dreamers, and they dream that one day they can contribute and feel like they belong in coexistence. 

Aunque haiga injusticia en este país, eso no les frenan y al contrario, ní piensan en rendir y prefieren sufrir. 
Siempre he dicho que los Dreamers me inspiran a seguir estudiando, para que mis sueños se pueden cumplir. 
Han cambiando mi camino, a un camino gratificante lleno de alegria y esperanza sin quitarme las con ganas de vivir. 
Prometo que les voy a devolver el favor, ofreciendoles mi apoyo, refuerzo, y refugio hasta que el opresión no se puede sentir. 

• This poem is dedicated to all the Dreamers, especially the ones I'm proud to call my friends. 

© 2018 Daniel Valentine Rivera

Author's Note

Daniel Valentine Rivera
This poem used to be something else, but in light of recent events I thought I add something more substantial.

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Added on November 30, 2016
Last Updated on January 22, 2018
Tags: Pride, Hope, Help, Admiration, Proud, Accomplishments, Latino, Hispanic Culture, Political, Español, Thankful, God, Dreamers


Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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