The Party Member

The Party Member

A Story by Elfinlocks

Jack is anxiously awaiting for a high ranking party member to arrive. Will she like his dinner?


In only two hours the key ranking party member would be arriving at the door step of Jack's residence.  All day the house was filled with the activities of many servants going about cleaning and making sure that the house was as spotless as humanly possible.  The house has to be perfect, or else I'll never get her to say yes to what I have to propose, Jack thought to himself.  He had invited the important party member over because she had pull in the party, she had power, and Jack had an idea to propose to her that he thought would help the world.  She needs to say yes, he continued to think in his head, she's the only person I know that can help me get the party's approval of such a project.

All day as the servants worked Jack had been worrying about making the woman that was to be arriving in two hours impressed with him.  He was positive that he was the cleanest he had ever been in his life after the multiple showers he had taken earlier, he smelled wonderful as well, he thought to himself.  All day up to this point Jack had something to keep him busy between making the final arrangements for the dinner and making himself look as presentable as he could.  But now Jack had nothing to do and his mind was left to wander, which, to him was the worst possible allowance he could have. 

Whereas any other day or any other occasion, Jack would gladly take time to lay down and allow his mind to wander, today was different.  The only thing his mind wandered to as he paced around the house was something going wrong or him somehow offending the party member.  His mind was telling him that something was sure to go wrong.  Aren't you supposed to be on my side?  He asked as he thought about the possibility of the chandelier falling mid-dinner.  Jack didn't know what was wrong with him, usually pressure didn't get to him, but today the pressure was insane.  He needed this woman to say yes, and he needed everything to go perfect with the dinner in order for that to happen.

The head servant walked past Jack.  Jack called him over, the head servant hurried to him.  "Is everything going well?"  Jack asked.

"Why yes, sir.  Everything is going perfectly fine."  The head servant said.  He looked at Jack plainly as he waited for the next question or order that jack had for him.

"That's all."  Jack said.  The head servant rushed off to finish whatever it was he was doing and Jack continued his pacing about.  He didn't know why he stopped the head servant, he needed something to get his mind off of the party member, even if that something was only a two second conversation between master and servant.

The windows in the house were all opened to allow the warm breeze to breathe life into the house.  Jack liked his house when the windows were opened and the curtains drawn back, it gave the house an airy feel that made it feel more comfortable.  The only side effect to the nice breeze, however, was that some of the doors were loose and would open and close on their own as the breeze hit them.  What if she's afraid of ghosts?  Jack thought.  That would be terrible, if the party member thought the house to be haunted.  She would surely run off without so much of an answer to my proposal. 

Jack ran back down to the main room where he found the head servant.  "I would like the windows closed."  Jack said.

"It would get frustratingly hot in this old house, sir."  The head servant replied.

"I know, but I still wish to have them closed."  Jack said.  Then the head servant went to his orders without anymore argument and soon the windows in the house were closed.  Jack resumed his pacing, after awhile he noticed that he was beginning to sweat.

When he woke up that day, Jack had picked out a shirt that was brightly colored and, he thought, would make him look more friendly and approachable.  He liked his choice a lot when he initially picked it, but now he looked at himself in a mirror and noticed that his sweat was soaking through the fabric.  Jack went to his bedroom and opened up his closet and set to picking out a new brightly colored shirt.  He found one quickly that strongly resembled the shirt he was wearing.  As he went to put it on, a thought struck him.  What if she doesn't like bright colors?  It would be a disaster if she walked in and the first thing she saw was a shirt that she didn't like.  Jack quickly switched the bright shirt with his business attire that was black.  Nobody can hate black, he thought to himself.

There was an hour left before her arrival, Jack was still pacing about, now in his full business suit jacket and all.  He started thinking about what he was going to say to her.  Maybe I'll crack a few jokes to make her feel comfortable, he thought.  Jack had always been good with humor and used it in his favor to make people warm up to him.  But what if she hates jokes?  Jack thought to himself as images of the party member being offended at the dinner table went through his head.  I won't tell jokes, Jack decided.  She probably doesn't want to be disturbed as she eats, anyways.  Jack told himself as he paced about.

