Winterbrook's School for the Supernatural Story 1

Winterbrook's School for the Supernatural Story 1

A Story by Ember Quinn

The human government is aware that creatures such as vampires, werewolves, demons, etc. live among us and have decided to force them to meet human standards, which includes going to school.


Snowflakes filled the air the first time I saw him. He was standing alone in the middle of the storm with black clothes and a dark blue scarf to keep the cold out and black beanie that hid his hair. What was he doing? He looked around my age, but I had never seen him at school and I doubted he was waiting for the Bus. Maybe he would be going to Winterbrook’s?

The Bus pulled forward, bringing me out of my thoughts, and I tore my eyes away from the boy to the others on the Bus. There were twenty other kids in the 10th grade who were, like me, human.

We were heading to Winterbrook’s School for the Supernatural, which was a school full of werewolves and vampires, angels and demons, magic users and faeries, and other not-completely-human creatures. So why were human children heading to such a school?

Long story short, we were going to be the Peacekeepers of the school. While most of the time the students were separated by their species, there were times in advanced classes, in the hallways, in the cafeteria, etc. where it was next to impossible to keep them from each other’s’ throats. That was where we came in.

Peacekeepers were always human since no humans went to Winterbrook’s. It was thought that since we have no place in the school we would have no bias. Our job would be to prevent any possible fights or bloodshed. Or, in the case of werewolves I supposed, anyone eating anybody else.

“Are you nervous?”

I turned to find myself staring into the night sky. His eyes were the dark, midnight blue of the sky just before it turned black and filled with stars. His skin only made them look darker since he was pale enough to pass as a vampire.

“As nervous as a human can be going to a school full of supernatural creatures I suppose,” I answered.

“To be honest, I’m terrified,” he said, though his eyes appeared to be calm.

I raised my eyebrows in question. Rayvix Collins did not seem like the type to be terrified.

“They’ve been watching us closely,” he continued, nodding faintly towards the front of the Bus where the Head Mistress of Winterbrook’s sat.

She looked young to be running a school, but I knew looks could be deceiving. Her hair was fire red and fell all the way down to her hips with straight bangs that almost fell into her icy blue eyes. She had stopped each of us before we had gotten on the Bus and had gazed into our eyes as if looking into our souls. I could still feel the ice in my mind from that gaze.

Next to her was a silent man whom I assumed was a guard due to all the weapons he had. He had an overall strange appearance with light blue skin, dark green eyes, and short snow-white hair. His eyes were like a falcon’s as he glared at us from the mirror that somehow let him even see the kids sitting in the back.

“Perhaps they think we’ll be too weak for their school,” I suggested.

“Perhaps they think we can be used for something other than Peacekeeping,” he said back darkly.

I didn’t answer as the Bus pulled up in front of Winterbrook’s. It looked beautiful in the falling snow with its ebony brick just visible and gold lights shining in every window. It was built to look like a castle, but I knew the inside was modernized.

When I stood in front of Winterbrook’s, the Head Mistress leading everyone else into the school, I just about broke my neck trying to see the top of it, but it disappeared into the dark, snowy clouds. How many creatures with little to no human blood have stood all the way on the top and looked down to see ant-sized people?

I shivered slightly as I felt as if eyes were on me. Was it just my imagination? Or could somebody actually be on the top of the school in a snow storm?

A light hand brushed against mine and I brought my eyes away from the snow to Rayvix. He nodded his head to where the blue skinned man was frowning at us. Everybody else was already in the school.

The inside was with white and black marble floors and smooth brick walls. Bright spheres of light floated around the high ceiling, high enough so that nobody could mess with them. Magic users and faeries were the ones taught on the ground floor of the school and I could feel the magic around us as we walked down the empty hallways.

“All students are in their classes at this time,” the Head Mistress told us. “They still have an hour left before class change so we will have to be quick in setting all of you up.”

She didn’t speak again until we got to a massive glass elevator that had to be able to hold up to fifty people. I knew it could go to the underground classes as well as all the way to the top floor as could the grand staircase that twisted around it.

