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Rhijian, a teenager opened her drawer after she arrived home from a 3 year vacation in America. She saw the ribbon as it fell. Tears fell down from her eyes as she remembered the past.



            Susan seems to be very busy. Later, a man in a simple t-shirt and pants called her.

Man:          Susan, your sister has arrived with your father.

Susan:       Accommodate them Jake. Give them a warm welcome.

Jake:         No probs Susan. As you wish.

A beautiful girl in a simple attire with her father later appeared on the doorway. Susan rushed to the girl and hugged her.

Susan:       Long time no see, ate. I missed you.

Girl:           (smiled and hugged her sister) I missed you too, Susan.

Man:          Rhijian, have you forgotten something?

Rhijian:      Huh? I don’t think so. Dad, maybe you’re the one who forgot something- I mean     someone.

Benedict:   Oh, I remembered. Where’s your mom Susan?

Susan:       Still sleeping, she didn’t know you were coming today. She’s in your bedroom.

Benedict silently walked towards their bedroom. He silently opened the door. He saw his wife, Riza fast asleep. He took his shoes off and kissed Riza’s cheek. Riza was awakened and was surprised.

Riza:          (hugged Benedict)Oh honey, just when did you arrive?

Benedict:   Just a while ago, hon. I brought Rhijian, she misses you and Susan. So do I.

Meanwhile, Rhijian entered her bedroom. She put all her things there. She opened the window. Strong winds blew and forced the drawer open. A red dusty ribbon fell from the drawer. She gently picked it up. She then closed the door and looked at the ribbon thoroughly. It looks like she remembered something sad that tears filled her eyes and fell to the ribbon. It was just like how she received the ribbon from her boyfriend 3 years ago.

It was a rainy day when her boyfriend gave her the ribbon. It was made of fine silk that it was so soft when she touched it.

BF:            Rhijian, promise me you’ll take care of this ribbon.

Rhijian:      Why? Is this so important Richard?

Richard:     That’s the only thing I can give you before everything’s too late.

Rhijian:      Huh? What are you talking about?

Richard:     You’ll know what I mean when the time comes, Rhijian.

Rhijian:      O " Okay. You sound like…this is your…last moments.

Richard:     Maybe it’s true. Maybe this is really my last moments.

Rhijian:      You’re just kidding, right? (laughs)

Richard:      (laughs also) Yeah, I’m just kidding.

Rhijian:        Chard, can we go home now?

Richard:      (kissed Rhijian’s cheek) Sure, you’ll be sick if you wet yourself too much. I’ll go with you

            As they walked, Rhijian thinked well. She was so worried.

Rhijian:        (whispers to herself) What if it’s true? No! It absolutely can’t happen. (tightly squeezing the ribbon by her left hand) Does this ribbon mean goodbye?

Richard:       Say, tomorrow you’re going to the beach right?

Rhijian:         Yep, wanna come with us?

Richard:       Sure. We must enjoy life ‘cause it’s so short.

Rhijian:         Uhh " why not? Heheh… (whispers to herself) He sounds like a dying person. It can’t be!

Richard:        Can I bring my brother and sisters?

Rhijian:         Oh, sure…

            They arrived at the gate of Rhijian’s house. She waved her hand to Richard as he walks. Riza led Rhijian in their house.

Riza:             Oh my daughter. Why did you walk with Richard as it rains?

Rhijian:         Mom, don’t you worry. Everything will be fine.

Riza:             I hope so…

            The next day, Rhijian, Susan and Riza went to the beach. Richard and his younger siblings; Avrylle, Ken, and Alyza are already waiting for them.

            They made lots of fun together until noon.

Avrylle:         I never expected ate Rhijian to be this funny. Don’t you think, Alyza?

Alyza:           I " I think so…Heheheh…

Ken:             What’s so funny?

Susan:          Oh, the killjoy! Murders joy again.

Ken:             Shut up!

Susan:          Why should I?

Alyza and Avrylle:  Ahem!!!Now we wonder…

            Richard silently walks out of the scene that got all of their attention. Rhijian went to him. She put her right arm around Richard’s shoulder.

Rhijian:         What’s the matter Chard?

Richard:        The sea’s so noisy and its waves are so fun like life.

Rhijian:         What do you mean by that? Are you…hiding something from me?

Richard:        Nope. It just reminds me how life starts like sunrise and how life ends like sunset.

Rhijian:         Hmmm…but I hope that doesn’t have a deep meaning…

            Rhijian and her friends together with Richard went out now. They walked until they reached the highway. There is no vehicle to be ridden.

Rhijian:         All of you just stay here, I’ll find a jeepney somewhere there ahead of us.

            She crossed the road and didn’t notice a passenger-less jeepney fast approaching.

Richard:       (runs to Rhijian) Watch out, Rhijian!

            Richard managed to push Rhijian to safety and he was hit by the jeepney instead. The jeepney driver didn’t even looked back. Richard’s family and friends rusjed to him.

Rhijian:         Richard!(gets up and rushes to Richard as she loses her balance each step she take)

Richard:        (speaking slowly) Rhijian..take care..of the ribbon and yourself…Alyza, Avrylle and Ken…take care of yourselves…Susan and Tita Riza…take care of yourselves…and Rhij -

Rhijian:          No…Richard. Don’t leave us please!!

Richard:         It’s time…I love you all…Goodbye…

            Avrylle, Alyza and Ken hugged Riza to cry on…

Rhijian:          RICHARRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(tears falling)


Rhijian:          (tears falling) I have never even said goodbye to him before he died…(kissed the ribbon)

            Susan accidentally entered Rhijian’s room and saw her…

Susan:           So " sorry to interrupt…(gets out)

Rhijian:          (picks her wallet up and looks at her and Richard’s picture) I hope you’ll help me move on.

            Rhijian asked her father to come with her at the cemetery.

When they were in the cemetery, they headed for Richard’s grave.

Benedict:       So, what are we gonna do here?

Rhijian:          Wait…(picked a candle from her pocket, lighted it, and puts it nearby the name embedded on the gravestone) Chard…(tears falling) I’m back again. I’m sorry if I almost forgot you…Wait, I forgot to give you my gift…(picked the red ribbon from her pocket) I think I’ll have to return it back to you since I didn’t and I can’t take care of that ribbon…I love you…(wipes her tears and hugged her father)







© 2014 Prime

Author's Note

My very first story finished which was enacted by some persons I know like three years ago. My experimental piece on using flashbacks. Haha !

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