I Seek Your Face

I Seek Your Face

A Poem by ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

The truth will set you free.

I Seek Your Face:

In times of trouble
Its only your face
I seek,
With the meekness
Of a heart,
Its the love so strong
And deep-
Rivers of rushing water
The pain that goes so deep-
Each drop of blood
Did seep-
Where only your feet
Did trod-
Its out of the pain and hurt
So deep-
That true tears and fears
Do seep-

In the darkness of this life
Where there's shadows
And so much strife-
You're the source
Of brimming life-
We must just remember
To hold in tight-

Through the rivers
Full of doubt-
There's a voice
Crying out-
In the stillness of
Your voice-
You are my only choice-

Through empty canyons
Wide and deep-
With vast surroundings
Bare and cold-
Lies oh so many stories
Left untold_

Each day we strive just
To stay alive-
But in Gods grace
It is His face-
That brings us home
The well earnt crown-
Through storms and
Seas we could have
But in amongst the
Caring hands-
We were carefully
Held and beautifully
He is the potter
And we're the clay
All being prepared for
One glorious day-

Where every tear -
Doubt and fear
Will supernaturally just
And in its place
To be replaced-
Is the love and care
In His heavenly place-
Surrounded by His
Endless grace...

© 2018 ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

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I agree dear Poet. We must hold God close. I learn the hard ways. I didn't walk alone. I met the Devil often and I was saved by Angels. A beautiful and hopeful poem.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on February 2, 2018
Last Updated on February 2, 2018


‘Thoughts In Time’🌹
‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Essex, United Kingdom

Writing poems of passing thoughts in time where time unwinds many thoughts and emotions all set for a certain place in time. more..