Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 3


The moon was out, the night was damp, humid and a sticky heat stuck to Damions body. Damion tossed and turned in his bed, sweat soaked the sheets. It looked as if Damion was having a nightmare, shocks of pain were surging through his body. Suddenly Damion woke with a shock, his breathing was shallow and sweat shone on his face.

“What is this pain!” Damion looked into his hands, pain was surging through him, he couldn’t take much more.

“Raven! Raven! Help” there was no reply, “Raven! Rav-“ the air got caught in his throat. He became unable to speak. The pain suddenly grew, and grew stronger in him until it was unbearable. The air unlodged letting out a cry of pain, he fell to the floor, he could feel himself changing, his spine grew longer and poked out of his skin, his hands and feet grew to show off that resembled a wolf. Claws grew out of his fingers and toes, he grew larger and taller, and muscles unknown to Damion began to show. His face elongated and then finally, fur began to cover his body. He wasn’t the same, but what was he. He let out a howl echoing over Alexandranite’s streets. Damion stopped, he picked up a scent, he stayed put for a few seconds then suddenly bared his teeth and ran to the window. Damion made an impossible jump through the window and landed on the thatched roof across the street, but his weight was too much and he fell through the roof into what seemed to be a bedroom. Two people lay in the bed suddenly jerking awake to the racket. Everything went silent, Damion was nowhere to be seen, and only a pile of lumber and straw lay on the floor. Silence dulled the room until Damion suddenly sprung out of the wreck, the women screamed out,

“Monster! Help” Damion lunged at the woman causing her to fly across the room, Damion planted his huge foot onto her chest and lunged it into her chest, and blood spurted out of her mouth splattering across the wall. The man behind him shuddered and pulled out an old splintered crossbow. Damion heard the click of the weapon as he turned to see him holding the crossbow to his chest, he fired a shot into Damion’s chest. He let out a long howl echoing down the streets, he finally stopped and pull the arrow out of his chest. The wound healed up in seconds leaving not even a scar, he bared his teeth and bit the man on the shoulder taking his arm clean off, he yelled in pain before Damion finally slashed his claws cleanly up through his throat sending red blood spurting out of his throat. This smell, felt so appealing to him, but why? However the old scent suddenly came back to his attention, noises could be heard out in the streets, people had come out to see this racket. Damion bared his teeth let out a vicious growl startling everyone in the streets, many were hunters holding weapons, crossbows, longbows and spears. Damion lunged out of the building leaving splinters of wood lying on the ground, he ran towards the crowd, they held their ground. Suddenly a flurry of arrows were shot towards Damion, he dodged the arrows but only just. People ran towards him with their spears aiming to thrust it into the beast’s heart. The first hunter reached him and thrusted the spear forwards, but Damion slashed back tearing the spear in two then countering by thrusting his claws into the gut of the hunter. Damion throws the hunter to the side into a nearby building sending the window crashing through. Without Damion looking a hunter shots an arrow straight into Damions left leg sending him stumbling to the floor, letting out another howl and a snarl soon after. Damion pulls the arrow out of his leg. His eyes focused onto the crowd; even though his beast instincts were taking control he knew it would be impossible to kill all these hunters. His eyes shifted quickly to find an escape route. He finds none. With that Damion turns to run grasping his claws into the building next to him and starts climbing up. Arrows shot past him as the hunters fired at him. Until he reached the top of the building then suddenly all fire stopped, he carried on running along the beams supporting the houses, people stood in awe and amazement as is silver fur began to show. Suddenly Damion felt a sharp pain right in his left leg sending him pummelling to the ground . The sharp pain burned in his shoulder leaving Damion whimpering on the ground unable to walk. Damion looked back to see and arrow embedded in his leg but this wasn’t an ordinary arrow, the tip seemed to be different, suddenly it dawned on the beast Damion, it was silver. Damion cried out in severe pain as he yanked the arrow out but this time was different, droplets of blood hurled to the ground soaking the dusty ground. The injury was severe and was looking unlikely to heal, however he sucked up the pain and let the beast inside rage out like a daemon inside. He let out a piercing howl that echoed in the sky, people from Alexadranite gasped and started to quiver. Now they needed to be scared, Damion was no longer there, the beast had be let out. Damion rushed through the nearest building hurling himself through into the crowd, thrusting his claws through the walls. The people screamed and tried to run but Damion was to strong and fast, he sent his gnarled claws thrusting through people, ripping them to shreds leaving nothing but there massacred bodies behind. Blood soaked the ground as Damion continued slashing people’s chests and limbs clean off. Suddenly a spear was jab through his leg sending him tumbling, Damion pulled this spear out and turned to face his attacker. A 6 ft 9 man stood up to Damion practically standing face to face to the 9ft 8 beast. The man had rippling muscles and a huge steel wielded axe to accompany his strength. Damion snarled and bared his bloodied teeth as the man pulled back his axe for a swing. But Damion was to quick and grasped hold of the axe but struggling to keep hold of it. The man was strong his muscles pulsed as he added more strength to swing the axe into Damion. Damion lost his grip but narrowly dodged the massive axe, and with that the man pulled back for another swing. Everyone around had fled from this battle just leaving the two superhuman strengthed foes on the bloodied street. The man swung the axe again with even greater force however again he grasped hold of the axe but this time obviously struggling. Damion knew if this man kept hold of this axe he would surely win in the end. The injured shoulder really hampered Damion’s performance in this battle. He was starting to feel too much pain. The beast inside him acted fast and used every inch of power pulling the axe out of his grasp throwing the axe backwards hurling into the building behind. The axe head got jammed into the building hold up. It had become a hand to claw battle, the man took this chance and jumped on Damions back disabling him making him unable to free himself the injured should really acting on an inconvenience to him. He tried to free himself but the man continued to disable beast Damion. There was only one option for him, he was being chocked, Damion stood strong and back into the nearest building injuring the back of the man making him let go. The man crumpled to the ground feeling the unbearable pain. Damion saw his chance and attempted a slice at the man’s chest. However this chance eluded him as the man grasped hold of Damions wrist and twisting him to the ground. Damion was now on his back pinned by the disabled use of his arm, he couldn’t move. He dealt a successful blow to the beast’s face with a skull crushing blow leaving him disorientated. He let go of Damion leaving him lying confused and pulled his axe out of the wall and turned back to face him. The man pulled the axe right over the top of his head and aimed for Damions heart. Damion slowly regained his consciousness seeing the man holding this massive axe. Damion acted quickly as the axe came down was sheer force, he swiped his claws against the axe head knocking it to the side the man stumbled letting go of the axe as Damion pounced up pinning him to the floor almost sticking his claws into him but being help back once more, Damion knew of the only other option, he went in for a bone breaking bite on his neck but was blocked once again as he held one hand on both the bottom and top jaw. The man twisted his jaw sounding a loud crunch of the bones that echoed the streets. Locals stopped to hear a gentle whining and returned to the battle. Damion lay badly injured on the floor as the man stood victorious holding his axe up for all the villagers to see. They cheered his name loudly,