“We have our cafeteria and auditorium on the third floor so that students can easily get to school meetings, lunch, and such,” she explained as we piled into the glass elevator.

As it went up, I scanned the stairs we passed and was surprised to glimpse a pale boy seated on the stairs. He looked up and for a fraction of a second, unnatural blood red eyes met mine. I wasn’t the only one to notice him.

“While most of you will be put in classrooms,” the Head mistress said, “some of you will be in charge of making sure nobody skips their classes. That boy will no doubt be caught fairly soon.”

We were all quiet again until we got to the auditorium. The Head Mistress headed for the stage with the guard with her and sat down on the edge as we all took seats in the front chairs.

“Since there are only twenty of you, it has been decided we will split all of you up and have ten new Peacekeepers in the advanced classes and ten on the top floor with the angels and Sky-raiders. Please split yourselves up and ten of you got with Jave.”

The smallest sounds, footsteps, a cough, Jessica Flin snorting as Jason Maylin told a joke, were swallowed up by the massive room. Two of the walls of the room were made from glass and full of water for the merfolk and sirens.

“For today,” the Head Mistress said once only ten of us remained, “we will put all of you in a different advanced class. We will decide partners later, but by tomorrow all of you will be assigned a partner. Now, in your advanced class you will be expected to watch and understand the students. You will stay in the same class for the rest of the day and you will report back here at the end of the day. Any questions so far?”

There were none and she smiled in a way that somehow made her look even younger. It was then that I realized she was a faerie; a magical and beautiful creature who mostly likely was able to see a person’s soul through their eyes.

“Your task is to simply observe. If any fights break out, let your higher-grade supervisor and teacher for the class deal with it. There-”

“What if we get attacked?” Jason Maylin interrupted.

“You will not, but all of you are allowed to defend yourselves. All of you have been trained efficiently, but your goal Is to understand the students here in order to prevent any possible casualties. Since all of you have been trained since entering high school, I will trust your training and escort all of you to the class you will monitor.”




He had seen the newly arrived Peacekeepers and he was irritated. The advanced classes were always the classes the new Peacekeepers got assigned to their first few months, which meant anyone who had an advanced class would have to “get their act together,” as Mr. R said. That, Mr. R had added, included smart mouths.

He had to leave the stairs the moment his eyes had met those of the human girl. She had been pretty, for a human anyways, with long dark blue hair and mix matched eyes with one being dark grey and the other dark green, but there was something in those unique eyes he had instantly hated. Some emotion, empathy or maybe sympathy. He wasn’t quite sure, but he knew he hated it and it was the reason he stayed away from humans.

Footsteps echoed off the marble floors and he stopped at the corner. There were two creatures heading his way and he carefully looked around the corner to see it was a vampire and one of those half fox, half human creatures. Varmints were what the humans called them, but they called themselves according to the animal blood they had and the other students called them Animal Bloods. The half fox, a kitsune, was Mica.

Darkness leaked from the shadows though neither the vampire or Mica noticed. He stepped around the corner then, the darkness concealing him, and smirked as the vampire didn’t see him we he walked by them. Mica on the other hand, the blasted fox boy, met his eyes. He raised a finger to his lips and Mica made no sign of giving him away.

He kept his smirk as he headed for the stairs at the end of the hallways and headed up them. The school was actually extremely strict when it came to skipping classes, but they couldn’t stop what they couldn’t see. The roof, which was where he was heading, was about as safe as the stairs, but maybe if he sat with his legs dangling over the edge they would think he was suicidal and stop classes to try to talk him down safely.




“Are you going to be staying on campus after school?” Rayvix asked as we stood in the hallway by ourselves as the Head Mistress introduced a class to Jason.

“No. I only have school shifts.”

Some Peacekeepers had to stay after school to ‘clean up’ and such. I hardly believed it, but I wouldn’t know the truth until I got an after-school shift. Or pestered it out of Rayvix since he seemed interested in being better friends.

