Richard [Part 2]

Richard [Part 2]

A Chapter by E.A. Simon

Deep within some woods a rowing boat was tied to a dock on a river.
We rowed straight north for five minutes.
The house stood on a minuscule lone island. It was proud against the evening, calm waters and great cliffs that surrounded it. It could be seen from the waters edge only concealed slightly by the branches of a weeping willow.

Within the house, a circular stained glass window above the stairs depicted the three wise men following the bright Northern Star. Streaming through the window were colours of the moonlit sky.

It was twelve a clock and we were all still awake; Dom and Laura chatted excitedly to Sam. We sat in a circle that filled the large drawing room, left of the house. A checkered blanket lay in the centre of us, various 'favourite' food and drink items upon it. Dom called it 'supper', his breath and stubble, where foam had overflowed and dried up, smelt of strong beer.

I ate and built a fire in the extravagant fireplace in order to heat the cool, hollow room. I made it with a huge pile of logs from the stocked and untouched woodshed at the back of the house; it birthed raging, wavy flames.

'This place is great mate,' Sam said, 'thankyou for this holiday.'

He sipped a beer and took it in.

Laura was huddled under Dom's arm, wrapped in a blanket, her face bright with warmth from the new fire.

'Don't thank me, thank this one.' Dom said proudly, refering to Laura.

'Why don't you tell him the story you told me babe? You'll love it Sam, you honestly will.'

Laura looked up.

Sam was intrigued.

'My cousin told me about this place recently,' she began, 'after I told her that we were considering a weekend getaway. She told me that this house has been sitting empty for years. It belongs to her. My auntie Gina married a rich Belgium in the 70's and he owned loads of properties around France and Belgium, this being one of them.'

'People with too much money basically.' Dom interjected.

'This one is different to the others though.' Laura continued, 'My cousin hates it here and is trying to sell. It turned out that uncle Pierre had been using this house regularly. He'd go on these 'business trips' for weeks, only to spend time here with another woman.'

Sam and the others looked invested.

'How do you know this?' Sam asked.

'Pierre died 10 years ago from liver cancer and on his death bed he wrote a letter to his whole family, explaining all his regrets.'

Dom looked at Laura. He was a ball of electricity.

'Baby, you've not even told him the best part! Do you believe in ghosts mate?'

There was more; Laura leaned in. 'When Pierre told the other woman he had to break up with her, she went crazy. She was your age at the time. He left her in this house then a day later she jumped in the river and killed herself.'

Laura looked satisfied.

'He kept all that a secret for years? I asked.

Dom nodded. 'And left that girl here to go mad. She mustn't have known what had hit her. What a c**t.'

Alex shook his head.

'Are you expecting us to believe this bullshit,' He sniggered, 'We're not all kids.'

He flicked his chocolate wrapper toward the centre of the room. Dom caught it and with a half smile got up slowly and walked towards Alex.
He violently yanked his mouth open and shoved the wrapper in. Tears of terror formed in Alex's eyes.
Kelly and I looked at each other. We were paralysed.

'Don't be f*****g rude!' Dom bellowed.

He let go of Alex's head. It dropped and banged loudly against the wooden floor beneath.
Alex nashed his teeth and gripped the back of his head and jaw in pain.

Dom turned towards Laura and looked longingly at her mouth. He kissed her, passionless, Laura taken a back.
I signalled to Kelly. We left quietly. The others followed.

In a room upstairs I lay in the black, my mind awhirl as usual. I could hear the duo downstairs.

There were three soft knocks on my door.

'Richard? Are you awake?'

Kelly opened my door a crack.

'I'm sorry to keep disturbing you.'

She pushed the door shut behind her, holding back the flood of light from the corridor.

We were both in the dark together for a moment.

'Don't you have a nightlight in here?' Kelly said into the black.

I reached for the switch next to the bed and sat up.

'I'm sorry it's so dim.'

Kelly was barefoot. She walked towards the foot of my bed and sat down.

She looked around;

'You're so lucky you don't have to share, Joanne has been snoring all night. She's a f*****g nightmare.'

