Why You Should Visit A Rural Town

Why You Should Visit A Rural Town

A Story by Foxemerald

I was driving through some rather scanty sections of a few cities earlier, and my wild imagination decided to be a bit naughty. This is purely for fun! No offense to anyone is intended.



Why You Should Visit a Rural Town ~


            You cannot drive very far in a rural town because of the fact that there are no actual houses. Therefore, as much as you continue to drive, the town will always appear to look much the same. The remnants of what are deemed to be houses are actually rags of clothing which are revered due to their masterfully patterned, brown dresses. The houses are flowing in the wind with the most languid ease, because their long clothing is easily swept up by the air, and this makes the patterned calicos creak delightfully. These houses wear a wide range of brown to black coloring which is so spectral that they have the innate grace of the taste of a grandmother, who once understood the grace of impeccable clothing- riddled with holes, cuts, and bruises in the most natural, elegant textiles- and best of all, no one bothers them, because they are now provide such a vast impression.

            They make the grand appearance of age-old Roman emperors, who face the city after a massive war. They are so highly respected that, entrepreunuers run wildly, and flee the city before ever creating more than one Save-A-Lot. They are so highly esteemed that, in short, no one would ever dare step foot within fify miles of them. And, best of all, because they give the majority of their time to the cows, the animals benefit from them by living within the fruitful grazing and constant sunlight. These contented animals languidly roll within the long, steadily rising tendrils of blue, smoky plants all day, while gazing up  at their black counterparts, as though they have become comforting mothers to embrace. Thus, with the endless miles of rural imagery, you will always see the same image, and it will be more delightful than you would ever have dreamed, because, who wouldn't want to go where the cows graze?

© 2013 Foxemerald

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Added on November 10, 2013
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