“Are you going to be staying in the Student Hotel?” I asked him after a moment of a slightly awkward silence.

“Yeah. You?”

“No, I don’t have enough money yet,” I admitted. “I was planning on getting a job in the city and riding the Bus home and back until I get more money.”

“Ah, so you’re going to be a Bus kid,” a voice said. “Everyone despises the Bus kids.”

My eyes met red ones and I recognized the boy I had seen sitting on the stairs earlier. The same one the Head Mistress had said would for sure get caught for skipping.

“Shouldn’t you be in class?” I asked.

He was handsome in a way with sharp cheekbones and long, dark eyelashes I found myself jealous of. However, he obviously liked to look like a traditional vampire with pale skin, complete black clothes, and even a ridiculous cape. If he was a human, he would probably be in a mental asylum screaming about needing blood right about now.

“What, are you going to go crying to the Head Mistress about me? You can if you want, human girl. I couldn’t possibly care less.”

I surveyed him, the way he casually leaned against the wall with a small smirk that revealed his fans, and decided he wasn’t worth it. There was no need to make myself look like a snitch my very first day.

“Good girl,” the vamp laughed as if he could see my decision. “I was actually on my way to the roof to see if a few Peacekeepers can fly when I noticed you two. I thought I’d check out the two newest Peacekeepers, but I have to admit that I’m disappointed. Not only do both of you look too scrawny to be any fun throwing off the roof, but neither of you even heard me approach. How will you be able to protect yourselves if you can’t even sense one vampire?”

“We assumed everybody was in class and that we wouldn’t have to worry about any vampires,” Rayvix said.

The vampire snorted. “There are always students skipping their unpleasant classes and the best never get caught.”

Before we could answer, the door to the class opened and the vamp was gone before the Head Mistress even took a step out.

“It sounded to me like you two had the pleasure of meeting Ashver,” she said.

She then walked briskly forward, seemed to grab a shadow, and shook it. A moment later, the vamp stood there with a wild, fang-revealing grin on his face.

“What class are you supposed to be in, Ash?” the Head Mistress asked.

“Human History,” he answered, rolling his eyes. “As if I care about humans or history.”

“Well, since class change will be soon and you seem so interested in the new Peacekeepers, how about you escort Rylee to your ASC?”

“Why does he have to be in my class?” Ashver groaned.

“I’m Rylee,” I told him, scowling and crossing my arms.

“My mistake. Rylee is a boy name.”

The Head Mistress ignored his comments and said to me, “You have my permission to hit him upside the head if he is too rude to you, Cele.”

I grinned and nodded. Not only had she given me permission to hit an annoying boy, but she had also used my middle name, which was the name I usually went by. She even pronounced it Ceelee like she was supposed to.

“Yes, violence is the answer to all problems, Cele,” Ashver said before turning on his heel and heading down the hallway.

The Head Mistress gave me an almost apologetic smile and Rayvix grinned sympathetically as I left them to follow him. His long legs kept him a good give feet in front of me so I could only study his backside. I noticed how just above his shirt collar ink stained his skin. Tattoos?

“Uh…do you have tattoos?” I asked.

“Yes,” he practically grunted, not bothering to even face me. “My mother insisted.”

“You didn’t want them?”


“Why not?”

“I hate the pain.”

“The pain? I didn’t think vampires would mind too much about pain.”

“I do when the ink is laced with holy water.”


“Yeah. Oh.”

We didn’t talk after that and it took longer than I would have liked before he stopped in front of a classroom. He walked in without hesitation and I followed.

The classroom was really no different from the ones at my old school. At the front of the room was the teacher’s desk, a smart board, and a white board with about thirty or so desks filled with students. The teacher was a tall man with a top hat over his black hair and a twirly moustache. He smiled brightly at me, green eyes sparkling, but then frowned at Ashver.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in Human History right now, Ashver?” he asked, his voice heavily accented with what sounded like a British accent.

