I stand and I wait

I stand and I wait

A Poem by Ezel_Amaru

"only when you've lost everything. Are you free to do anything" Tyler Durdan

The voices I hear them
But I would much rather slowly kill myself with the same brown water toxicens as my father once used too.
Life is short
But it's apparent I've become bound to this treacherous road of self "mutilation"
An emphasis on the phrase.
As I don't partake in scarring my own body.
I have plenty enemies for that.
No instead I slowly dissect every postive thought before giving it a chance to escape
I stumble across this dirt and rubble infested road.
I've become all to accustom too
I stand and I wait
In resemblance to an old feudal warrior on the battlefield
Waiting for the 1st strike
So as he may run and meet his own fate
Very similar to this
I stand and I wait
My enemy..
My enemy is every postive thought and notion
That I can be greater than I am
If only I sit , relax and plan
I can live true to the testament
Yet steady is the wheel
That sharpens my sword
Made if pure negligence
A bow and arrow
Born of self doubt and insecurities
And for my arrows
I use my excuses
One of the many I was raised in poverty

© 2017 Ezel_Amaru

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Added on December 30, 2017
Last Updated on December 30, 2017



Ciudad De Dios, NJ

I barreled my way here January 2nd E.T.A was for the first ,but good things come to those who wait. I opened a wattery eye , and embraced the world for what it would be, what it would make me, Who.. more..