Those Shoes

Those Shoes

A Poem by Celie Rose

Shoes have been around for a long time.


Those Shoes

the shoe is the foundation of our feet.

the oldest surviving shoe dates back

to around 10,000 years and it did astonish.

they call them sandals and they were 

made of rope in the state called oregon, 

in the country USA.

they were worn by deceased

skeletons anonymous.

the oldest leather shoe was an improvement

too from the sandal group.

it was a simple shoe to boot,

made of a single piece of leather,

stitched with strands of thinner leather.

it was discovered and recovered form

a cave in arminia.

it dated back from 5,500 years ago.

enslaved in that dark hole cave.

earlier humans walked bare foot,

had thicker soles and corns on their toes,

this brought on.

woe an awful way to move and go.

but they kept moving on.

an eventual general change came,

and was in the plan,

between 26,000 and 30,000 years ago,

It did appear the that smaller toe bones

were less robust due to wearing the shoe.

what would you do?

27,000 years ago a russian skeleton 

did unfold.

it had ivory beads around the ankles

and feet.

it is believe that decorated beads

are part of a fashioned shoe, ooh!

as a matter of fact, shoes were worn to

display status, can you imagine?

prominence and royalty was a 

master factor.

japanese created the jeta,

wood soled sandal worn with socks,

they walked about.

for over 2,000 years this stylish 

platform did do it's job keeping

dampness and mud out.

for over 5,000 years,

india wore knobbed sandal shoes

made of buffalo hide.

chappli, wood paduka and 

metal has kept the feet

from elements, 

elevating their feet off the ground.

creation idea is sound.

drawings of sandals are on the tombs

of ancient egypt as relief.. 

they were beautiful and many 

worn by the elite.

ancient egyptians made shoes for the 

right and left foot,

instead of left and right. 

gladiator sandals were simple footwear.

the covering consists of a sole held

to the foot using strap made of leather,

plastic, straw, rope or metal,

combined together made a sturdy fashion.

did you know the pharaohs

wore a kind of flip-flop shoe,

curled up on the top.

relaxing and chillin while taking 

care of their business.

8,000 to 10,000 years ago,

the anasazi wore braided sandals that were

woven and fastened to the foot with a

v-shaped strap, a nifty task.

shoes allow people to move 

safely on surfaces like hot concrete.

They also protect the foot from

other harsh elements,

help the toe bones to stay warm

from frost bite from the winds 

of bitter cold.

some are comfortable and

some are not.

they do offer needed support 

when we walk or trot about.

fashion fads and trendy trends,

always win.

it adds a final touch of panache

when we dress up.

shoes are a big plus.

the oldest shoes 

date back 42,000 year ago.

several ancient skeletons 

found by achthropologists,

show that those shoes found

were worn by east asian folks.

shoes are essential and

they are no joke.


© 2016 Celie Rose

Author's Note

Celie Rose
Please read my poem. I am open to comments and review.

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This is an amazing poem Celie Rose. It shows the history of shoes very well, and was easy to learn from it. Keep up the great work!

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is a very interesting poem. I really enjoyed reading about the history of shoes. It is very interesting to know that shoes are a lot older than I thought. I would very much like to commend you on your creativity and wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I agree. I'm on my feet for 12 hours at work. Good shoes are needed. I liked your examples and ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 2 Years Ago

never to old to learn,great lesson long forgot from my weekly readers days

Posted 2 Years Ago

I think it's interesting when you take us through the history of an object, showing what extraordinary longevity our human race has, and sometimes, how one article can tie us all together in history. Who would think of shoes as a common ground? An interesting idea, with a lot of astonishing revelations.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Yet another example of poetic genius..m/.....thanks again!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Cool! I think the last fact about the oldest shoes in existence is quite remarkable. As for myself I think that my favorite type of shoes are basically flip-flops or sandals. Although I do like wearing boots to her quite comfortable. Overall this is an interesting tidbit to learn about more on shoes that I really hadn't thought about learning of.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Celie Rose

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A Poem by Celie Rose

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