Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 16



Everyone in the village had gathered around the new elven grave. The night was drawing near, the sky painted the ground amber. A sad melody was being played by a band of ten elves, seven women and three men. The gentle tune brought tears to all even including Damion. Enelya hugged Damion to sad to look at the grave. Her eyes were red and sore, the salt in her tears began to sting. Damion wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her forehead in an attempt to comfort her.         It was a valiant attempt however it did not work. Idril stood just behind the grave; she held a small white flower with a sweet aroma. She placed it upon the grave and stood in front ready to make a speech. She raised her hand and all quietened. She cleared her throat and wiped away the tears.

“I welcome you all to witness a sad time. The memories of our friends will remain with us forever and into the next life” a small applaud came from the crowd. “A moment silence in memory of our friends” agreeing mutters came from the crowd. All held their hands together and looked to the ground keeping the silence. It lasted what seemed forever yet the silence was calming as the gentle breeze slipped in between each person.

“The silence is over, I would like to ask you all to meet me at the tavern tomorrow as early as possible, thank you all” Idril looked back to the grave and whispered “I’m sure I will see you all soon” a tear filled her left eye and glistened in the fading sunlight. She walked away heading back to the village.

“Enelya, please…go home with your father” Enelya looked up to Damion.


“Please, this is too much for you” Damion looked to Enelya’s father and nodded. He smiled and took Enelya away from the grave. The crowd began to disperse leaving only Damion stood looking upon the grave.

“I heard what you said Idril…I think I too will be meeting you all soon. I’m going to make sure of it” Damion turned to see Enelya’s father approaching him, he looked upset. “What is troubling you sir?”

“Oh you know, all of this. The death of our people”

“I understand” Damion said calmly.

“Now Damion, Enelya told me that your Mother was my wife, so…welcome to the family” he patted him on the back.

“Thank you” Damion replied happily.

“I had the bed from the shack moved to my house, your sleeping at ours tonight since you are family” he smiled at Damion.

“Again thank you”

“Come on then, let’s not dwell on this. Come let’s go home” Damion looked away from the grave and up to him.

“Yes Sir” They both walked away in sync as the sun was becoming no more.


They arrived at his home; the inside was oddly similar to his small shack yet bigger. It was still made with white stone; it was smooth to the touch. In the middle sat a small fire Enelya lay in her bed facing it and looking up to Damion as he entered. She smiled and he smiled back at her.

“Ok soon I will be putting the fire out, we need sleep for tomorrow, I get a feeling that we will be hard at work” Damion nodded.

“We will be Sir” Damion looked away and climbed into his bed.

“You’re a very mature young man Damion”

“I didn’t used to be, but in this life I have now…I have to be”

“That is true, but my son listen” Damion turned his head slightly to show he was listening. “You must have fun sometimes, you’ll become a soulless person if you don’t” he smiled and chuckled at him, “Remember that” Damion laughed quietly.

“I’ll never be able to forget it if I tried” Damion tucked himself in tightly into his bed and grew more fatigued by the minute. The gentle flicker of the fire could be seen in the corner of his eye and calmed him. Damion closed his eyes finally and attempted sleep enjoying the company of people again and the tranquillity that the village seemed to hold.


A sweet aroma seemed to swirl around in the small house. Damion’s senses became victim of the sweet smell and started to drool slightly. Damion awoke as the cold feel of his saliva startled him. He sat up and turned to Enelya’s father who was cooking. He laughed loudly at Damion waking Enelya up to.

“Well well, it seems someone likes the smell of my food”

“Indeed you may be right sir” Damion turned to see Enelya giggling too. She gestured that he should wipe his mouth by doing the movement herself. He smiled and did so.  Damion looked over and saw her father cutting bread yet it was different. The bread had small berries in with it. As he cut the bread a berry split releasing another burst of the aroma.

