Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 5


Damion was awakened once more, to the sound of his cell being opened, it was guard again,

“Are you ready Damion?” Damion waited a few moments before answering,

“No, but I suppose I do not really have a choice do I?” the guard chuckled

“No, not really” he walked over to Damion and helped him to his feet, “It’s time to go” Damion sighed and willingly let the guard lead him. Damion finally got a glimpse of the rest of the cell, the walls around were covered with sickly green moss. Water droplets fell around him making small puddles all around the room, it was almost like he was underground or something, but that wasn’t possible. The walked slowly, no light showed at the end except for the shimmer of the sun setting. The amber glow reminded Damion of the attack, the roar of the flames ripping through the buildings, but he also knew that wasn’t the only thing ripping through. The caramel texture of the sky yet again, so beautiful, that canvas the empty canvas,

“How I wish I could paint my thoughts in the sky” the guard let out,


“Oh sorry forget I said anything”

“No please, what was that?”

“Well honestly, I’m a secret poet I would call myself”

“Really?” Damion smiled “Listen ummm?”

“Oh sorry, it’s um, Isra”

“Well Isra I’m going to die in the next hour so please recite me something”

“No i shouldn’t” he said looking a little embarrassed,

“Please Isra” he smiled looking him in his blue eyes. Isra stopped and smiled,

“The darkness that holds us all, is not that of which is most powerful, Do we have power, or is light the only one to save us all, no saviour you’d think. Only light as a saviour, but the sky, oh so blue that sun of light, and its brother moon, oh how I wish I could paint my thoughts in the sky, it would be beautiful, the blue the oh so blue becomes lighter, freedom is nigh, death no more, to see the outside light is a friend of all of us, we just need to find him”

“That was beautiful Isra, thank you, I can now die knowing I have met a truly expert poet” Damion beamed a smiled at Isra. Isra looked back to Damion and simply just laughed,

“Come on young sir, we will be late” Damion did not reply but did nod in response instead. Damion and Isra walked quickly picking up the pace a little, it was getting dark as the sky began to dull, and dust that could be seen as they scuffed their feet was no longer to notice of them. The statue was in view, it was a truly great figure, however something about it was odd, the sword was not stone, but was silver, and the figure stood on the stone werewolf holding the sword up in victory of his kill. Could the sword be real? Damion was placed in front of the statue and big metal iron chains were tied around his wrist and waist to the statue. Damion could see Raven standing readying his arrow to shoot straight through into Damion’s chest. He saw Raven mouth in sorry lad to him and nodded in acceptance to him. A crowd had gathered to see Damion’s very certain death and held there torches high shouting at him,

“How dare you come to our village you beast”

“You deserve to die before you kill others”

“You killed that poor defenceless girl! Go to hell you monster” Damion looked out to the crowd as they yelled at him.

“Silence all of you!” boomed a voice above all others, “Yes the boy supposedly killed that girl and many others, but justice will be soon served” the crowd cheered loudly in agreement. An old man appeared from behind the statue, his face extremely pale and white. His linens were posh and obviously specially made only for him, it was velvet green with gold trimmings all around the sleeves and bottom.

“Now in a few minutes, we will see what he really is inside, we’ll see, what he is hiding from the world” the moon peered over the hilltops and Damion felt the very familiar pain, he began to groan.

“Ah all of you see as this boy is now to become…….a monster” he boomed loudly. Damion roared out in pain as the moon became fully viable and he began to change. His face elongated, hands and feet became paws with demonic claws, fangs showed and silver fur grew out of his skin. He began taller and muscly and as this happened, the chains became tighter making it very painful and began to dig in to his skin, rubbing the fur. His chest was fully exposed for that arrow to penetrate his heart.

“See the beast! See him in pain! Beautiful beautiful pain! Now Raven my dear friend Shoot that arrow into that beasts heart, make him feel the pain we all felt last night” the crowd cheered as Raven pulled back his bow and took aim, a tear left Ravens eye. He saw the struggle, the fight between man and beast fighting inside Damion.

“Now Raven! Now!” shouted the old man, Raven stopped and took aim once more, the arrow left his bow with extreme force only to miss Damion altogether and hit the chains holding Damion’s right paw hard, merely leaving a scratch. “Raven you incompetent old fool, I said shoot the beast, NOW”

Raven took aim once again, and readied the arrow, he took aim once more and released the arrow hitting the chain holding Damion’s left paw leaving again a small scratch.

