The Ragin' Red Tide

The Ragin' Red Tide

A Story by Easter3

There's a Ragin' Red Tide on the Rise......

“Whew-wee, Jethro !  What do you think about the Ragin’ Red  Republican Tide that just got through making Political Shock Waves through our Electorate.  The House of Representatives and the Senate are now in the Red Hands of the Ragin’ Elephantine Republicans.  Obama, is all by his lonesome up on the Hill of the White House.”

“Well, the Red Tide that swept through the Nile in Biblical Times robbed the Great River of oxygen, and killed off all of the frogs, fish and other wildlife around the Nile.  The Red Tide had a devastating effect on the Egyptian Economy and Ecological systems.  So, I’d have to say that your metaphor does not bode well for America as Whole, my Friend,”  Jethro replied matter-of-factly.

“Jethro, are you a Closet Liberal ?!”

“No, I wouldn’t say that.  Just an Independent Observer.  I’m an American, who just wants the Congress and Our Government, which is supposed to Exert the Will of the American People to get to Work, and start Fixin’, not adding’ to, the Problems of America and the World.”

“Hmmm, well, you sound suspiciously Liberal to me right now, Buddy.”

“You’ve got a right to your Thoughts and Feelin’s, Sam, but you asked and I answered.  How you Choose to view my answer is on you, Pardner.’

“Then why do you sound so hostile toward the Republican Red Wave ?”

“Well, I don’t know as I’m hostile toward the Ragin’ Red Republicans.  It’s just that they’re not For anything.  They’re against raisin’ the all too low and stagnated Minimum Wages, and makin’ Minimum Wages  Livin’ Wages for everyone in America to get by on.  They’re against Public Schools, and are workin’ hard to dimantle ‘em and make For Profit Only, Privatized Money-Makers for a hand full of lucky and greedy folks, cookie-cutter Thinking Institutionalized Businesses out of ‘em.  They’re against certain groups of folks havin’ Free and Easy Voter’s Rights.  They’re against a Climate Change that’s takin’ place all around ’em no matter how much they nay-say it.  They’re against Peace, because War puts more Money in their Pockets and the Pockets of the Mega-Banks and Mega Corporations supporting ’em and payin’ ’em off.  They’re against lowerin’ the Student Loan Debt on our next generation of Leaders and Workers who just wanna’ get Educated, and Contribute something positive to Life, to their Communities, to their States, to America and to the World.  They’re against Women’s Rights to make their own decisions about their Bodies, their Lives and their Futures.  They’re against gettin’ the Wild,Wild West gunslingin’ takin’ place all over our Great Nation under some kind of meaningful control.  They’re against Science and Evolution, and that’s because they’re probably Choosing not to Evolve themselves.  Heck, I’m Evolving - I’m Changing, and hopefully for the better, just standin’ here talkin’ to you, Sam.”

“The Republicans are For a lot of things, Jethro.  They’re for the Keystone Pipeline,”  Sam interrupted.

“The Keystone Pipeline ?  And just how will that help America as a Whole, Sam ?”

“Why, it’ll bring America millions of dollars and lots of good jobs !  That’s what !”

“Really ?  Sam, America does not Own the Keystone Pipeline, Canada does.  And the majority of the Frickin’ Frackin’ Oil that will be forced out of the ground, while they’re poisonin’ America’s Aquifers and creating more Stratification Shifts and Earthquakes in America, is being sold Overseas to places like China and India.  The only folks who will be seeing any Profits from the Keystone Pipeline are the Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks involved with this deal, and the politicians, lawyers and judges they’re all payin‘-off to get the Pipeline forced through.  And which political party is fully behind the Keystone Pipeline, and all of the very temporary and destructive jobs and environmental damages the Pipeline will create ?  The Ragin’ Red Tide of Republicans, that’s who.  And which political party is primarily against and obstructin’ the Development of Green Energies and America‘s Infra-structure ?  The Ragin‘ Red Tide of Republicans, that‘s who,”  Jethro spat out.

“Well, the Republicans are For stopping’ that Radical Kenyan in the White House from allowin’ all of the Immigrants to overrun Americans and take all of our jobs away from 
us !  We’re gonna put guns and tanks and drones on every Border and stop those gol’danged Immigrants from gettin’ into America !  We’ll stop their ISIS and Ebola ridden hides at The Border !”  Sam shot back.

