Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 12



A loud crack echoed in the darkness, the trees around however dulled the noise and stopped it from travelling. Alastair groaned in pain as his back realigned itself.

“Stupid boy” he muttered to himself, “I’m going to kill him this time”. He sat up his back still clicking into place. He stood to see a tree that had fallen, the base was still anchored into the ground but the top had been snapped off. Alastair clenched his fists in ager and roared out. “That’s it that kid is dead” Alastair looked into the cave and began to limp in.


“So Damion are you ready?” Firus asked. Damion growled at him as if to agree.  “I’ll take that as a yes then” Firus smirked “Rose, count us down my dear” Rose nodded.

“Ok sir” Damion gripped his feet into the floor whilst Firus stood looking rather confident. “Three” Damion snarled to intimidate Firus and succeeded, as Firus jump and laughed. “Two” Firus’s hands began to glow and brilliantly black aura. “One” Damion’s muscles tensed as did Firus’s. “Fight!” Damion launched up with extreme speed and grappled onto a column using it to jump higher into the chapel.

“No you don’t Damion” screamed Firus. He jumped up after him using the same path Damion used. As Firus reached the balcony above, Damion was nowhere to be seen. A lone bell was stationed on the balcony. Firus walked cautiously past the bell and looked past to the window but again Damion seemed not to be there. The bell chimed behind him quietly, Firus waited a second to hear a second. It chimed again and Firus grinned. “Oh I wonder where you are Damion” he walked increasingly quickly up to the bell. “Could you be here!” Fius had lifted the bell and as he did a small Typhone bird flew out at his face startling him. “Argh Damn bird!” he waved his hands getting the bird out of his face but was suddenly launched off the balcony onto the main floor. He groaned and clicked his neck looking around. Damion sat perched on the edge of the balcony snarling. Firus climbed to his feet quickly but was launched yet again across the room hitting the wall with force, the stone crack and debris like dust fell down onto him. Firus stood quickly but yet again was thrown across fitting his face on the balcony edge causing him to do a backflip and landed awkwardly. “Argh, your fast. But fast is useless if you’re not tough!”  Firus climbed up to his feet to see Damion leaping at him, as he got closer he grasped hold of his paw, spun and threw him across the room but Damion managed to land it. He stood and roared at Firus. Firus ran at superhuman speed and landed a right hook into Damion face knocking him to the ground. Without hesitation he grabbed hold of Damion, through him up into the air and jumped himself kicking Damion across the room towards the lone bell. However Damion was too quick and used the balcony as a floor and landed his feet. He jumped back at Firus and slashed his chest causing him to bleed. The blood began to soak into his white shirt and spread. Firus groaned and looked at Damion who was waiting patiently for his next move. Firus smiled at him as his wounds healed up, “I think it’s time to show you my power don’t you Damion?” Damion roared back in agreement, “As you wish” Firus became and blur and suddenly appeared in front of Damion and grabbed him. He threw him towards the chapel doors yet caught him before he hit. Firus threw Damion up hitting the ceiling hard, but as he did so Firus’s hands began to glow and a dark hole opened up below him. Damion fell down to Firus and as he caught him both fell through the hole creating a small. Rose watched as the black hole began to levitate above the ground and became a large orb. It stopped and held itself up a few inches above the ground.


Everything was black; there was no scenery, no nothing. In each direction was nothing but darkness. Damion looked down to his hands to find he was human.

“What? I’m…Human again?” Firus chuckled at him,

“We are both human here, I still have control of this world, but I too am human” Damion looked around puzzled,

“Where are we?”

“We are in a cleansing orb, a power I gained when I was given Rose’s soul”

“So when Rose gets her soul back she will be able to do this?” Damion asked.

“Yes and much much more” Firus look into Damion’s eyes. “I will not fight you here Damion” Damion’s eyes widened in shock,

“Why not Firus?” Damion inquired.