“Silas! Silas! Silas!” they all cheered his name echoing. They started to walk away feeling the victory in their hands, however its victory was not long lasting.

A loud crunch stirred terror back into the villagers the turned to see Damion standing tall drooling blood through his blood stained teeth. He growled as steam left his mouth, his nose moist with blood dripping down. His growl became a vicious snarl as his teeth bared, he let out an ear drum piercing howl looking to the sky and thrusting his huge pecks thrusting forwards and his lungs emptying of air. Silas turned to see him standing,

“I’m going to send you back to hell beast” Damion responded with a extremely vicious sounding snarl. Silas ran roaring towards Damion, Damion stood still defending his ground claws ready to stab into Silas’s neck. Silas swung his axe forwards attempting to hit Damion but his pure strength was weak compred to the hellish beast inside Damion. He growl horribly and grasped the axe with both hands and lifting Silas into the air and behind him still holding the axe. He crashed painfully into a wall going straight through. The wall collapsed on top of Silas leaving him led in the rubble. However Damion knew this wasn’t it, he could feel the blood pumping through his heart and the scent of blood began to send him into a frenzy. Silas stood up in the rubble clearly injured as Damion rushed at great speed towards him. He was too injusred to pick up his axe, he knew it was over but he wasn’t going to laeave without a fight. Silas cleared a powerful right punch into Damions chest slightly winding him but the beast inside ignored it and slashed his claws through the muscle in his arm. He cleared a weak left handed punch into his chest and left no affect on Damion. Silas stood watching Damion eying the injured Silas. Silas Chuckled weakly,

“Why do you not just finish me beast” he stopped and coughed blood up leaving it dribbling from his lips, “Are you really even a beast, maybe the man inside is just too weak” he chuckled again but leading to a cough. “ Your weak inside, WEAK!” Damion snarled deeply in response,

“Come on do it I know what you want” he stumbled but stood up slowly again, “You want the sweet blood flowing through my veins, you want my heart” he stared Damion deep into the eyes “So come on, do it! Do it your weak monster! Your weak! Show me the beast!” Damion took a step back “Show me!” Damion took another “Now you weakling! Finish what you started” Damion snarled “Do it! NOW!” Damion reacted in a frenzy his pupils contracted and he let out a nasty snarl again thrusting forward and biting Silas on the neck. Blood spurted out onto the ground soaking it red the sickly sweet taste hit his tongue. Damion shook his head tearing the skin in a jagged gash, he let go and Silas fell to his knees.  Damion slashed his claws through his chest and lurched in and tore his heart clean out and swiftly swallowed it whole. He let out a long howl flinging his head upwards splattering blood in the rubble. He lowered his head to see the streets empty.

