The Seven

The Seven

A Story by Ginger With A Pen

Monday: Monday is the first day of the week, where you’re still recovering from the weekend, so I think Monday would be that one kid who is always tired and never prepared for anything.  Monday is a nice kid, but no one really likes them anyways, and no one knows why.

Tuesday: Tuesday is near the beginning of the week, where you’re adjusted to the mid-week schedule and ready to work, but you’re not too tired yet.  Tuesday is that one really nerdy person who is also very musically inclined, volunteers often, and is in various clubs.  Selective people really get close to Tuesday, while most avoid their “try hard” personality.

Wednesday: Wednesday is the middle of the week, where you’re already done with the week, but not close enough to the weekend to be excited about it.  So, I imagine Wednesday as a “emo” type person who is very antisocial and generally doesn’t care about anything.

Thursday:  Almost the end of the week, where the hype is starting to get real.  Thursday is a pretty average person, fun to be around, but still well-grounded.  Thursday thinks it’s a secret, but everyone know’s that they are madly in love with Friday.

Friday: Friday is the last day before the weekend, where you’re just about tuned out and ready to party.  So, Friday is the extremely sociable party animal that most people like very well.

Saturday: Saturday is the best day of the week, and everyone knows it.  If you thought Friday was a party animal, you’d better check out Saturday, because they’re the one that hosts all of the parties, and always provides the fun stuff.  Saturday is the coolest and most attractive person around, and everyone of all genders and sexualities swoons over them, because they’re so…well…perfect.

Sunday:  Sunday is the traditional siesta day.  Sunday is a very lazy person that eats and sleeps more than anything, and generally doesn’t socialize much.  It’s not because they don’t like people, it’s just that it requires effort to make friends, and Sunday reserves most of its energy for eating and sleeping.  Kind of a Snorlax-type day of the week.  Oh, and Sunday really hates Monday, more so than everyone else.

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Added on November 1, 2017
Last Updated on November 1, 2017


Ginger With A Pen
Ginger With A Pen

Urbandale, IA

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