“Because I see the love between you two, I want to give her soul back, but if he sees I just gave it to her, he’ll kill me, he’ll kill you and he’ll kill Rose too”, Damion looked confused.

“Who is he?”

“There is a force higher than me, much higher. I am but only Vampire Lord. He is stronger than I’ll ever be, he is a Vampire Overlord” Damion still looked puzzled,

“But Firus you didn’t answer my question, who is he?” Firus walked to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You will find out in due time Damion, all in due time”

“I’ve been told this so many times that I’ll trust you Firus”

“Thank you boy, now I’m sure Rose is wondering who the winner is, let’s surprise her let me place a seal on your werewolf side first though”

“Yes Sir!” both of them laughed and Firus began to delete the void he had created. 


Rose sat on the one of the beaches closet to the back waiting impatiently and nervously. Her attention was drawn to the orb when it started to move again but declined to the floor this time. The hole appeared and Damion appeared carrying Firus smiling. Rose’s face lit up but soon became breathless but didn’t care.

“Well I won Rose you get your soul back” she smiled hugely at him and hugged him causing him to drop Firus. “Sorry Firus”

“Ah, no worries. You’re a tough a boy, just promise you’ll keep this girl safe, and well vice versa for you Rose”.

“We will” Rose answered for both of them. Firus smiled and climbed to his feet.

“Ok you’re getting a bit breathless Rose let’s get this soul back in you, stand on the gold circle” Rose followed Firus and stood upon the gold circle. Firus stood just behind the font and pulled a knife from his coat. “I Firus Runa give this girl Rose Otra her soul” Firus cut his wrist and a drop of blood fell into the font causing the water to turn a dark red. “Now soul of Rose Otra. Arise from my blood and give this girl her life back” his voice echoed around the room, a bright light flashed from the font and in turn the gold circle opened up and caused Rose to levitate. A light emanated from hole in the ground. Her hair whipped around her and her dress rippled. A small orb appeared above the font, shining red like a rose. Firus blew the orb gently causing it to fly towards Rose and entered her chest. A sharp white light exploded form her chest and the carvings and runes on the walls and floor glowed an aqua blue lighting the whole chapel. Behind suddenly the chapel doors were forced open and Alastair emerged from the outside.

“What the devil is going on in here?!” shouted Alastair, Damion pushed him away as he began to try to walk to Rose.

“I won Rose her soul back, no thanks to you” Alastair’s eyes widened in horror,

“You fool!” Alastair punched Damion in the face knocking him to the ground, “The family will lose its immortality you idiot!”. The ceremony was over and Rose looked behind her to see Alastair punching Damion.

“Alastair, leave him alone!” He looked towards Rose and snarled,

“You?!” he marched up to her and slapped her knocking her to the floor “You stupid little brat! How dare you cause our family its immortality! How dare you?!” Alastair kicked her in the chest and pulled out a sword, from his sheath. “You stole this didn’t you from the closet at home?” Rose lay silent and tried to climb up to her feet, “Didn’t you!” he shouted and hit her in the back with the sword handle. “I’ll kill you Rose, I will have immortality” Alastair raised up his sword “I will have power!” he swung the sword down but was pushed forwards missing her. He turned to see Damion stood behind him. “You, you’re the problem” a tear well up in anger, “I’ll kill you first!” he yelled out swinging the sword around at him missing him by a centimetre. Damion stepped back avoiding the sword being swung at him.

“Alastair, get out of my chapel!” Firus’s voice boomed across the room.

“Shut up Firus! This isn’t your battle” Firus appeared in front of Alastair defending Damion.

“This is my chapel, and any problem caused in here, becomes my problem, now get out before I kill you!”

“You can’t kill me Firus, your boss wouldn’t like it would he?” Alastair laughed demonically, but choked all of a sudden. A sharp pain appeared in his chest. He turned to see Rose behind him.

“Firus may not be able to kill you, but I can!” Alastair reached around his back to feel a knife handle hanging out of his back. He fell to his knees.

