A realm of the lost and forgotten

A realm of the lost and forgotten

A Poem by Ezel_Amaru

My most intimate piece. Carved and Scarred into my heart.

In a realm of forgotten and lost souls
Forgiving faces aren't so forgiving anymore
Innocence has been replaced like an old tattered shoe in the corner of your closet , taking up space
"That look, that look of truely not knowing"
That ignorant bliss
That we all inherit as children
At one point or another allow to be so violently stripped from our very being to deal with reality.
That look has become a vengeful spite.
Patiently waiting for the day to unleash their personal vendettas against the world.
Everyone has a debt to settle.
Everyone has a price to pay,
For what they've earned in there life
Whether it be good natured or I'll mannered.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I'm beginning to understand why.
Harsh realities of life hit me after I smoke
Quote unquote that's Nas
The truth is easier to bare when one sees it for themselves.
But as young teen perhaps,
We avoid the council's of our elders in ignorance
When in reality we're not ready to accept "life"
For what it is
Heartache , pain ,and struggle
I say these things because
I relapse
Find myself back in the pits of hell I thought I climbed out of
My memories stain these streets
It's a vague scent
But I can almost still smell my burning flesh.
Feel the thick moisture of my blood as it consumes my shirt and pours out onto the streets
Where I grew up, the only place I really knew.
And as if the bombardment of bats and penetrating hollows wasn't enough
As I laid in the center of the road , helpless.
They gave me another good ol round of bat thrashing.
OF COURSE I understand
They had to make sure there was no coming back for me!!!
Trying to make a statement , I suppose
Well I good punchline for these Jokers when I see them
They'll understand when hear that knock knock and ask who's there?
Remember me b*****s !!
Well I'm back!!
Is you hardbody now!!!!!
I don't remember many happy days
But the ones I do
I hold hostage in my memory bank
Because even at my lowest
My memories evade me
I've grown cold to the touch
One wonders what type of blood I pump
A ghost drifting in time
Only moving with the wind
But time evades no being
Inbedded in my roots
An apocalypse of what the streets fuel
Hooligans , savages , shadows of boys who never became men
Shells of men who gave up faceing a militia of ten
Deserted by loved ones and friends
Yet I cast a shield of honor and pride
And for a weapon
I take this pen
And although I can't right my wrongs
I write my wrongs
And put then in this poem..
So when you feel your world is crashing
And can't walk anymore
Look up!!
And you'll surely find a sign
"Welcome to G's realm of forgotten and lost souls"

© 2017 Ezel_Amaru

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I definitely know the feeling of being lost and forgotten, I really like the emotion in the poem and the darkness of it..

Posted 7 Months Ago

All opinions are much appreciated

Posted 11 Months Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on December 30, 2017
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Ciudad De Dios, NJ

I barreled my way here January 2nd E.T.A was for the first ,but good things come to those who wait. I opened a wattery eye , and embraced the world for what it would be, what it would make me, Who.. more..


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