“The Head Mistress wanted me to drop off this new Peacekeeper. His name is Rylee.”

I scowled at him, but the teacher clasped my hand in his with a smile.

“It is nice to meet you Rylee. My name is Mr. Rook, but you can just call me Mr. R if you want. Everyone already does.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. R,” I said. “Most people call me Cele though.”

“Ah, okay, Cele.”

He then turned to Ashver to say something, hopefully to kick him out, but then the bell rang.

“Looks like it’s class change,” Ahsver said, grinning. “I’m also the higher-grade supervisor for the class, Rylee.”

“Cele,” I corrected. “I thought the higher-grade supervisor would be human.”

“We feel it’s more productive to have higher-grade supervisors to be a student of the school so that the Peacekeepers can have a better idea about the other students,” Mr. R explained.

“I see,” I said. “That makes sense.”

“Right, Ashver said, his eyes on a boy who had just walked in. “Come.”

The boy was a kitsune with reddish brown hair and black ears. His hoodie was about a size too big, making him look adorable, especially with his ripped skinny jeans. A bone stuck out of his mouth, but he still smiled, showing dimples.

“This is Rylee. Rylee, Mica. Did you do your homework?”

“Oh, yes. Do you need to see it? It’s wasn’t that hard.”

“For a moment there,” I spoke up, “I thought you two were friends.”

“What? We are friends!” Mica squeaked.

“Looks to me like Ashver’s just using you for homework,” I mumbled.

“Piss off,” Ashver grunted to me, taking a piece of paper from Mica.

He then went to his seat and sat down, ignoring me. Sighing, I went to stand against one of the wall to watch who came in. The next class was supposed to be the class full of the smartest out of all the advanced classes. There were two vampires, a werewolf, an angel, a demon, a Sky-raider, a shadow speaker, a Varmint, a merboy, and a faerie. There was supposed to be a magic user, but they never showed. There was also a siren apart of the class, but she only had to participate with the class on Tuesdays and Thursdays since she couldn’t leave the water.

I was confused at first to why there were two vampires in the class if it was only supposed to have the smartest of each different species, but Xander, the other vampire soon explained.

Supposedly Ashver was the smartest out of the entire school, but no other advanced teacher would agree to have him in their class. According to the other students I briefly talked to, Ashver didn’t hide the fact that Mr. R was the only teacher he liked and behaved for. If being an irritating, interrupting, smart mouth, butt face counted as behaving.

When the class actually started, I hurried to the back of the class to watch everything. I saw Mica liked to turn around quite a lot to whisper things to Ashver and make him laugh. Mica seemed to be the only one Ashver was friends with.

“Alright, so today we are going to learn how to defend ourselves against a special ability only vampire princes have, class,” Mr. R said, shifting the cane he didn’t seem to actually need from hand to hand as he spoke. “Would you like to explain more, Ash?”

“Right,” Ash mumbled, standing up. “So, my fellow, but incompetent peers, I have an ability that allows me to take what brings you joy and pleasure and use them against you. Usually, it’s so that I can make you do what I want and feel as if you’re enjoying it. So, out of all you worthless creatures, who wants to see what it feels like?”

“I don’t think I like all your insults, vamp breath,” the Sky-raider, a guy named Sky-Fire, said as he stood up. “Let’s see if you’re as good as you say.”

Ashver smiled, his fangs showing, and dramatically raised his hands.

“Hot,” Sky-Fire commented, causing Ashver to frown.

Ashver’s frown continued to deepen until Sky-Fire’s flame colored eyes glazed over. The Sky-raider’s wings stretched out, hitting Xander right in the face, until his eyes suddenly cleared. He stumbled back a step, but the next moment he had a cocky smile on his face.

“Is that all you got, vampire?”

“He’s partially immune to Enrapture,” Ashver told Mr. R.

“Which means that Sky-Fire can fight against Ash’s ability without any training,” Mr. R explained to the class. “Is there anybody else who would like to try? Maybe you, Aqua? I’ve always wanted to see what abilities mermen were immune to.”

