Black Cobra ~

Black Cobra ~

A Poem by Foxemerald

  1. You strode into the party,
    Like you were walking into a yacht.
    You're blond hair strategically set off like some movie-star 'propaganda''...
    You're tied scarf colored magenta.

  2. You had one eye in the mirror as,
    You watched yourself go by,
    And wore a charming smile on your face-
    Almost as tight as your bow tie.

    I knew as I watched-
    Like a black cobra, in disguise,
    All the girls were dreaming that they'd be your dance,
    And then your arm fell across the first . . .

  3. You called out, 'Waiter!'
    And passed out another round of drinks-
    Seeming to be just the right degree of unaware in your smiles
    Disregarding the innocent smiles of the unsuspecting victims hanging on your voice-
    As you,
    Let your arm cascade around a certain 'someone'-
    And let it stroke upon a hidden place-
    Way, way down, underneath the tablecloth . . .

  4. I smiled at you sweetly,
    And, though you didn't see it,
    Like a cobra, sheathed with disguise, with a heavy rattle-
    Took out my dagger.

  5. You looked up at me, as though in a dream . . .
    And a split-second later,
    I threw it right into the center of your play . . .
    And all of your cards toppled over.

  6. I have some dreams, true, and am-
    Hopelessly young and naive,
    but remember they are simply-
    Clouds in my coffee . . .
    A mixture of thoughts, scratched out lines, poetry . . .
    And poisonous daggers.

   ** Insired by the Carly Simon, 'You're So Vain,' lyrics:


© 2017 Foxemerald

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Added on August 13, 2017
Last Updated on August 13, 2017




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