“But how, you was unarmed” he said choking on each word,

“I used the knife by the font, you’ve gone too far. It was time to end you”

“But, bu-” Alastair fell to the floor with force and his heart and pulse stopped.

“It’s finished” Firus said mournfully, “I’m sorry for your loss” he placed his hand upon her shoulder but carried on walking past to sit in his chair.

“Hey, Firus!” Damion shouted to him, he looked up towards Damion sadly. “Thank you” he smiled at him and nodded.

“Oh my god, Damion I have my emotions back!” she yelled happily, “I have my soul back” she jumped up and down happily hugging Damion.  Damion smiled and giggled.

“Yes you do, but Rose where are we going to go?” Rose looked at him, and also had suddenly realised the problem. “We can’t go back to Hydros, everyone will sense something’s up”

“I know where you could go” Firus said finally.

“Really where?” they both said at the same time.

“If you can make it to the Wall of Ralis, tell the gatekeeper Firus sent you and to give you the key to my shack in the Market District. It'll give you somewhere to stay for a while until you can get onto your feet” Damion smiled at Firus and smiled at Rose too.

“Thank you Firus, again”

“No problem, now go, get to the wall” They both without thinking left and started out to the forest again.

Firus sighed and placed his hand over his face.

“Sir?” a female voice appeared form behind him, “Are you ok?”

“Such a good kid, he doesn’t know the trouble he’s going to have”

“Should I follow and keep him safe?” she asked,

“No, no you’ll get to be with him in due time, all in due time”

“Yes sir” he sighed once again.

“Oh dear boy, I hope you’ll be ready when it comes”




It had been a long night, I got Rose’s soul back, she killed her father and I made a new friend in Firus. But all this could not prepare me for what was ahead.


“Wow we must have been in there for ages, the sun is coming up” Rose said smiling enjoying the sun.

“We was Rose but do remember it must have been late when we went in there” Rose looked up thinking and laughed,

“Very true” Rose looked at Damion and smiled,

The forest around this area was different during the morning. The morning dew was dripping of the trees and even the spider webs looked like spun silver. The grassy floor sparkled in the morning sun and the amber sky was turning more to blue every minute. The sound of birdsong was carried on the gentle warm breeze. Rose jumped onto Damion’s back causing him to fall to the ground, they both laughed at each until they looked into each other’s eyes. Rose blushed as Damion kissed her. They smiled and stood up setting off again to Ralis.

“So Rose, do you have any idea how far away Ralis is?”

“Well?” Rose thought about it for a few seconds, “I’m not sure, a few days maybe?” Damion groaned,

“A lot of walking then” Rose giggled,

“Indeed, but hey, we are armed. So we should be good don’t you think?”

“I’m with you, that’s all I need” He said smiling at her,

“Oh” she blushed and looked down smiling.  


The day was progressing, the sun beamed down from above. It really was daytime now, the heat smouldered the twosome and caused them to sweat uncontrollably. Birds whistled in the sky and many were obviously enjoying the sun that now was out.

“We’ve been walking for hours” whined Damion, “could we not rest?” Rose pondered the thought and looked into Damion’s eyes.

“W-w-well” she stuttered “I guess we could for a little while. Damion smiled and hugged her tightly.

“Oh thank heavens I’m exhausted” he exclaimed. Damion heavily dropped himself to the soft ground; Rose giggled at him and jumped on his back hugging him. Damion was enjoying the new emotional Rose and also her immaturity that was coming with it. Damion sat up and leant back against a tree finding comfort amongst the mossy log. Rose looked at him lustfully blushing bright red. Damion looked back at her smiling awkwardly and giggling like a little boy.

“What you looking at Rose?” Damion said shyly. Rose looked away quickly and blushed brighter.