Aqua nodded, drops of water falling around him from his wet hair, and set a little turtle he was holding down on the desk. His skin was light blue, his eyes a dark blue, and his hair white, which made me think that perhaps the guard from earlier, Jave, was a merman.

Ashver raised his hands against and it didn’t even take a second for Aqua’s eyes to glaze over. He shook his head violently, spraying the closest person to him with water, who was Ruby, the werewolf. Ashver laughed, Aqua’s eyes cleared, and Ruby glared and growled.

“Do that again and I’ll kick you,” Ruby threatened Ashver, though her dark blue eyes were amused.

“How about the human tries?” Ashver suggested. “Maybe I’ll make him jump off the roof.”

I scowled for what felt like the hundredth time at him and headed for the front of the room. I had never once had a vampire try their ability on me, it wasn’t something we could be trained against since my school didn’t allow supernatural creatures, but I thought it shouldn’t be too hard.

“Prepare to be disappointed in yourself and amazed in me,” Ashver announced.

He raised his hand and I froze. In my mind, a single memory took over. I could feel warm breath against my neck and warm hands on my hips. The warmth and pleasure I felt stayed even as, in the very back of my mind, I didn’t want to reach out and pull Kylex’s hair. The angel grinned with his dark blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Imagine ripping the memory in half,” Mr. R’s voice floated into my mind.

I did that and felt a release as I took a few steps back. Ashver was scowling and glaring at me, but Mr. R was smiling.

“You’re strong for a human to have broken his grip on you so quick,” he said. “Now, the quickest way to break Enrapture is to imagine ripping the memory being used against you in half. It won’t stay ripped, of course, but it will help you to not be swayed into doing something you don’t want to do.”

“The best way to train against Enrapture without having to actually be taken over and such, imbeciles, is to think of a memory and then train yourself to be able to abruptly cut it off.”

“Stop insulting us,” Sky-Fire complained. “We already know you think you’re incredibly better than all of us.”

“We also already know that you are most definitely not,” Vilvion, a gorgeous demon, spoke up.

“I think I will for once give you guys a day off. Stay quiet and use this time to introduce yourselves to Cele, our new Peacekeeper,” Mr. R interrupted.

“Like we need another one of those,” Vilvion whispered rather loudly.

“Oh, and be nice,” Mr. R added.

Mica was the one who waved me over when Mr. R sat down at his desk and started working on his computer.

“Ash said he’s not going to introduce you to us so I thought I would.”

I smiled and took the empty seat in front of him. Up close and actually getting to see him, I saw that he was in fact incredibly adorable. His ears would twitch while he talked and his puffy tail swished back and forth.

“This is Ruby,” he said.

Ruby grinned at me and asked, “What kind of things are you into?”

“Oh, uh, different stuff really.”

“Are you interested in Shadowhunters?” she asked, showing me her bag. “Or Fall Out Boy? Or MCR? Or Panic! At The Disco? Or Twenty One Pilots?”

“Whoa, um, yea I do actually. I’m interested in all those bands and Shadowhunters.”

Her face suddenly got serious and her bright blue eyes got wide. “Are you into Malec?”

I laughed and nodded. “Definitely.”

I seemed to have pasted her test because she turned to Dusk, the shadow speaker, and pulled out one of his earbuds. What was strange was that for a split second his eyes and hair looked black when in reality his eyes were dark green and his hair auburn. A guitar leaned against his chair and I saw that he was listening to Barns Courtney on his phone.

“This is Cele,” Ruby said. “Cele, Dusk.”

Dusk didn’t say a word, but he did nod and smile. I nodded and smiled back and Ruby pointed behind her to Xander.

“Xander’s pretty much a male version of me,” she said, grinning. “He’s also a paler version.”

Xander grinned too and I pointed at his Pierce The Veil shirt. “I love that band.”

“Same,” he said, playing with his lip ring. “Just to warn you, you’d do better being friends with us than Ash. He may seem cool and all, but he’s rude all the way through. We’ve all learned that the hard away.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said, noticing how Ashver didn’t even look up from the homework he was copying.