The scent, it hit him once again, his mission the scent that stirred this  frenzy hit him, he took the scent strongly in, and got on all fours running into the ally to his right jumping on the barrels to get through the narrow ally. He must find this scent.    

The wound on his shoulder hindered his performance, but he knew he wouldn’t let a stupid mistake happen again. Damion ran through the dark alley avoiding all contact to the people, there were too many e knew if he faced another foe like Silas he wouldn’t stand a chance. The alley was littered with barrels all over the place, all filled with what smelled to Damion as rum.

The scent was getting stronger, he was getting very close until he stopped suddenly, the scent was here, and Damion looked up to the house beside him. It was here, Damion thought cautiously, he didn’t know what to expect but the scent was sickly sweet and the beast took control. Damion frenzied and jumped onto the window completely destroying the frame and waking the person in the bed, it was Ava, the scent he followed it was Ava’s. Ava screamed in her bed,

“Father!” she yelled “Help me please” she quivered under the bed covers “Please Father it’s a monster!” she began to cry, the smell of the salt in her tears appealed to Damion making him want to enjoy this feast even more. Damion growled at her showing his set of bloodied teeth, he dug his feet in ready for a strike. With that Damion attacked and launched forwards at Ava but to no avail, Ava jumped out of the way and ran to the door flailing it open hitting Damion in the cheek. He shook his head and snarled; he started after her, chasing her down the stairs skipping most of them. Ava stopped she couldn’t believe it, the beast beat her to the bottom. She stared at Damion and quivered her whole body shook violently; she knew this was the end. Damion took a step forwards but his huge paws just fell through the step, he tried again but the same happened, he was too heavy to go back up the stairs. Ava saw this a ran back up the stairs screaming,

“Father Help! Please help, where are you?” Damion snarled and tried to attempt the stairs but the beast inside couldn’t register this. Suddenly he stopped, a noise in the house stirred him, but this wasn’t upstairs, it was down. A lock clicked behind him, Damion turned to see a sword pointing at him, and the person holding the sword was a threat. He was big, very big, not Silas big but big nonetheless. Damion knew if he fought him he’d surely get injured, this guy had big muscles. Damion tried to back off but the stairs hindered this. He was stuck, unless…….. He had to fight. The guy made the first move and swung the sword attempting to hit him but Damion leaned backwards as the sword narrowly missed him. Damion made the next and swung back tearing his arm muscle, he dropped the sword. The metal sounded loudly as it hit the floor Damion was taking no chances and swiftly slashed his claws through his chest instantly killing the man. His ears perked hearing the sounds upstairs. Ava was moving and Damion wanted her sweet blood. Damion knew he could get upstairs so he’d bring her down to him, the beast Damion thrashed at the beams cracking the wood and weakening the ceiling until suddenly the ceiling came crashing through. However the beast forgot about furniture and Damion was crushed down by a large wooden cabinet crippling him to the floor; Ava was injured but ran for the front door to the streets. Damion shook of the cabinet and crashed through the wall after her. Ava yelled at the top of her voice,

“Help! Help!” a couple of old villagers heard this girls cry and opened there door to the shack to hide her, but as she reached the door, Damion grasped her in his mouth and held her tight on the stomach. Ava cried what seemed to be tears of blood as Damion shook her, and carried her away. She was surely dead. Damion carried her across the streets trying to avoid villagers who could pose a threat but still to no avail, the villagers fought with all their might to save poor Ava. Damion passed by the villagers leaving a bloody massacre behind and finally reached the safe haven, his room at Ravens Inn. Damion grasped Ava and bit into her chest tearing out her heart and chewed away leaving red spatters all over the floor. He then tore her limbs to pieces in a frenzy of blood throwing them around in a victorious fashion. Damion felt tired though, he weakened and weakened. Damion led down on the bed staring to splinter the wood, but his weight began to diminish his eyes grew weary ending the nights bloody encounter.




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Interesting. It moved really fast in this chapter, and there was more telling than showing. "Damion did this, Damion did that." It kind of tore away from the chapter, but I like the action.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Woah. Did not see ANY of that coming. Damion the werewolf kills Ava! What is this beautiful gorey massacre I just read! Love it!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Katherine R.

4 Years Ago

I love reading about intense gore. Don't judge...

Twists are my favorite thing in a sto.. read more

4 Years Ago

Haha I wouldn't judge intense gore can be great :) I won't ruin anything, but if you love gore there.. read more
Katherine R.

4 Years Ago

Lol, I can't wait!
A very strong chapter. I like the battle. I like the details and description of the battle. I like the thoughts of Damion in this chapter. Made the reader feel his fear and energy. Thank you for a excellent chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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