Clandestine Luxury

Clandestine Luxury

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: March 31, 2017


After a long day of professionalism, begins the night of networking in the luxurious ambiance. 

Most intend to collaborate on motions, others will seek to take advantage and look for dalliance. 

I preferred the company of my colleagues, from the comfort of my very own suite. 

But when the clock the strikes midnight, underage dipsomania took place in a place more discrete. 

The individuals who didn't engage in those activities stayed behind; myself and the girl on the balcony. 

We've had similar privacy on more than one occasion, but never to the extent that stems from hospitality.

May I just say, her performance that night was remarkable and well earned of an ovation.

I was pleased to have her in my suite away from the distractions and vexation. 


I hate to be the shallow one to admit I was dazzled by her appearance but I was confident there was more. 

Delighted with her demeanor, I was at the mercy of her beam and attentive with all ears to know the score. 

The moonlit beach complimented her and the immensely soothing waves enhanced the experience. 

Other than being on that balcony, I really can't imagine a place or situation that made me feel so delirious. 

Those amenities were perfect to counter the scholarly stress that we both endured. 

No better way to seek out solace than to invade each others personal space and give in to being allured. 

Delighted with every caress, and compelled to have her stay another few moments. 

Giving in to my integrity, politely sending her to bed, she admitted that she desperately needed condolence. 

She reassured me that tomorrow morning we'd join the rest of our delegation as if nothing happened.

She justified every second she stayed and made it very clear; that night was not the night to be abandoned. 

In midst of the debauchery, she toyed with the idea that the value of life changes like the weather. 

I came to the realization that this was a cry for help, and my how fortunate was it to have met her. 

My compassion til this day continues to resonates with her, and I'm more than happy to say it was a pleasure. 

I was her luxury for one night, and a clandestine alternative for the dark contemplation that you can infer. 

© 2018 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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Added on March 31, 2017
Last Updated on January 15, 2018
Tags: Lust, Business, Depression, Suicide, Comfort, Experiences, Midnight


Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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