“Kylex and Celena are cool too,” Ruby told me, “but they prefer to keep to themselves as does Vilvion.”

“As does Ash,” Ashver spoke up. “Ash hates incompetent Peacekeeper freshies.”

“Speaking in third person about yourself is what is incompetent,” Sky-Fire said from next to Ashver, grinning.

“Shut up, ditz.”




“Language,” Mr. R said from his desk.


“Will you two stop? You two are the reason Lura hates this class so much,” Aqua said.

“Oh, boohoo. We’re the ones keeping you away from your one true love? Get over it,” Ashver sneered.

Aqua’s head hit his desk hard and hid his face in between his arm. I was alarmed, but nobody else seemed to think much about it.

“How long is this class?” I wondered out loud. “And how many classes are next after this one ends?”

“Five minutes and this is the last class for Mr. R. They usually want the new Peacekeepers to go back to the auditorium when their classes are over,” Ashver answered, not bothering to look up from his copying.

“Would you like me to show you back to the auditorium?” Ruby asked me.

“Oh, that would be gre-”

“That’s my job,” Ashver interrupted, sounding irritating.

“More like you just want to get out of your next class,” Ruby said grumpily.

“I’m not going to deny that, wolf girl.”

Ruby opened her mouth to answer, but the bell rung and Ashver shot out of his seat, grabbed my arm, practically threw his homework and Mica’s at Mr. R, and escaped the class. He pushed his way through the kids in the hallway, earning a lot of glares and nasty words, despite the fact that it was really unnecessary since there weren’t that many kids. From what I knew, there were only about a hundred or so in the advanced classes so there really was room to walk without pushing anybody.

“Is there a class here I don’t know about that teaches you to be as rude as you are?” I asked when he shoved a smaller student into a locker out of his way.

“No, I was born this way.”

“Were you also born a vampire.”

Ashver actually stopped just to turn around and roll his eyes at me. “Are you dumb? Vampires aren’t born vampires.”


“Yeah. Oh.”

He let go of my arm and I struggled to keep up with him as he continued pushing through people. Finally, he stopped in front of the double doors to the auditorium building and walked in without me. When I finally caught up to him, he was chatting with the Head Mistress at the stage. She smiled when she saw me.

“How was class, Cele?”

“It was fun. I actually had a question. Am I going to be staying in all of Mr. Rook’s classes?”

“No, that was only for today. By tomorrow you as well as all the other new Peacekeepers will be assigned to specific classes. Until you’ve been here for longer, the classes you’ll stay in will change between the advanced classes and classes for angels and Sky-raiders.”

“You should make him have all his classes with me,” Ashver said. “He’ll make my classes at least a little bit more interesting.”

“Yeah so you can make fun of me,” I growled.

“Don’t worry, Cele. Anyways, you need to go to class, Ashver, and you need to go write a journal about the students you’ve met today, Cele.”

“Right,” I said, heading over to a table that was set up on the stage.

I didn’t have any stuff, we were told not to bring anything the first day, so I picked out a nice dark blue notebook and a pen and sat down to write about Mr. Rook’s class. Ashver tried to stay longer, but the Head Mistress finally had to push him out. I went back to writing, noticing how I was the only one in there so yet.

“Hey, you.”

I looked up and smiled at Rayvix. His dark eyes were unreadable as he picked out a notebook and pen as well and took the seat next to me.

“How was your class?” I asked him.

“Exhausting,” he answered. “There is this girl though named Mylia and she seems really cool. She’s a kitsune.”

“Does she have a brother?” I asked a bit absentmindedly.

“Yeah, Myeeka or Milica or something like that.”


“Oh, yeah, that must be him. How was that vampire guy?”

“A pain. I thought he might get better the more I hung around him, but he seems rude all the way through.”

“I suppose he’s not much different from us humans, huh? I don’t see why this place is necessary when the students here are not that bad.”

