Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 13



The sun shone down onto the forest, the bright light stirred many an animal throughout the forest. The ground was hardening due to the constant heat. It was cloudy today and the blue sky was tarnished by white clouds. Damion groaned in discomfort as he awoke. He sat up and yelped in pain, he moved his hand along his shoulder to find an arrow piercing him.

“Argh God!” he yelled out. Blood stained the floor however it seemed to have stopped. Damion thought to himself ‘maybe if the seal is on me, I’m human to an extent’. He stood up wearily, his balance was unsteady and his head spun around. “Uh, stupid loss of blood” he slurred. He stood slowly wavering from left to right struggling to keep himself up. “Wait… Rose?” he spoke out hoping for a reply, “Damn it!” he yelled out punching the tree nearest to him. The force knocked him to the floor, the arrow twisted causing him great pain. “Argh!” he screamed out. “Why me!? Why is it always me right now?” he asked himself questions he could not answer. The heat was beginning to make him feel sick and queasy. A rustling came from the bushes next to him, Damion looked into the brush. His vision was blurred and distorted. A blurred figure came out and down onto him. “Are you here to kill me?” the figure did not reply, “Well come on do it, I’m weak, what’s the point anymore. Rose is gone, I’ve failed her” Damion began to cry; his tears fell to the floor and wetted his face. Suddenly the figure leant down and slapped him hard knocking him to the floor.  

“Do not give in to weakness you pathetic creature” a female voice said sternly to him.

“Bu-…I ca…it’s…impos…I…I” Damion mumbled and fell silent.


A warm breeze blew across Damion’s face, the sound of cloth waving in the wind emanated close to Damion. He awoke slowly, his vision started blurry. Above him was something white yet Damion could not make out what it was.

“Oh, your waking?” a female voice suddenly came from beside him. He turned his head slowly; his vision still had not corrected itself so the figure before him was still a blur. Damion began to sit up groaning at each movement.

“No, please do not move” she offered her hand to sit him back down but was slapped away feebly by Damion.

“Save your sympathy” the figure sat back beside him and began to hum an odd melody, yet Damion was sure he had heard it before somewhere. “Wait?” he spoke slurred, “I swear I remember?” Damion grasped his head in pain causing him to fall back down onto something soft below him. “Argh God, my he-” Damion passed out and began to fit.

“Oh no!” the female shouted out terrified, “What do I do?”   


“There there Damion, it’s time to sleep” A young Damion clenched hold of his bedsheets.

“But mummy, she going to get me” he said almost crying.

“Damion, it was only a nightmare” Damion didn’t looked convinced and struggled to calm down. Damion’s mother smiled and began to hum a sweet and gentle melody. Damion had heard this time and time before as his mother would calm him. She began to stroke his head and drew the shapes of runes with her fingers. He began to calm and finally drifted off to sleep. The room around them flashed white and became an empty space.

“What do I do?” a voice echoed around the now present Damion. “Damion shouted,

“Help me!” the room closed in on him and…nothing.


“What was that?” the woman moved closer.

“Help me” Damion mumbled. The woman helped him up and sat him up straight. Damion rubbed his eyes and soon his vision was once again perfect.

“Are you ok?” the woman asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah I think so” Damion turned to her and jumped back in shock. “Whoa! What are you?” The woman tilted her head in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Damion looked at the woman more carefully. She wore green drab clothing which had carefully gold stitched runes upon it. Her eyes were a green colour and her hair was a silvery white colour. However Damion was focusing on her pointed ears.

“The ears, what’s up with the ears?”  He pointed at her ears in which she in turn began to touch her ears.

“My ears?” she replied confused.

“Yes your ears why are they pointed?” she replied to him by giggling first,

“What have you never seen an Elf before?” Damion calmed his eyes and focused more on her speech.

“An elf? You’re an elf?” Damion sat and suddenly realised that the arrow was no longer present in his shoulder but was replaced by a leaf bandage. “Wait, did you help me?” the girl giggled at him again and smiled.

“Yes I did, my tribe teach us curing magic. We need it for when they attack” Damion suddenly looked confused.


“Hold on, let’s not get into that so early” she smiled at him “I’m Enelya, and you are?” Damion paused but replied,

“I’m Damion, nice to meet you Enelya” Damion looked around the small house wondering if all the elven houses looked like this.

“So, what were you doing out there? I mean I found you armed with a sword, are you a knight or something?” Damion looked at her trying to think of an answer for all her questions.

“No far from it, I was trying to get to Ralis with Rose and the sword was stolen from her father” Enelya looked at Damion seeming confused.

“Rose? Who’s Rose?” Damion suddenly drew back in to the bigger picture.

“Rose was the girl I was travelling with, a group of people took her away, the same group who shot me with the arrow I would think” Damion thumped the ground, “Just when I saved her, I lose her. I’m pathetic! I can’t even use that stupid sword!” Damion stood and stormed out of the house.

“Damion wait come back for not well enough” Enelya called after him.  She got up and ran started after him. Damion stood motionless looking at the elven village. He saw what seemed to him to be an average village; there was a blacksmith, a tavern, and even a healing chapel. The only difference Damion saw was that houses were smaller. Enelya grabbed hold of Damion’s arm. “Damion come, get some rest. You need it” Damion looked to her and nodded and began to enter the house again.

“So this is the young man that my daughter has brought back” a males voice startled Damion.

“Yes father this is Damion” Damion turned to see a large elven male standing 6 foot 2.

“Damion you say, well lad welcome to our humble village, I’m sure we can look after you until you’re ready to leave” Damion nodded at Enelya’s father.

“Thank you sir” he replied.

“Don’t mention it lad, just make yourself comfortable, you’re staying in our spare house, it hasn’t been occupied for years so don’t worry about your stay here”

“Again thank you” he smiled at Damion,

“Such a polite young man” he reached out his hand to shake Damion’s “The names Roydan” Damion reached out and shook his hand,

“Nice to meet you” Damion said shyly.

“Say I noticed a pretty impressive sword with you when my daughter brought you in” Damion raised an eyebrow; “Do you know how to use it?” Damsion shook his head.

“No sir I do not” Roydan paused and looked closely examined Damion.

“You’re a fine young man Damion, what say you attend our military divisions training programme, I’m sure they can help you out” Damion really began to look confused.

“Pardon me for asking, but what does a small village like this need a military division for?” Roydon looked at him surprised by the comment.

“Well we have had a brutal past, your race doesn’t enjoy ours company and tried to destroy us, I’m sure you have heard rumours like that before”

“Yeah I’ve heard rumours” Roydon calmed his fave and placed a hand on Damion.

“Listen to me lad, it’s getting dark, get some rest tonight, my daughter will wake you and take you to training, she attends too” Damion looked from both Roydon and Enelya and nodded in agreement. He did not respond and sulked slowly into the small house and curled up under the covers.






It all seemed so hopeless for me now. Rose was gone and I was stranded in a small elf village without a clue of where I was, Things seemed lost but nothing would have help me more if I didn’t end up here.  

© 2011 Forgotten

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A very good chapter. I like the help Damion received. I had to do a re-read to catch up with this entertaining story. A peaceful chapter compare to the rest. Thank you for outstanding chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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