“Sam, those folks are comin’ into America, for the most part, because there are not the Opportunites open to them in their countries that are still Open to many folks here in America.  They’re runnin’ away from murderin’ Drug Cartels and Oppressive Tyrannical Governments that have held them down into the dirt, and would not let them Rise Proudly to their Feet in Life.  They’re seekin’ a Better Way of Life, just like you and me, and every other Livin’ Creature on this Planet,”  Jethro explained more cooly.  “We need to address the issues of Immigration Thoughtfully, Compassionately and Level-headedly.  Not with reactionary hot-headedness, guns, tanks and drones.”

“I have never met a level-headed Liberal, Jethro.  They all wanna’ sit around talkin’ about unicorn, butterfly and rainbow rubbish, and singin’ Kumbaya around a campfire roastin’ marshmallows while the World is goin’ to hell in a hand-basket !”  Sam almost shouted.

“Have you ever sang Kumbaya, Sam ?  Singin’ and focusin’ on the messages and sentiments in that Song has a way of makin’ a body feel good about the Neighbor they find themselves roastin’ marshmallows beside.  Maybe our Congress should try hummin‘ a few bars of it while chasin‘ after a few unicorns, butterflies and rainbows.”  Jethro smiled wryly.

“Will you get serious, Jethro !  We have Ebola and ISIS comin’ over our Borders, and spillin’ into our lives simultaneously !  This is frickin’ frackin’ serious stuff we’re talkin’ about, Man !”  Sam agitatedly replied.

“Yep, the Television News, Newspapers and News magazines sure made it seem that way just before everyone went to the polls November 4th.  It sure made everyone around America shake and jive to the Fear Monger Boogie like nobody’s business.  Ask me, the timin’ for that Dance Call was a little suspicious.”  Jethro answered with a side-ways grin.

“So, now you’re sayin’ that it was a conspiracy ?”  Sam guffawed loudly.

“Nope, just a well planned and timed strategy, that took off like wildfire makin’ everyone in America feel insecure about their safety and comfort zones.  Castin’ doubt on Obama as a domestic leader and Obama as a foreign leader, when actually, he’s been doin’ a pretty good job in both areas.  Not perfect, and not to everyone’s likin‘, but a pretty good job overall in a very dangerous and complicated World,”  Jethro explained seriously.

“Take for example, the Dis-graceful SEALS that are on their way to making millions of dollars off of supposedly firin’ the kill shot that took Usama bin Laden out.  Those selfish jerks are more interested in pounding their chests and makin’ it rich than they are about their Families and Friends Safety and Well Bein’ or the Safety and Well Bein’ of America.”

“What do those greedy, self-aggrandizing idiots think will happen when all of this hype and so-called News, which is actually just Braggin’ Rights hit’s the Ears and Hearts of Muslim jihadists who saw Usama bin Laden as a Sacred figurehead ?  They don’t care !  They’re sell-outs to themselves, to those they say they love and the Nation as a Whole.  They are setting all of the country up for the heightened possibility of more numerous and harder hits for Money - for plain ‘ole Hubris.  And the News folks that are advertising these dis-graceful SEALS actions are as guilty as these mis-guided SEALS betrayin’ themselves, their Families and Friends, and America.”

“But, hey, everyone keeps sayin’ why shouldn’t they ?  Look at Good Guys like Leon Panetta who betrayed and dishonored President Obama, in order to sell his Book and make a chunk of Money (Ching !  Ching !).  And we say we‘re an Honorable, Christian Nation ?  We‘re a Nation who Worships the Golden Calf, and we‘re revealin’ that Big Time to the rest of the World,”  Jethro continued.

“And all of these things are comin’ in on the Ragin’ Red Tide that you’re so happy to see reach our shinin’ American shores and households, Sam,”  Jethro gazed at Sam challengingly.

“I can’t listen to any more of this horse puckey, Jethro.  You and I just do not see Eye-to-Eye on any of these things.  I gotta’ get on over to the Feed Store and pick up some horse and chicken feed.  Are you and the Family still comin’ over for barbeque and some of Betty Jean’s famous chocolate pound cake this weekend ?”  Sam asked.

“Yep, we wouldn’t miss Betty Jean’s chocolate pound cake for the world, Sam.  You give the Family my best when you see ‘em later on, and let Betty Jean know that Peggy Sue is bringing over some kind of casserole, some homemade yeast rolls, and one of her famous peach cobblers to help out on the barbeque.  See ya later, Pardner.”

“Right back at ya’, Jethro.  Right back at ya’.”


© 2014 Easter3

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