“The government is probably just scared they’re acting good for now and will get worse as time goes on.”

“Or maybe this place is used for something else…”

He let his voice trail off as a few other students joined us, including Jason Maylin. He was joking with his friends rather loudly and Rayvix and I exchanged a look and an eye roll.

An hour later, I was back on the Bus heading home. There were only two other kids on the bus whom I didn’t know so I found myself staring out the window again. I was disappointed to not see the boy I had seen earlier, but my disappointment was replaced by delight when I saw my mother and brother waiting for me outside our house.

“How was your first day?” my mother asked, smiling.

“It was great. I think you’re really going to enjoy it, Philip.”

My brother huffed, his bright blue eyes bored as he rolled them. “Why would I enjoy a school of supernatural creatures? They’re disgusting.”

My smiled wavered, but my mother took my hand and pulled me towards the house.

“Ignore him,” she told me, pushing her long black hair out of her bright blue eyes. “I want to hear all about your day at Winterbrook’s.”




Ashver was sitting in his last class with his head on his fist, trying to keep his eyes open, as his teacher droned on about old politics. It was dreadfully boring and useless in his opinion in a world were the only thing that would keep you alive was being able to fight and defend. Why can’t this damn school teach me useful things like how to kill other vampires? About the only enjoyment he got was messing with the new Peacekeepers.

His head hit the desk hard when he failed to see the boy next to him push his arm from under his head. This boy, who just happened to be Sky-Fire, grinned as the class erupted into laughter and Ashver glared at him.

“You’re a damned prick,” Ashver growled.

“Don’t be angry at me,” he responded, a smile on his perfect lips. “Be angry at the ones laughing at you.”

Ashver rolled his eyes as the teacher tried to get the class’s attention. Only, there was only five more minutes left of the last class of the day and it was pointless.

“What are you going to be doing after school?” Sky-Fire asked Ashver.

The bell still hadn’t rung so the vampire prince ignored the Sky-raider and pretended as if he was trying to hear what the teacher was saying. That earned him a poke from the Sky-S**t, as he liked to call him.

“Tell me,” Sky-Fire almost whined, which was strange in Ashver’s opinion since Sky-Fire pretty much ran the school.

“I was planning on draining a few Sky-raiders dry,” Ashver finally answered, the bell ringing a second later and drowning out any possible response from Sky-Fire.

Ashver jumped to his feet, quickly gathered his stuff (which really consisted of a notebook full of morbid drawings), and quickly left the classroom.

“Wait up, V!” Sky-Fire called after him.

He glanced back just in time to see the Sky-raider being surrounded by girls begging for his attention and he smirked, leaving Mr. Popular to deal with his fans. Most of Ashver’s classes were advanced ones, which was great since he didn’t get along with any of the other vampires, but sucked because Mr. Rook’s class was the only one where he didn’t have to learn boring human classes. He pushed his way through the different species and was just about to exit through one of the many doors that led to stairs that led to the back of the school when-

“Hey, blood sucker!”

Ashver ignored the call, but a hand clasped his arm and he was jerked around. He frowned.

“Oh, it’s you. I thought perhaps someone of importance was calling for me.”

Landen Crosswater, the alpha of all the school werewolves, growled slightly. He was the only creature with enough boldness to actually pick on Ashver, but rather take it seriously, Ashver found him amusing. In his opinion, Landen was bold, unafraid, and foolish.

“I’d watch your mouth, vampire,” Landen said, narrowing his gold and blue eyes.

“Or what?” Ashver asked, smirking. “You’ll kiss me again?”

He was bluffing of course, but Landen’s face, the confusion lighting up his grey eyes and blush creeping up his tan face, was worth it. The werewolf alpha quickly dropped Ashver’s arm and ran a hand through his chocolate brown hair as he attempted to regain his dignity in front of his friends.

“You’re a liar, blood sucker,” Landen finally said, baring his teeth.

“I had no idea your after-school plans were to stand in the school hallway and talk to a werewolf.”