“Mmmmmmm” Damion said smelling the air thoroughly

“Damion if you’re so hungry just have some” the father said chuckling. Damion sat up quickly and took a slice. As he took a bite the sweetness tickled his taste spuds. It tasted like strawberries yet sweeter. Damion ate it within minutes. Damion watch contently as the other two ate theirs calmly, Damion found it odd who they couldn’t resist shovelling it down.

“Hey I’m going to go down to the tavern and see Idril”

“Ok Damion, we’ll be down soon” he replied.

As Damion left the house he looked up and saw that the sky was cloudy today and cold, a bitter chill flew through the streets. He huddled up to himself and tottered down the street reaching the tavern as fast as he could. As he opened the door it creaked alerting Idril of someone’s arrival. As he closed the door and tried to warm up he looked to see he was the first there.

“Well Damion please come and sit with me, it’s probably best I see you first” He understood why and sat with her, the chair rumbled against the floor causing a deep vibration. “Now Damion, you need to understand, if we are to launch an attack we will have to think tactfully” Damion continued to listen carefully. “Now, to even get past the wall will be hardship in itself, I mean I’m sure they are not going to just let in an army of elves” she smiled at him trying to lighten the mood. He replied with a small smile. “So the thing is how do we even get in?” She twitched her mouth a sat back in her chair annoyed that it seemed impossible. Damion sat back also thinking hard but then remembered something.

“Oh damn, if that Miron was till with me I’d be able to fly in” Idril looked at him shocked.

“You have ridden a Miron?” she asked surprised.

“Yeah, it saved me from dying in the forest” Idril sat back and thought.

“Still this doesn’t fix how we get in” Damion snapped his fingers and leaned forwards quickly.

“I’ve got it, it’s very simple!”

“Yes?” she said excited.

“Well we’re thinking about this as if we cannot fight, we can fight! And damn well! We need to take this head on”

“You know Damion it will be dangerous but it’s the only way, we have to just fight” Damion sat back pleased with his idea.

“All we need is the go ahead, isn’t that right General?” he winked at her making her giggle.

“Right!” they both laughed even though they also both knew the urgency of this battle.


The tavern was packed with every last elf from the village. It was noisy and slightly cramped. The village muttered between their selves each with their own conversations.

“Ok all of you quiet down please” Idril and Damion stood at the front at the bar. The tavern went deadly silent. “Now all of you we have come to the conclusion that now is the time to fight” the crowd gasped and nervous muttering jumped around the crowd. “I know it’s risky, but it’s the only way for us to stand a chance, now we have devised a plan in which Damion will describe” Damion stood forwards and cleared his throat.

“We will split into two divisions, I will lead one and Idril will lead the other. Gurtin and Enelya you will be with me the rest will be decided soon” he cleared his throat once more. “Next, we are going to attack head on so we need the support of our archers, you will be our distractions so we can get close to them. Apart from that…it’s all in, fight until we die…who is with us” The crowd muttered between them, both Damion and Idril grew nervous.

“I will” shouted Gurtin “And it will be an honour to fight by your side Damion” he saluted.

“I will” shout Enelya, “By your side until the end” the crowd soon because a flurry of the words ‘Aye’ and ‘I will’ until soon the whole crowd had spoken.

“Ok” yelled Idril, “We fight…in two days” get yourselves ready, pack up everything you can, we leave in two days” the crowd cheered loudly and dispersed. “Now Damion, lets fetch you some clean clothes, we can’t have you covered in blood”


The town was bustling with people running back and forwards packing up their things and belongings. Meanwhile Damion had just received his new clothing. It was elven clothing so he too had to wear the standard drab clothing. He found it a little itchy but was beginning to get used to it. Damion thought about the town and how it seemed kind of like a big military training camp all of a sudden, all ready just to move when the time comes. He thought back how his life has changed so quickly. About a week ago or two, he couldn’t remember, he was just a boy in an average town with average people. But now he was in an Elven village with elves. He chuckled to himself, he was in an odd good mood, but still knew that what he was about to do would probably get himself killed. But that’s what he secretly wanted. The sky was still grey and depressing and the wind still cold. So much went through his head as if his life was flashing before his eyes. He chuckled at the thought. Suddenly Enelya ran out from behind him slightly knocking him.

