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Again ~

Again ~

A Poem by Foxemerald

Again ~

My fingers gently touch, 
And press into the fissures in my head,
Soft indentures-
Pressed beneath the covers, 
And the measure of a little flame's racing shadow, 
Dances into the headboard, 
Where it collides. 
And sets the background for a fire to be rendered, 
And breeds a hoard of sudden flames.

Fire, fire-
Tongues collide and battle-
Air-borne punches, mark amiss, 
The deep taste of heady bourgeon-
Sensation of hot, prickling skin 
Hair that feels like a dream, a mass that has come-
Swimming into my life . . .
After years spent thinking of mermaids . . . 
In the crook of bed-

Fire, fire, fire!
Give me room to breathe-
I can hear the sound of your sudden whispers, 
Deep-spread, covering up the night like a thick blanket,
And I roll and toss underneath-
But I . . .
Can't breathe.
I listen to the sound of your heart, 
And the quiet drummer of your shy, young girl's soul . . .
Grinning underneath the swimming half-mask,
That I see above me . . .

A mischievous grin-
One that offers with it everything of a devil's promise,
As I grip tightly to your arms, 
And let you read the message from- somewhere underneath my eyelids,
Since you never look straight into my irises . . . 
And then I give a long, ripping scream,
One that flies across the sky and reverberates-
To who knows what kind of recipient . . .
Or, God-forbid, old lady's bedtime prayer,

© 2017 Foxemerald

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Added on July 21, 2017
Last Updated on July 21, 2017




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