“Forget it old man I’ll do it myself” the old man jumped down pushing Raven to the floor leaving his face in the dust, coughing. Damion continued to struggle with the chains. The old man was now aiming at Damion,

“Time to send you to hell” Damion struggled violently as the old man realised the arrow straight towards him, Damion pulled now hard as the scratches now became a hole, tearing the chains off the statue and dodging the arrow narrowly,

“No, it cannot be, it cannot” Damion growled as the old man again readied and arrow and fire soon again but missing Damion completely. Damion now tore his claws through the chains around his waist and jumped onto the statue letting out a hellish roar deafening the villagers. They ran screaming but Damion had but one target, the old man. Damion launched down onto the old man, however landed in the old man’s hands and was thrown across the clearing into the statue. This old man was strong, very strong, but how could that be. Damion launched again at him but again the old man grabbed hold of his paw and threw him backwards hitting the dusty floor hard. He shook off to see the old man running towards him landing a left hook straight into Damion’s jaw sending him launching in the air backwards again hitting the floor. Damion began to stand but was soon back onto the floor thanks to a right hook in the chest. Damion lay there helpless and hurt. The old man stood above Damion and leant down to his face,

“I know what you are and where you’ve come from” Damion growled but was silenced due to a right hook once again, the old man moved closer to Damion’s ear and whispered, “Do not mess with my race, you will be killed” he stood up and readied himself to land a fatal blow to him so he could then shoot an arrow down into him. He began to thrust his fist down but was stopped as an arrow appeared through his stomach. He fell forwards, but stood again, soon to pull the arrow back out. He turned to face Raven and walked forwards to him bleeding violently but showing no pain. He stopped at Raven and wrapped his hand around his neck lifting him up off the ground,

“How dare you old man, how DARE you oppose your superior” anger flared in his eyes as he threw him powerfully at the statue hearing his back crack against the hard stone. Raven groaned in sheer pain, crippling him to the ground. Damion reacted to this and stood strong launching himself at the old man sending him hurling across the clearing against the statue. The statue crumbled as the old man hit the hard cold stone sending the statue crashing to the floor. Damion jumped up snarling viciously at the old man and landing on him readying his largest claw to thrust into his neck. The old man stared Damion deep into his beast eyes and Damion started back neither moving a single muscle.

“Did you not hear me you vile creature!” shouted the old man, he claimed his hand onto Damion’s leg, “Do not, mess with my race!” he yelled at him flinging Damion to the side however he was ready and landed on his four feet snarling back at him ready for battle. The old man stood to his feet and brushed the dirt and rubble off his clothes showing no sign of injury at all. Damion circled him keeping his eyes focused on his at all times, never looking away. The old man struck first, he rushed forwards at superhuman speed, his arm readied to land a blow into Damion. Damion struck the old man’s arm as he closed in and threw him to the floor. He stood and landed a blow on Damion’s jaw clicking it out of place and knocking him down to the floor. The old man pulled out a dagger looking down at Damion and struck down at him thrusting powerfully down at him. Suddenly he choked, blood streamed from his mouth down onto Damion staining his silver fur with red liquor, the smell so appealing to Damion. Pain shot all through the old man, still coughing up blood. The old man, turned to see Raven holding the bow, he had shot an arrow through the old man,

“Not today Hirum, you shall not kill another innocent boy”, Hirum still choked still losing blood. All of a sudden, he shook of the shock and stood tall once more turning around full, his eyes glowed red with anger. He pulled out the arrow embedded in his lung sending blood spurting across the bloodied floor. His eyes flared with pure anger, his faced was scrunched up showing a hideous snarl.

