Masquerade of Hearts

Masquerade of Hearts

A Poem by Elaini

This started out as a poem, but as it developed, it got a rhythm of syllables and so it turned out to be lyrics fit for a song. The subject can be about relationship with friends, lover of family.

1st Verse:

My lips are curved to smile
I have stayed for a while
But my eyes are shadowed by mask

You cannot see them rose
'Cause my voice never rose
And nor I never dared to ask

I need you to set me free
See, you don't really know me
In silence soul is screaming
As in vain I am dreaming

That some day I would change
Which for you I'd arrange
Tolerating this lie
Inside making me die


This mask is worn too long
Oh, how it feels so wrong
I do love you, but see
I want you to know me

One day, one night I'll leave
Through pain it will relieve
As my mind and body parts
From masquerade of hearts

2nd Verse:

I'm cold or so I seem
Inside my embers beam
Secret and hot have been waiting

To spark fire again
Long time ago back then
Much passion it was creating

I am sure that you're not blind
That my heart has been aligned
Somewhere else than in this room
Where illusions brightly bloom

I hope you forgive me
I don't want to hurt thee
But the time has arrived
As flame is now revived


© 2015 Elaini

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Added on March 3, 2015
Last Updated on March 3, 2015
Tags: Song, Lyrics, Self Esteem, Inner Fire, Masquerade, Honesty, Freedom




I am a Finnish female born in 1983, and I enjoy and make many forms of art, including literature. I have been mostly into adventure and fantasy, and I have written a few short stories, poems and song .. more..

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