God Among Men

God Among Men

A Poem by D Alan Johnstone

I am a God 

among men.

A specimen 

of unmatched


At the gym

every day,

I am a King 

of personal


Every curve 

every line



So watch 

me flex 

while you 

break my 

nose with 

your fist.

Look at 

the girth

of my 


hanging at

my side

while you 


my eyes.

Gaze at 

the rigid 


of my chest

lying on 

the ground 

before you

in fetal 


Check out 

my 6 pack 



as you 

shatter my 

ribs with 



In a heap,



I am a God

among men.

Look Upon Me

© 2017 D Alan Johnstone

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I concur that this writing comes from a place where a man is both real and also a version of his best self. He fulfills his need to be strong and have the appearance of strength and yet displays with complete vulnerability the insecurity of submitting to another's display of strength and dominance. I too can relate to being a former nerd who came into my own a little later in life.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Very masculine poem, very much like some man would like to be....to merge the perfect body with the strength of a gladiator. You wrote it very well indeed!

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Alan Johnstone

1 Year Ago

Intersting! It's somewhat meant to portray the opposite... The person who spends all day in the gym .. read more
Silmara McGarry

1 Year Ago

Ohhh... I understood ;-)
....of epic profoundness. Well executed and a pleasure to read and relate.
Even Gods amongst men can fall and fail, albeit with much, much more depth.
Personally, I really enjoyed this. Thankyou for sharing it.

saphy (x)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

You're more than welcome! Thankyou again for sharing it.
But alas, the joys of an uneducated .. read more
D Alan Johnstone

1 Year Ago

In my opinion, the purpose of poetry is to allow the reader to apply his/her own interpretation. As .. read more

1 Year Ago

Wholeheartedly agree! Well stated.

saphy (x)

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