“You dare oppose your superior?” he said curling up his fists,

“Yes, I do” said Raven standing boldly. Hirum chuckled softly,

“Then you will die” he yelled out. The sky flashed with lightening hitting the ground around them, plucking dirt out of the ground with sheer force. Raven looked fearful and pulled a bow out of his quiver shaking. He loaded the arrow and fired it at Hirum. Hirum chuckled to himself; his hand became a blur as he caught the arrow in his hand, the tip only inches away from his face. A menacing smile spread across his face and swiftly threw the arrow to the side,

“Surely old man, you can do better than that,” his voice became demonic, and soon flashes of blue and purple filled the sky further and bolted around them, dirt was pulled from the ground covering them in a flurry of dust. The twosome became barely visible to each other as another arrow cleared through the dust swiftly but became a useless weapon as it did so. Hirum dodged this time, and roared laughter so menacing it would cast fear into the most fearsome of beast. Hirum became nothing but a shadow in the dust and his figure became nothing but blurred has he rushed around in the dust. Raven couldn’t keep up, he was everywhere but nowhere to him, he pulled out a small dagger and stood guarded. He soon heard a whisper in his ear,

“Are you ready to die” a small evil voice whispered, he turned to stab Hirum behind him but was nowhere to be seen, his eyes widened and began to water as dust got lodged in his eyes. “How does it feel to stand up to the most powerful race alive?” questioned Hirum,

“Where are you, you coward” yelled Raven as he choked on dust. He coughed violently.

“Coward?” Me?” Hirum roared with laughter, “I am no coward”

“Then fight me” yelled Raven straining his voice,

“My pleasure” Hirum came rushing out of the dust from Ravens right landing a punch on the cheek knocking Raven to the side against a building. He was stunned but stood once more to fight of Hirum, but soon was sent flying to the left back across the clearing,

“Give up yet?”

“Never!” he stood and just as Hirum came out of the dust, Raven thrusted the dagger into his heart. Hirum coughed and stumbled back into the dust slowly a fell to his knees. Soon he began to laugh and the dagger came into Ravens view as it as it thrown in front of him. His eyes widened once more as he stood to see Hirum gone. Raven bent down and grasped the dagger hard and looked all around him waiting for Hirum to strike but, nothing. To his shock a bolt of lightning pummelled out of the sky and landed right beside him tearing a stone out of the ground piercing Ravens left eye.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh” Raven yelled in sheer pain, blood streamed down his face onto the dirt below him.

“How does it feel, knowing that your seconds from death old man?” Hirum questioned. Out of nowhere a spinning kick knocked Raven to the ground; he looked up seeing only a blurred figure. “This will teach you to oppose your superiors” Hirum kneeled down and pulled his arm back revealing large daemon claws. However, Hirum suddenly cried out in pain as blood was gushing from his neck. Damion was found with his teeth gripped tightly into Hirum’s neck tugging violently. Hirum fell back fitting as Damion stabbed his bloodied claws deep into his gut. Damion pulled back and stumbled onto the ground panting heavily. As he done so lightning bolted down in a flash of purple and struck Hirum. His body charred and all that could be seen was a body charged with lightning, some which could be seen every so often coursing over him.

Damion squirmed in pain until he was Damion again once more. He clambered to his feet and rushed to Raven placing his hands on his body. He studied him to see his eye pierced, bruises all over and cuts and minor wounds.

“Raven, Raven!” he cried, Raven replied with a soft groan “Oh god, I’ve got to get you help sir” as Damion turned Raven clamped his hand on his arm,

“No” he croaked “Run, the villagers will come for you as soon as the dust clears” he coughed


“No, run” Damion stared concernedly “Now” Damion smile softly,

“Thank you for everything I won’t forget you sir” he ripped a piece of his clothing and wrapped it around the injured eye. He placed his hand in Ravens “Ill repay you one day sir, you can count on it”

“Aye, I know ye will lad, now go. Go before they come” Damion nodded and clambered up and began to run out through the dust trying desperately to reach the main trading road. He rushed through the streets trying desperately to hide his face so no-one would recognise him. He slowed down as he came up to people so not to look suspicious, he looked down into the wet ground; it had begun to rain as the storm became more violent. Lightning had spread further and was beginning to flash bolts to the ground in a much further area. Damion was fearful that he would be hit.



© 2011 Forgotten

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Interesting. Once again, it moves a bit faster, and I would have had him take Raven with him. I feel bad for the poor old man. The only friend Damion had. :(

Posted 4 Years Ago

A excellent chapter. The description made this story come alive in a vision. I like the way he escaped and he fought the old man. No weakness in the chapter. The story getting stronger and you are adding to the mystery. Thank you for a excellent chapter.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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