“Hey Damion, my father left your sword at your shack so I moved it to ours now, is that ok?”

“Uh yeah sure that’s fine don’t worry” he smiled as if there was nothing wrong in the world.

“What you doing out here?” she asked.

“Oh well, just observing, thinking about my life that sort of thing” he stopped walking and looked at her.

“Do you regret anything? You know how you got here and things like that” he thought about it and smiled.

“Not for a second, my life was so boring and depressing, at least now my life is a surprise every day”.

“No, I mean do you wish you weren’t a werewolf?”

“Oh well I kind of forgot about that, I haven’t been able to change for so long that I feel human again, almost”

“Almost?” she said concerned.

“Yeah almost, that’s the end of that” Damion walked on further but Enelya stopped suddenly. “You coming Enelya?”

“Oh um no sorry I have to help father pack” he stopped and turned to her. He smiled gently.

“Ok, we’ll catch up later; right now I…want to think”

“Oh ok, bye” she ran off in the other direction leaving Damion alone to think once more.


Idril sat quietly at the bar, the inn was empty all except for the server behind the bar. The sound of busy packing fluttered in through the door which was wide open. The server stood silently cleaning the bar. Gurtin appeared peering through the door as if he was looking for something.

“Well Idril, I’ve been looking for you” Idril looked up from her drink with sadness in her eyes. “Is something wrong?” Idril looked back to her drink contemplating her answer.

“I’m afraid for our people Gurtin, this fight is going to get a lot of us killed, including Damion”

“Ah well Damion is a special one, I think we have no need to worry about him”

“We do if he plans on dying” she shouted slamming her fist on the bar. The server looked up slightly angry but returned to his cleaning.

“Oh, I had no idea what was going on with him” Idril did not look to him again and stared into her drink.

“What did you want me for anyway” she replied.

“Oh that’s right, permission to make a request mam”

“Request granted” Gurtin smiled and nodded quickly.

“Permission to join your squadron, Damion is not trained for this and I feel your best men and woman should be by your side not his” Idril still did not look from her drink and tensed.

“You will do as you were told and stick to those orders, you understand me?” she said gritting her teeth. Gurtin got the message and stepped back a few steps.

“Understood” he clenched his fist and stormed out slamming the door shut.


A gentle tapping accompanied Damion as he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. Enelya lay on her bed which was across from his tapping the floor. It echoed around the room, bouncing off each wall. The air inside seemed to be thick and became trapped in Damion’s throat. He wasn’t sure if the air had always been like that or if it was just the night that wavered upon him. Enelya laid thinking deeply almost in a trance like state. Her father had already fallen asleep and the fire was out leaving the room pitch black.

“Hey Damion?” Enelya whispered.

“Hm?” Damion replied.

“We leave in the morning, you knew that right? I know Idril said we leave in two days but you know she meant”

“The villagers… I know” he sighed, “We leave in the morning ready for the fight, and in the off chance we win the rest will get there just in time to take their place in their new home”

“Yeah, but…” she stopped suddenly and went silent.

“But what if we lose right?” Damion finished her sentence.

“Yeah, they’ll kill all of them” she stopped tapping finally and rolled over looking to the wall. “I’m worried” her words became mumbled and hard to decipher. Damion closed his eyes and soon felt the tiredness taking hold.

“We’ll talk about this in the morning Enelya, goodnight”



“Hey Enelya, time to get up” Damion was stood up acquiring his sword. Enelya rubbed her eyes and sat up looking at Damion with surprise.