Ashver groaned when Sky-Fire strutted over. He was about done with cocky, popular boys.

To escape, he sent his shadows up to surround him and quickly made his leave. Soon, he was on the road that would take him home, which was long, lonely, and cold. He didn’t really mind, though he hated winter. Everything was too cold, too white, and too wet.

Spring was his favorite season if only because that was the time the blood blossoms bloomed. At that time, it would look like he was walking on blood on his way home and he loved that.

He paused when he heard a small whimper. Since he was a vampire prince, it took him only seconds to pin point where the noise had come from and that it had been from a human. A human bleeding from his neck.

“What are you doing out here?” he demanded.

The human was skinny and shivering violently. His pale blue eyes were glassy, his dark brown hair filled with snow, and his skin so pale he could have been made out of the snow around him. Blood covered the surrounding area, telling Ashver that whoever had been feeding on the human had probably been interrupted.

He also knew that this would be a very big problem if the human government running Winterbrook’s found out a human was attacked. They wouldn’t try to find the individual vampire and punish them; no, they would destroy all the vampires. With this in mind, Ashver carefully picked up the human and continued on his way home.





























Excerpt from Rylee Celestial Levi’s School Notebook:


Mr.Rook’s Advanced Supernatural Class:


Ashver (Ash)- vampire (prince?), red eyes, black hair, pale despite being able to go out in sun, tattoos, smartest in the class? rude all the time?

Xander- vampire, dark red eyes, half blue half black hair, piercings, male version of Ruby? vampire emo? dislikes Ash?

Mica- kitsune, brown eyes, reddish brown hair, ADORABLE, gnaws on bone (where did he get it???), friends with Ash or only being used by Ash?

Sky-Fire- sky-raider, flame eyes, silky black hair, fire wings, enjoys hitting people with things? friends with Ash? annoys Ash?

Aqua- merman (boy?) dark blue eyes, white hair, blue skin (related to scary guard dude?), moody? wet hair, smells like seaweed, crush on Lura?

Dusk- shadow speaker, dark green eyes, auburn hair (eyes and hair look black at times?) sings? (carries guitar), looks folk rock (Barns Courtney); quiet

Celena- faerie, purple eyes, light pink hair, wings, glittery, keeps to herself but talks to Kylex

Kylex- angel, dark blue eyes, white hair, keeps to himself but friends with everyone? except Ash?

Vilvion- demon, black and gold eyes, dark red hair

Ruby- werewolf (dating school alpha?), bright blue eyes, light brown hair, friendly, Fairy Tail necklace, Fall Out Boy jacket, Shadowhunters backpack (into Malec), possible friend? stares at Mica a lot

Lura- siren, ???


Mr. Rook- magic user, bright green eyes, black hair, twirly mustache, nice, top hat, cane (what for?), likes Ashver (shocker)

© 2017 Ember Quinn

Author's Note

Ember Quinn
I tried switching point of views and I'm not too sure I pulled it off xD I plan on making more stories so it'll kinda be like a tv show or something.

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A pretty good opening to a story. I find the premise you've set up, of humans acting as mediators between so many different mythological cultures, very intriguing. You also teased the beginning of a greater conflict at the end. If there was on criticism I have, it would be that sometimes I get confused about where the characters are. For example, at the end when Ash found the victim of the attack, you were very vague as to where he found him. Was he on the sidewalk, in the middle of the road, hidden behind some hedges? Other than that, great job. I'm interested in seeing where this story goes and how the characters develop.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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A pretty good opening to a story. I find the premise you've set up, of humans acting as mediators between so many different mythological cultures, very intriguing. You also teased the beginning of a greater conflict at the end. If there was on criticism I have, it would be that sometimes I get confused about where the characters are. For example, at the end when Ash found the victim of the attack, you were very vague as to where he found him. Was he on the sidewalk, in the middle of the road, hidden behind some hedges? Other than that, great job. I'm interested in seeing where this story goes and how the characters develop.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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