Chapter 19

Chapter 19

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 19




Damion sat on the edge of the stone podium, looking down the seemingly endless room. He stopped his eyes on Rose and fixated her in his gaze. Rosalina looked over to him watching his expression. She looked over to Rose and then back at Damion, she smiled slightly.

“You really care for that girl don’t you?” Damion looked away from Rose quickly snapping out of his daydream.

“Yeah, she’s the reason I’m here” He stood up and walked over to her slowly. “I planned on saving her, but that seems little more than a pipe dream now” Rosalina looked at Damion kindly as he stroked Rose’s cheek.

“Your father raised you well” she said softly.

“He did his best, being single and alone an’ all” He stood leaning against Rose’s podium and looked over to Idril.

“He may not have raised me well enough though” a tear welled up in his eye. “I still find it hard to be alone, not exactly masculine”

“You carry your father’s thinking; don’t you remember how upset he was when I was gone?”

“Yeah I do, he was a mess the first few years” he chuckled quietly. “At times he almost had us running close to debt. Some days he refused even to work at all” Damion took his weight off Rose’s podium, and stood up straight. He looked round to Rose again and smiled.

“I can wake her for you if you would like” Damion looked over to his mother. “I’m sure you would like to talk to her”

“Won’t you get in trouble?” he spoke concerned.

“Maybe, but I think it would be worth you talking to her, I mean you came all this way to see her”  She approached him, “It would be a shame if your efforts all went to waste, wouldn’t it?” Damion thought for a second.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Of course, I want to see you happy, I’ll take the consequences” she placed her hand on Rose’s forehead, “Don’t worry about me”. Damion smiled weakly and nodded.

“Ok, if you’re sure” Rosalina smiled back at him and placed her hand upon Rose’s forehead. A purple light began to emanate from her hand forming an odd rune upon Rose’s forehead. The light faded soon after; Rose’s eyes twitched. She opened her eyes; everything was nothing more than a blur to her for a second but quickly regained it. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes, Damion wrapped his hands around hers. She turned to him and smiled brightly.

“Damion!” she cried out, she hugged him tightly shedding tears of joy. “You came for me, I’m so happy you’re here”. Damion smiled at her.

“I promised I’d come for you” he replied. He looked into her eyes, yet his expression became unhappy. “However…” Rose looked at him more seriously.

“What? What is it?” she asked impatiently.

“However I have failed you, we’re still trapped here. I can’t save you from this place” Rose looked around the room observing it, “I cannot save you, I’m nothing but a failure”

“No, no!” she cried out pulling him into a close embrace, “The fact you even came means you have not failed, we may be trapped here, but at least we can be together” she looked at him hopefully yet he looked away avoiding her gaze. “Right?” she spoke worriedly. Damion moved away from her and turned quickly. “D-Damion” she stuttered, “Please say we can at least be together?” he did not answer and remained in silence, Rosalina watched quietly as a tear began to well up in Rose’s eye. “Damion?” she muttered tearfully, “Damion!” she cried out and rushed to him turning him to face her, “Please just answer me!”

“You want an answer?” he spoke rhetorically, “No we can’t be together, cause when we’re done you have to be put to sleep again and so do I, we can never be together” Rose stepped away tears rolling down her face. “And you know what? It is killing me inside that the moment I thought I had found some happiness in my God forsaken life it’s being torn away from me” Anger seemed to harbour in his voice yet his mother knew it was not anger, yet remorse and sadness.

“Damion…” Rose spoke quietly tearing to hide the sadness in her voice.

“Mother please no more, just put her back to sleep…I-I can’t do this anymore” Damion turned away from her and walked away heading to his own podium.

“What? No…no Damion please talk to me!” she began to rush up to him yet Rosalina pulled her back pressing her hand against her head. She struggled trying to resist her grasp.

“Shh shh, calm down it’s all going to be ok” she spoke calmly, her struggle began to fade and slowly her eyes closed sending her to sleep once more. She laid her down upon the podium careful running her hands through her hair for a second. She looked over to Damion who had taken his place back at his podium; he had buried his face into his hands.

“Sweetheart?” she said softly. Damion looked up to her, tears wetting his face.

“Just put me back to sleep” he said choking on his words, “Just let this pain end and let me sleep” his lip quivered slightly. She nodded at him and approached him. He laid down as she did so ready to regain his place there. She looked down to him smiling softly.