“Wow, you’re up before me?” she laughed, “I’m impressed”

“Yeah whatever just hurry up” Damion slipped out of the door quickly and began to run up the street. Enelya frowned and slowly got ready. Damion had already met up with Idril and the rest of the group. Damion was conferring with Idril but stopped talking when he spotted Enelya approaching.  Enelya joined and looked at Damion wondering what he was speaking about so secretively.

“Ok, so we’re all here at last?” Idril asked.

“I believe so” Damion started, “Now Enelya is here I think we’re all here”

“Understood” Idril clears her throat, “Alright all of you hush up!” she bellows across the group, they became silent and listened intently. “You know why you are all here and you know the danger that lies ahead of us” she paused and looked over the group. “The war has come, not to our country, but to our people, we must fight not only for us, but for the future of our country” people mumbled in agreement and conferred within each other. “Now…I ask, are we ready?!”

“Yes mam!” the group yelled.

“Alright then, now…we march!” The group cheered and began to march, the sound of their footsteps amplified in numbers. Idril led the group accompanied by Gurtin, Enelya and Damion.

“Oh Damion, I must ask now” Idril started.

“I think I know the question but go on”

“Are you ready for S-6.31? Damion smiled and nodded.

“Yes mam”

“Good, Enelya you’re with Damion, he’ll explain everything to you” Enelya looked concerned but nodded in agreement. Damion moved out of the group and Enelya with him. The group marched on past them. Damion sat for a moment and studied his sword running his thumb across the blade. Enelya waited patiently for an explanation yet her patience was running thin.

“So, you want to know why we are not with them?”

“It would be helpful to know the orders I am supposed to be running by yes”  

“S-6.31 is our mission, we are to take a different route planned out by Idril”

“But why?”

“Let me finish and you’ll find out”

“Sorry” she became silent. Damion sheathed his sword again.

“The other group is going to start the war without us, because we are breaking inside instead. I told her about Rose and how I will need her tonight”

“Wait we start the fight…tonight?” she filled with a strange anger.

“What’s with you?” Damion asked. Her face went red at the question.

“What’s with me? You idiot!” she slaps him furiously and knocking him to the floor. “They are vampires we are fighting! They are going to be at their strongest at night” She started to pace back and forth fidgeting.

“Ok Enelya calm down a little please”

“How can I? They are all going to die, I mean it was a small chance at success anyway but now, we have no chance”

“Ok Enelya calm down, we planned this for a reason, I need Rose to release my seal, so I can become a werewolf again, that is when I will be at my strongest…I can control it now… and then and only then… will we be able to guarantee success”

“But… they have thousands and we only have hundreds, most of them will die before we can carry out this plan… won’t they?” Damion nodded mournfully.

“Me and Idril knew this when we planned it, but it is our only chance at success, now come on we need to hurry if we are going to carry out this plan we need to get back on track, now your with me for two reasons”

“And they are?” she asked sounding interested.

“One I requested you to help me save her”

“And two?”

“Two, you know the forest better than I do, I need you to navigate us through it”

“Do you know the route we are taking?”

“Yes Idril told me we need to travel through Elkenvine  and…”

“Travel over the broken river, I know the route” She winced at the thought however for a second.

“What’s wrong?”  Damion asked watching her ponder to herself.

“Well, it’s a dangerous route, especially for someone who isn’t used to the forest”

“But it’s a risk we have to take...come on we need to hurry, we’re getting behind schedule as it is” Enelya agreed unhappily, Damion stood up quickly gesturing at the same time for Enelya to lead the way.


The group marched through the forest yet much quieter than before, the impending fight loomed upon them all. Fear held onto the group like a phantom refusing to release its terrified prey. Gurtin kept beside Idril watching every corner of the forest, he looked back and watched each of the soldier’s faces, and fear was present in each one. Gurtin turned to Idril, her emotions seemed to hold strong, her might holding firm like a mountain to its own domain. Gurtin nudged Idril who replied by sounding a quiet grunt.

“Permission to speak freely general” Idril paused for a moment.

