Vampires Such As I

Vampires Such As I

A Poem by Fran Marie


Vampires Such As I

Running with the wicked winds as evil grew restless within my dark soul
I left the masquerade ball inside where each whisper was a charade
I could not pretend all was well, I damn well knew I was losing control
as I murmered insane prayers before I was made

Soon the sun would appear and reveal my naked truth within
my heart beat wildly as I ran through the chilled damp air
who would have guessed I'd meet the man of my sin
yet in the dark corner of the room he stood quietly there.

Spellbound by dark piercing eyes as he asked me to dance
falling, I was falling fast into his alluring charms
as the lights went out suddenly I had my chance
to drink a lustful blood, yet I ran from his arms

In angelic agony I sighed as my gown brushed against the graveyard trees
I could never escape from whence I came in the dark dreary night
and ruin the life of an innocent man whom I had to set free
Love can never,ever be found in the light for vampires such as I

© 2017 Fran Marie

Author's Note

  Fran Marie
Photo by Victoria Francis

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Featured Review

I saw her from across the room
as I had to attend yet another
wearisome ball.
There she was.
Just across the room
A flowing midnight gown
draped flirtatiously over
perfection. If only I could
catch a glimpse of that face.
I knew I had to approach
It was not an option but
A must. A must for I was
no longer in control.
My soul begged for a flash,
a moment of vision.
A longing desire to see
this maiden's face.
I must know this woman,
I must have this woman.
Mesmerized within the sparkle of her eyes
and dancing along the flow of her hair
I made my approach.

"Would such a lovely woman
care for a dance?"

And then she was gone
As quickly as she appeared
My heart ached from rejection
My mind in bewilderment
Lost within the puzzle
trying to piece her face
in my mind.
Where had my maiden gone?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Glad you brought this gem out from the crypt for this latest midnight waltz.
This monster's ball succomes to allure
by way of your sultry voice.
Should we not but tarry a little longer
and give caution to the light?
For the cold hollow darkness
will never sate the fire within.

Posted 3 Months Ago

  Fran Marie

3 Months Ago

Thanks Valormore for such a lovely

2 Months Ago

My pleasure. Adored your voicing and mindset, for this theme.
Thank you for submitting to my contest, this is a great read, but I enjoyed three a bit more. The contest was down to a really close shot between you and Blue for third place.

Posted 4 Years Ago

No teenage angst here. Thank God. The Twilight nonsense has soured me somewhat on a subject matter I once adored. Thanks for bringing it back to adult and subtle sensuality.

Posted 4 Years Ago

  Fran Marie

4 Years Ago

thanks KL, glad you enjoyed;
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A vampire with a heart torn between blood lust and love really enjoyed this!

Posted 5 Years Ago

  Fran Marie

5 Years Ago

thanks so much, glad you enjoyed;

5 Years Ago

Certainly did thanks for writing it!
Love Love Love.... this is just right up my ally :) Really enjoyed reading this... dark, mystic and wonderful !!

Posted 5 Years Ago

  Fran Marie

5 Years Ago

Thanks Deb, so vey much for both reviews on my poetry.... much appreciated

5 Years Ago

Reading this just made me long for her as well , wanting to know what this beautiful person looked l.. read more
  Fran Marie

5 Years Ago

thanks for reading
An awesome write..I really enjoyed this..xx

Posted 7 Years Ago

I am fascinated with vampires stories long before Twilight ever came out and I just had to read this one .. It is a story of violence yet forgiveness is what I get out of it and it s so visual I can see it in my head like you do your dreams and it is most beautiful.....

Posted 7 Years Ago

Absolutely wonderful work

Posted 7 Years Ago

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  Fran Marie
Fran Marie

Paris, KY

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