Kelly smiled hesitantly.

'I just wanted to see if you're okay.'

'I'm fine Kelly, why shouldn't I be?'

'Well,' she got comfortable, 'I thought after what Alex said to you earlier, you'd be angry. And I've come to tell you that there's no need to be.'

I considered. I'd not thought of Alex.

'I'm totally fine,' I said.

'You know why he was like that with you don't you?' Kelly looked at me intensely.
'Because he's hurting inside. Just how we all are.'

She looked down.

'And Dom is nothing but a pig and I think you are more man than he will ever be.'

Kelly looked back up at me slowly.
I was silent.

'Thankyou.' I said after a time, 'Kelly, I think you're beautiful and I don't think you deserve to be treated disrespectfully.'

Kelly's eyes shone a little brighter.

'It doesn't matter anyway.' She said, 'As long as we have each other. It's late, are you sure you're okay?'

'I'm honestly fine.' I said absolutely.

Kelly edged towards me. She glowed under the dim nightlight. She brushed my hair away and kissed me on the forehead again.

Kelly's kisses were powerful. As she pulled away, I could already feel it working, her magic sparks popping around me.

When she'd gone, I turned off the nightlight and rolled onto my side. I rested my eyes.

'Richard, come downstairs.' I immediately recognised the fond voice; it was Kelly, calling to me.

There was a soft, warm glow in the room around me. I got up and walked to the door. I made my way down the long corridor and staircase. A familiar smell of shampoo and cherries filled the air; It was Kelly's aroma. The scent was a sensation that ripened my awarenesses. It got stronger with each step I took.

I turned into a large room, the floor covered with pillows and food and drink laid out on a checkered blanket. A lit fire, that was wild and relentless, made the room as hot as a sauna. There were a set of windows that overlooked the river which looked grander than ever, illuminated by the flames.

And there was Kelly, lying under the windows on her back, her hair spread over the wooden floorboards in perfect formation. Her cheeks were rosy and I could see the fire reflected in her pupils.

She was wearing a cream negligee, her legs apart, knees pointing to the ceiling. I slowly scanned my way down her body, feeling every curve with my eyes until I was face to face with the creature that was inside her, its chest panting, relentlessly thrusting.

It was half man half pig, a hideous vision. Its human hands were tied together with the belt of the negligee. The muscular naked creature was shiny with sweat and its heart was pumping violently. The panting transformed into pig noises; sloppy grunts and snorts. As it grunted louder and louder, Kelly began to moan, her arms and hips dancing with satisfaction.

I stared at the pig face. It was hairy and dead behind the eyes. I felt angry and felt my knuckles twitch at the thought of knocking it out. I yanked its left ear and to my surprise the head came clean off, bouncing to the floor and rolling to my feet. In place of the head was a familiar image. It was Dom. It had been Dom all along although he was different; he was colourless with distress and pain, and tears had stained his cheeks. I looked at Dom's mouth; it had been stitched shut, White threads now red with blood. Every time Dom screeched the threads pulled tighter, ripping his flesh, pulsating lightening veins forming on Dom's eye balls, fit to burst.

'Its your move.' Kelly said, laughing sinisterly, looking up at me. I glanced back at Dom who was frozen, anticipating more pain.

I backed away and looked at my palms. Both of them were covered in thick blood that dripped between my fingers and onto the floor. The strong smell of blood seized me in the centre of my forehead forcing me to close my eyes once more.

The darkness around me whirled and whirled and when it cleared, a light source remained.

I opened my eyes again and got out of bed. The fire in my room was lit and was hissing at me. I glared into the yellow flames, wondering how they'd got there. When I came back up, upon the fireplace was an envelope. It was addressed to 'Pierre'.

© 2018 E.A. Simon

Author's Note

E.A. Simon
Hi thanks for taking a look! Please let me know if the story is easy to follow and my if main protagonist is likeable! Also would love feedback on how to transform this from a young mans musings to a professional novel. Any help, feedback, comments greatly appreciated.

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A Chapter by E.A. Simon