“I know this probably means nothing to you now…but I approve of this young lady” Damion chuckled slightly,

“Well thank you, I guess” she smiled at him and rested her hand upon his forehead letting him slip into sleep once again.


Rosalina sat upon the stone steps; the fortress lay behind her looming in darkness. She looked down to the town as people seemed to be rushing indoors, nothing new for this town. Everyone was terrified of the new visitors and didn’t want to take the chance being out at night. Rumours had spread through the town of people going missing, blaming the vampires feeding habits it had become a frequent fear to them. She looked down into her hands; tears fell from her face landing upon them. She scoffed,

“I’m a horrible mother, sitting here helpless while my son lays there unable to even fight back” she spoke to herself. She stood and looked at the fortress scornfully, “I just wish I could help somehow, I just wish…”

“You could free him?” a voice pierced through the darkness. Startled she looked down to the streets. “Hello again Rosalina” Gurtin spoke, “Long time no see” he chuckled. Rosalina rolled her eyes.

“Oh how unfortunate I should have to pass you again” she walked away heading for the fortress.

“Oh how mean you are” Gurtin spoke revealing a wicked smile. “You know us vampires should be much nicer to each other” he laughed.

“Nice to you? Your nothing but filth, a power hungry piece of”

“Tut tut tut, naughty naughty” he said waving his finger, “A lady of your class should not being vomiting such words” he grinned at her. She stopped and looked down to him.

“What do you want Gurtin?” she asked, Gurtin approached her slowly.

“Oh I was just listening to your woeful tale and I thought what if I was to help this young lady in her time of need”

“And why on earth would you help me?” she spoke condescendingly.

“Ah!” he began, “Well I though exactly the same thing at first but then I thought to myself...what if you had something to offer me?” Rosalina soften her gaze slightly.

“I’m listening” Gurtin smiled.

“Good, well you see you want nothing more than your sons freedom…I am correct about that…aren’t I?” he question sarcastically, she rolled her eyes at him.

“Of course, go on?”

“Well you see… some believe our Lord Zealos has been in power for much to long…”

“And by people you mean you?” she interrupted.

“Details unnecessary, I believe that maybe it’s time for him to step down and let someone else…take his position”.

“So what would I be gaining from this…bargain shall we say?”

“How does your sons and Rose’s freedom sound, oh and I almost forgot, you will be free to go as well, if you wished it” Rosalina found herself almost breathless.     

“You mean, you’d let me go?” Gurtin smiled at her.

“Sure! I mean come on” he slung his arm over her shoulder, “This vampire business isn’t really one for the girls now is it?” he chortled.

“Sexist as your remark may be” she began moving away from him, “I think I’ll take you up on your offer, but I swear if either of those children get harmed I will personally make sure you are the one to suffer, you got that!” she threatened.

“Blah blah blah, what is it with you women and details” she grasped him by his neck and stared into his eyes.

“If those children are harmed, you will suffer. You got that?” Gurtin gulped.

“Crystal clear madam” Rosalina pushed him away.

“Now ok, what’s the plan?” she asked, Gurtin beckoned her closer.

“Secure some weapons from the armoury tomorrow, and make sure they are armed cause this is going to be a bumpy ride” she nodded at him, “Now you and me will take on Zealos while the children make a run for it and then”

“Even if we die the children will at least be safe” she interrupted. Gurtin raised an eyebrow confused.

“Well…no what I was going to say is then I take control and you leave” he moved away from her slightly and shrugged, “But whatever floats your boat I guess”.

“You do realise for us Gurtin this is basically a suicide mission, Zealos is powerful beyond reason and we will be killed” Gurtin shrugged at her and began to walk past her.

“With that kind of attitude, you’re already dead” He began to whistle a cheerful tune as he headed up to the fortress doors. “Oh and Rosalina?” she looked up to him. “Don’t be late” he grinned at her and entered the fortress. 

© 2012 Forgotten

Author's Note

After along time of writers block I have finally began to get this book finished, not a lot left now. And I apologise that this seems to be getting worse each chapter :(

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Excellent chapter
Keep up the good work

Posted 6 Years Ago

I had to do a re-read. 18 chapters is a lot of re-reading. I like the emotion of the chapter. Good to show concern and care. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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