“Permission granted” Gurtin smiled awkwardly.

“Thank you” he nudged her once more forcing her to look at him. “Might we pause here for a moment?”

“Whatever for?” Idril asked concerned of his motives.

“It concerns our group as a whole” Idril pondered and finally answered.

“All halt” the group stopped confused yet unquestioning.

“State your concern Gurtin” Gurtin placed his hand on her arm leading her away from the group.

“General, it appears that the groups morale is dropping, this will not bode well with our plan of attack” Idril looked back to the group and studied each soldier; she watched the emotions present within them all and looked back to Gurtin.

“I see your concern, but I cannot do much out here. We cannot risk a speech in the fear that we may not be alone”

“But Idril”

“That’s General to you” she interrupted “And I’m sorry we must press on, lack of morale or not we must stick to our plan do you understand me” Gurtin turned and began to tense.

“Yes… General” Idril nodded and brushed past him knocking his arm.

“Back into formation” the soldiers formed a tight pact. “And march” they all began to march in sync once more heading to the battlefield to be, Ralis.


Enelya scurried through the forest quickly, Damion kept a mere four steps behind at all times. The forest felt all too new to Damion yet it felt familiar at the same time. The forest, the trees, the scent of the wild flowers scattering each empty space fighting for nutrition, were a mere flicker to them. Memories of his childhood began to flow back, within each flower; each scent seemed to have a story.



Damion sat upon the hill sheltered under the willow tree; its long branches hung offering a friendly protection. Tears streamed down Damion’s eyes falling to the ground seeping into the dirt. A calm wind blew around him carrying the southern heat northwards. Autumn leaves brushed against his face as if to comfort him, but to no avail. From behind the branches footsteps began to sound, it grew louder until Ira peeked his head through. Damion looked up and wiped his eyes dry quickly.

“Big brother, why were you crying?” Damion forcefully laughed.

“I wasn’t crying Ira, I was…feeding the tree, yeah she was hungry” Damion forced a smile out; Ira laughed and ran up to Damion.

“Come on brother I’m not silly, you were crying” Ira sat in his lap and cuddled up to him. “What’s wrong?” Damion sighed and gazed through the branches at the sky.

“I feel very much alone right now” Damion started, “Things just seem harder than usual” Ira squeezed Damion tight.

“You could never be alone brother, you have me” Damion chuckled.

“That’s not quite what I meant Ira”

“What do you mean?” Damion hugged Ira tightly.

“You’ll understand when you’re older” Ira didn’t question him further and remained cuddled to him.


A tear welled up in Damion’s eye, the memories of his brother seemed always new to him. His life seemed to be coming together, but still it felt like fragments of his life were still gone. Damion looked up ahead to see Enelya had managed to get pull away from him, however she had stopped. Damion finally caught up.

“Why are we stopping?” he asked. Enelya took in a long breath and looked out into the distance, she pointed out into the distance. Damion began to look to where she was pointing; suddenly he saw it, an old ruined town.

“This is Elkenvine” she muttered. Damion gazed in awe at the wondrous sight.

“It’s…incredible” the stone was pure white and glowed in the sunlight, etchings were present upon the walls and elven scrawls of patterns covered every inch of stone.

“It was, now it’s just a ruin. Just like my whole race” she chocked on her last word, a tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the ground.

“Enelya” Damion started, “Your race will never be a ruin”. Enelya turned quickly, her face bright red with anger.

“Don’t you see it?! There is nothing left of us, we are just a broken race, hated by many, loved by few…we are…nothing” Damion didn’t reply, the anger and anguish in her voice startled him and led him to a realisation, you may be surrounded by many, yet loneliness cares not.

“Let’s go, we need to keep up” Enelya nodded calmly. Damion began to lead the way, quickly followed by Enelya.

© 2012 Forgotten

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A very good chapter. I like the thoughts of war. I like the discussion of many will died. I like the internal thoughts. No weakness in this chapter. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

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