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Freckleberry Lane

Freckleberry Lane

A Poem by Forgotten

For the Knock my Seuss of Competition

There once was a house upon Freckleberry lane,
Alone lived an old man with a knobbly cane,
With his wrinkled old face and long crooked nose,
He'd say 'This is the lane that nobody goes,
No man nor lady not even a child,
Would stumble on up to the Freckleberry wilds'
For this was not just an ordinary neighbourhood,
As it was lost in the midst of the Freckleberry woods. 

He sat back in his large wooden rocking chair,
And scratch upon his head where there used to be hair,
When all of a sudden there came a great knock,
Louder than the sound of the grandfathers tock,
'How strange' he exclaim 'This just couldn't be,
A visitor has come out here and is knocking for me' 
He stood from his chair from his knees a great creak,
And up to the door did the old man sneak.

'Nobodies home!' He cried as loud as could be,
'But sir' a voice snivelled, 'I've injured me knee'
'Go on get out of here, scram!
I have no time for a young child's scams' 
It then went silent indeed it went still,
'One to me' He spoke 'And to the child nill' 
He then turned around and heard a grand old crack,
The old man was soon found there on his back.

The floorboard came loose and he fell to the ground,
As he body hit he sounded a loud old pound,
'Help!' he cried out, 'help me I'm stuck'
Expecting the young boy to get him out of this muck,
But no-one did come and now he rests nice and sound,
Yet in his house all alone and not in the ground. 

© 2014 Forgotten

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What a deep seeded fear that lies in this write. Literally started to think that in the end if we have no control over ourselves then alone with no help for ourselves we shall tarry the rest of our days. Kill the ego, stop being patronizing, and enjoy the folds of life from both sides of the door. i really enjoyed this piece and the language it uses. Awesome.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I like how this is different from your other poems. You really knocked this one out of the park! Funny, entertaining, and keeps my interest

Posted 4 Years Ago

well executed and very funny. but I'm not surprised as it came from someone who likes the Monty Python.

Posted 4 Years Ago

You knocked my socks off Forgotten, nice rhyme scheme, and good story, killer ending, no pun intended! :)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Haha well thanks :) That's definitely a compliment coming from you :)
Very Whimsically written, with a good moral at the end. Well done John:)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you, it's really not my usually thing but I felt I'd give it a shot :)

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