“Oh um it’s nothing” she said fiddling with her thumbs. Damion scratched the back of his head with nerves and laughed quietly. He slowly placed his hand on her cheek pulling her around to see him. Damion blushed and tenderly kissed her lips, Rose closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him pushing him to the floor. She finally pulled away slowly allowing Damion to look up into her eyes; she smiled at him gently and sat up straight. The twosome sat turned away from each other, both as nervous as the other. There was a tension forming in Damion, a tension which could only be loosened through the sexual lust he had for her. Rose felt it too, but was too shy to say anything.


Night was beginning to fall upon Damion and Rose, the unmistakable sound of Mirons were echoing the sky. Damion looked up into the sky wondering what had happened to the companion he had made earlier. Rose saw something was bothering him but thought not to ask as she was enjoying the comfort of being close to him. The darkness was creeping further each minute; Rose began to worry about the absence of a torch.

“Damion we need to stop for a second” she said placing her hand on his chest,

“Really?” he said tilting his head like a confused dog, “Why?”

“I want to place a seal on you again, you know to stop the”

“Werewolf” Damion interrupted, “I understand, please go ahead” Damion said understanding the situation. Rose placed her hand upon his heart and induced the seal; it felt different this time however. “Argh” Damion cringed in pain. Rose stopped and looked concernedly at him.

“Damion what’s wrong?” she trembled. The pain subsided and finally he could calm down.

“It’s nothing Rose, please don’t worry” he looked into her eys and convinced her.

“You sure?” she said having second thoughts.

“I’m sure” he smiled “I’m happy to have that seal on me again; it’s nice to feel human once in a while” he continued to smile. Even in amongst these tough times Damion seemed to smile more than he ever did when he was home. With the seal firmly placed on Damion the twosome proceeded further into the forest.


The moon was at its fullest peak of the night now, only the light from the moon gave them a vague sight of the way ahead. Rose was on edge however, she knew the danger of raptos at night and almost felt frightened of the thought of an attack. Damion showed no outer sign of worry but inside was terrified of the darkness, Damion had secured the sword from Alastair when he had died but still was in the thought process that he could not use it and had no previous knowledge of fighting. Bushes around them began to twitch and shake, the impending danger began to chill Damion and the fear was forced outwards. Rose looked up to Damion and saw his eyes losing focus on his surroundings.

“Damion, we need to get somewhere safe” Rose told him.

“No no I’m fine Rose honestly” he replied unconvincingly. Rose grabbed his arms and stopped him in his tracks.

“No Damion listen you are scared just like I am”

“But?” Damion tried to get a word in but couldn’t.

“But nothing!” Rose began to raise her voice, “You are scared just like me, now let’s use some common sense and get out of here” Damion sighed knowing he was defeated. However before Damion could reply a noise startled him, he reacted quickly pulling out his sword pointing in the sound of the direction. Damion pushed Rose behind him as she grabbed onto his waist holding tight.  The night became silent, no noise pierced the barrier. Damion loosened his muscles lowering his sword slowly.

“Well, I guess it was nothing” Damion shrugged and turned to Rose and hugged her, “Don’t worry we’re safe for now” Rose held on tightly enjoying his warm. “Come on, let’s g-“ Damion winced in pain and fell silent.

“Damion?” Rose let go and watch Damion fall to the floor, her eyes widened in the horror. An arrow had pierced his left shoulder; the blood began to stain the shirt he was wearing. “No Damion, no we’ve come too far!” she yelled at him, she began to shake him tears streaming down her face. “Nooo! Damion please!” tears fell on to Damion wetting his shirt.

“Quickly it came from over here!” a woman’s voice burst from the night and suddenly a group of people in drab clothing ran over pulling Rose away from Damion.

“No please!” she struggled and tried to escape their clutches, “Please help him, please” she yelled out at the group but all ignored her just pulling her away. They left Damion led down in the dirt.

© 2011 Forgotten

Author's Note

The book is nearly finished so tell me how you think it is so far please =D

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The story is outstanding. I like the situations you create for the story. I like the power of the young girl. No weakness in the tale. Just a powerful and interesting tale. Thank you for a excellent chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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