Fitness Fanatic Failure

Fitness Fanatic Failure

A Story by Gary H

Written for Tonya


Fitness Fanatic Failure


“In out, in out, up down, up down, stop, breathe, break into sweat, use towel, drink isotonic juice, make sure I'm being looked at, flex muscles, start again. She is watching, yes, yes, yes, more pumping, more intensity, try to show I have more than Linford Christie, thank god for lycra, let her see me throbbing.


Change exercise, move closer, the smell of Lynx in the air, let her inhale. I sneak a look seeing she wants me, lips moving sublime. No stopping, pushing to the limit, yes, really feel the pain or there's no gain. I feel lubricated like an engine, blood flowing like oil, smooth machine from Top Gear.


She moves to a running machine directly in front of me. Concentration goes, mind wanders, tantalised. Stop, wipe down with a towel, time to idle past her, eat an energy bar, carefully pull back that wrapper, tongue touching the contents, slowly, slowly, yes, she is fascinated.


Now the time comes. Get the words right, get the words right, believe in yourself, believe. Look at her every facial move, don't let eyes move to her body, let hers move everywhere over mine. That's it, I know she really wants me to speak. Come on, come on, feel the moment, become part of it. She continues her exercise, I watch her perspire as I try to piece words into sentences before I say what I feel. Suddenly she stops.


I want to say 'Watch me' as I thrust the heaviest weights backwards and forwards. I want to say 'Watch me' as I speed through the rowing machine and break the gym record. I want to say 'Watch me' as I bend my body into different shapes on the exercise mat.


I say 'Hi'


She ignores me hiding a smirk of laughter.......”



© 2012 Gary H

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very interesting topic choice still very well done once again.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Dodgy places those gyms. They look so unnatural. But we have to worship there or we don't fit in anymore. And at least you got a 'smirk of laughter'. Total ignor-ance is normally my fate.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on September 2, 2012
Last Updated on September 2, 2012


Gary H
Gary H

nowhere, United Kingdom


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