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"Hello my name is Nyx and I am the goddess of night and im going to tell you about my life. It starts out the day I was born out of the light and given the gift of night. the universe was made up of nothing  but light. twenty four hours a day no darkness to surround anyone and let them sleep, light everywhere. Erbus my father the god of darkness and shadows had impregnated Kali the goddess of death and soon I was born and with me being born came night. the first darkness fell the day I was born, My mother was soon gone from me and my father so he raised me in his darkness, in his shadow. I was to make it dark at a certain time, I was to lurk in the shadows around others to keep an eye on my darkness and watch what happens,Every god taught me something else. Ares taught me to fight with a steady hand, Athena taught me to think before speaking, Hades taught me how to summon hell hounds, Hera and Zeus taught me to act like a princess, Posiden taught me to listen to the wind and to tame the wildlife in the water, Aether taught me to enjoy the sun, Erbus taught me to love my gifts and to use them for the best purposes, Eros taught me to use my looks to my best advantages.
Ever since I was able to walk I have been watched and taught along the way and I will never forget the lessons I was taught. With my gift of darkness also comes the gift of knowing everything, I can remember the moment I opened my eyes and looked up at my mother, long brown hair black eyes and tan brown skin with white sparkling teeth, I  remember looking over at my dad and seeing his black hair and green eyes and pale ivory white skin. I remember walking and my first words and learning how to run and play with others, everything started changing when I became a teen ager. I would watch everyone in the darkness of the night, I could hear their dreams and thoughts, I could feel their heat radiating off their skin. I stood outside in the dark and raised my head to the sky and watched the stars twinkle as a gentle breeze came through the street, it was whispering in my ear as it went by. my eyes searched the darkness as i walked down the street and looked around the corner, a little girl was sitting on the street crying, her mother ran over and picked her up and looked her over seeing a few little scrapes, she rocked the child and walked into the house and then water turned on and the little girl started laughing. I turned away and walked to a clearing in the forest, I looked up at the sky and inhale deeply and then let it out slowly and laid back on the ground and stared at the sky. 
I opened my eyes and thought " I must of fallen asleep. .. huh" I stretched and looked around then stood and started walking toward the city and back toward the enchanted forest. little nymphs circled my head as I walked toward my house and walked through the door and plopped down on the couch next to my dad and spoke softly "Dad....come on wake up" I shook his slightly and sighed leaning back as I stared at the ceiling, it seemed like I had what the humans called depression. I sat there and closed my eyes and then stood my eyes open as I walked to my bedroom and looked through my closet and found the long light sword i had gotten from Ares on my birthday and the hell hound whistle I had been given from Hades. I sighed and walked down the stairs  "dad. I am going out on my own. I will talk to you some time." I walked out the door as he stood and watched me and said " promise you will come back in one piece?" I nod and smiled waving to him as I ran off."

((Story is a work in progress))

© 2015 Ena Lona Kendra

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Ena Lona Kendra
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I dont mind people telling me where I screwed up.

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well i really like the idea and hope that this will be something that you'll take to new heights! (i hope that didnt sound too cheesy and bad.....they sounded better in my head)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Ena Lona Kendra

2 Years Ago

lol omg bubba
untimely stories

2 Years Ago

hehehe ya....love ya sis!
this is certainly an existing story,loved it

Posted 3 Years Ago

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