Fell in love this Morning

Fell in love this Morning

A Poem by WayzWithWordz

this is actually a response/pt2 to a friends poem. It is lengthy!


Gentle taps on the shoulder

Seems like the night doesn’t want to get any older

Eyes ajar

I look around to see…. you are

Still there

Seems like a natural awakening reaction is to find your hair

I gently tickle each strain

Without waking you

The time…..is 7:02

A whole hour

Before I planned to wake and shower

But I’m not complaining

Your existence

Is where my eyes are aiming

As I watch you sleep

My heart is at rest

With each rise and fall of your chest

A soft moan escapes

That, in turn, creates

A chill down my spin

The time


This next 60 seconds I will remember

I pretended to still be sleep

And at 8

You awakened

“so would I”, with a stretch so good my leg began shaking

The stretch was nothing more than a clever way

To wrap my arms around you as we begin this day.

And then

Comes in

Man’s best friend

To place himself between me and my best friend

I couldn’t ask for more out of life

As I inhale your scent

And exhale happiness

We spent the next 19mins allowing our bodies to speak

We laid in silence

And at 8:20 I recited the first thing to come to heart

I felt your back arch as I held you

So my squeeze became more meaningful

And tight


With your head on my chest my heart whispers in your ear

Your hand in my hand, I know you are suppose to be here

With the occasional glance up

We make eye contact

Followed by a smile and a kiss

You would have thought we made love last night

But we didn’t

We just woke up with a greater appreciate of what is….right!

Living a romantic comedy

We watched Scarface

Sharing every intense moment at my place

But before the end where Tony had all the powder on his face

It was time for you to



A pair of minutes past 11

Came the reality that you would be walking out of heaven

Into the real world

As a man I wasn’t ready to subject my beautiful girl

We procrastinated your departure

Running through non existing checklists

To make sure you haven’t forgot anything before our goodbye kiss

I’ve never been so scared of my own door in my life


You softly uttered “so I guess this is goodbye”

I replied “no, this is just a see you later”

With a smile you rushed back in my arms

I whispered your upcoming appoint in your ear

To call here

As soon as you get off of work, my dear

And though I hate to see you go

I love to see you walk away

We exchange one last visual love letter

To get us through day

When the door shut

The feeling of loneliness suddenly hit my gut

Or was that butterflies?

I leaned up against the door and closed my eyes

To thank who ever sent you to me

And a future with you is all I could see

It was at that moment, shortly after… noon

I realized

What it was like to be

In love

© 2011 WayzWithWordz

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Added on September 15, 2011
Last Updated on September 15, 2011