I had my eyes set on you my one and only you

I had my eyes set on you my one and only you

A Poem by Falcon1

Love a very strange thing

When I was young
I wished for love
That never came to me
I was ashamed to admit

I was not fit for her love
She had her eyes on the Long haired type
and my Father would not put up with any of that disrespectful ways of youth in a haze

I was out of touch with the times.
 So not to disrespect my Father's wishes, I had my hair cut shorter than most not acceptable to the Girls at the time 

I was a loner on a journey of life
With life's little strife to pass the time of day.
Special woman would not look my way,
either because I wore Glasses,

had a weak eye, that drifted 
It didn't make me look sharp,
as the other guys of Good faith.
I had my hang ups in life.

They didn't call me crossed and blind,
But I felt their intentions to hurt,
or even to mention this Boy was different from the rest. But he crawled and did his very best.

He made his grade some times
By attend special education 
Nerdy and awkward
were some of their addictive words to describe,

A person who struggled all his life
Just to get by and have dignity and some pride
I battle as I battle some more but never fighting 
My way to the top having the dignity knowing

when  to say no it's the fight I will never win
They will just keep making fun of you
But I kept my pride what ever I had left
To guide me to a good life.

In a belief in life, is just not fair,
You can play it by being on the square.
Leading with a smile and a joke
when applied it makes people 

happy for a while.
Smiling back at awkward people like me
From Four eyes and still can't see
Peace Brother Love be free.

© 2018 Falcon1

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Yeah, you really are out of touch with times. That might be an understatement.

And age has nothing to do with it.

Posted 8 Months Ago

and these are our doctors,ceo`s,inventors,and so on,now they like you

Posted 11 Months Ago

I wear my glasses with pride too my friend. I liked your story and how you led us through a life of chance and effort. I have made many mistakes in my youth. I pray kind karma won't do me in. Thank you my friend for sharing your words and thoughts.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on January 31, 2018
Last Updated on January 31, 2018
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59 years young father of 2 girls in they late 20's early thirty's have 3 Grand children one a boy and two darling little girls boy age 7 Girls ages 4 and 1 and they are lots of fun. I enjoy writing po.. more..

Here I an Here I an

A Poem by Falcon1

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