Jack walked into the dining room and saw that dinner was being laid out in preparation for the party member arriving in ten minutes.  His favorite side dish was being laid out as he walked to the table. Jack looked at the baked potatoes and his mouth began to water as the smell hit him, then he realized that people burned themselves a lot on baked potatoes.  "Chef."  Jack said as the chef walked past.

"Yes, sir?"  The chef replied.

"Take the potatoes away, I've decided we will not be having them."  Jack said.  The chef took the potatoes away without question.  Nobody would be burning themselves on accident.  Jack looked at his watch and saw that the party member would be at his door in any second.

Jack waited by the door for the knock that would bring the woman he had been thinking about all day into his home.  His stomach began to churn and butterflies filled him as he nervously awaited for the party member to arrive. 

Finally, a knock was heard on the door.  Jack immediately answered.  He opened the door and saw the party member, she was in a lively spring dress.  "Hello."  Jack said, remembering to not say any jokes.

"Hey there Jack!"  She said as she sprung out to hug Jack.  "Your house looks amazing!"  She said.

"I made sure it was the best it could be for you."  Jack said plainly.  "Please come in."

The two made their way inside, "I see you've had it cleaned as well."  She said.

"Yes I did."  Jack replied.  "Your dress looks nice."

"Thanks."  She smiled and then looked at him.  "Your, uh, suit looks good"  She said uneasily.

"Thank you."  Jack replied.  "Ready for dinner?"  He wanted to rush to the eating for fear of offending her.

"Sure!  I haven't eaten all day!"  She said.  Jack lead her to the dining room.  Both sat down and began to eat.  She took a little bit of everything, "Are any of these your favorite?"  She asked.

                "What?"  Jack replied.

"These dishes, surely one must be your favorite.  You picked them."  She said.

"Oh, no, none of them are."  Jack replied.

"Oh."  She said.  Then there was silence.  Jack didn't want to interrupt her eating, so he maintained the silence.  She said nothing as she ate.  Jack noticed her occasionally looking up at him, he was nervous that he had messed something up.

"Why are you being so quiet, Jack?"  She asked.  "You're usually the liveliest out of our little group of friends."

"I don't want to interrupt your eating."  He said, he figured honesty would work best here.

"Why are you afraid of that?  You invited me on this date, and I said yes, I want to talk to you."  She said.  Jack was shocked, he didn't plan on this to be a date, he wanted her approval on his proposal.  She's interested in me?  Jack thought.

"I planned for this to be a formal dinner where I would make a political proposal to you, for the party."  He said.

"Oh."  She said.

"I didn't know you were interested in me."  Jack said.

"Well I am."  She replied.  "Is that why you were that suit that is obviously too hot for the temperature?"

"Yes."  He said.  "I was also so afraid of you not liking what I had to propose that I closed the windows, and even  took my favorite dish out of the meal."

"You over thought everything, then?"

"Yeah…"  Jack said.

"Don't worry, it happens to the best of us."  She said. Jack went over to the dining room windows and threw them open, he then went to the chef and ordered that the potatoes be brought back out.  "What are you doing?"  She asked.

"I'm forgetting about my stupid proposal and we're now having a date."  Jack smiled, he was talking in his usual voice now rather than the former boring one.

She smiled, "Okay!"  Jack sat back down, took off his suit jacket, and after the potatoes were put down, began to eat once more. 

The dinner went unbelievably well, and Jack learned a lot more about Emily than he did before.  The two sat down for coffee in the parlor.  He never realized how little he knew about her, even though he saw her every day at work.  She was part of his committee in the party, he had only ever seen her before at work.  The night went wonderfully and Jack really enjoyed being around Emily. 

Emily left decently late into the night.  After waving good bye, Jack sat down on his doorstep and let his mind wander.  It's funny how the day began with the goal of improving my position in the party, but ended with a relationship, he thought.

© 2013 Elfinlocks

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THis story was interesting enough to hold my attention all the way through. It was amusing to read how Jack was trying so hard to impress Emily he culdn't make up his mind what to do or wear.
But the ending was a little weak. It should end on a more uusual note.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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I decided to start writing one day. So here I am. Enjoy. more..

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