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24 hours left of your precious life is ticking away. What letter would you leave then? This is our most recent and maybe, the last English IV assignment. . .



January 07, 2014 �" 11:59PM








To Whom It May Concern:


          New Year’s cold breeze enters my window from the gossamer skies and blows harsh tonight, making me shiver from the spine as I sit stoically on the edge of the bed, holding a pen and pieces of paper, not knowing what writings to leave before time comes to a permanent halt for me.

          Tick tock. I look at the clock. It hits twelve. And I must hurry as each precious second must count and should not be wasted. I have less than twenty-four golden hours before my physical existence finally fades away with the winds onto the vast universe. But before that, I must render my façade worn off. I must unmask myself, To Whom It May Concern…


          First of all, I would like to pour my thankful heart to My Old Man High Above, The Creator of this Living World, and The Great Giver of Life which everyone enjoys… or should I say, enjoyed? Another thing is, I’d like to express my apology for all things I regret I have done in over my sixteen years of ‘pleasurable’ existence… Well, right said as sixteen years of being a bad person �" wrecking lives and planting pain into people’s hearts which I don’t know if it would still heal or it would not. And there’s nothing more I ask of Him than forgiveness and acceptance of my gratitude right now.

          Next, I would like to extend my gratitude to the woman whom I had my first and only genuine camaraderie; to the woman who became the vessel, containing me for nine long months, caring for and loving me unconditionally, never failing to give me what I needed and some I desperately wanted, enduring the aches I give her head and her heart up to this very moment. And I’d like to extend my apology to her for those aches, tears, misunderstandings and a lot more.

          To the man I didn’t get to know for almost all my life but still managed to do his paternal duties to me despite the shortest time I spent just to get to know him last summer of the past year, I’m still thankful. At least, he managed to fill in parts of me that were long since empty. I hope he isn’t that remorseful as I didn’t succumb to my hatred despite the situation he left us in.

          To the boy I had always hated for playing with my temper, for pulling naughty pranks on me, for berating me, but still did his part well as my sibling (well, we sometimes get along �" SOMETIMES ONLY!), I am thankful I had him and I am sorry for being such a bad demon towards him.

          To my best companion who treated me as if I am one of his brethren, whom and whose partner I almost drastically wreck before because of my desperate acts of mad love; the person who was always there for me; the person who never failed to listen to my rigmarole, I’d like to give my most sincere gratitude and apology for all I’ve done before.

          To my noisy companions, to the people I do know or I don’t that I deal with everyday, thank you for at least making me smile whether or not depression strikes me, and for riding on with my imbecility.

          To my special someone, who used to be my best shrewd camaraderie I used to jokingly share my grotesque dimension and macabre thoughts with that that person neutralizes with one’s natural positivity despite my pessimistic nature, who came second and the last in line of romance, who stole and broke my heart; whom I always try to act indifferently with despite my desperate attempts of abstention or simply being a shirker, whom I always have shortcomings to, I regret I didn’t have the chance to kiss that person’s forehead �" to make it special as that person believes it to be one of the sweetest things in the world, or at least to sink through his numbness. That person may have never returned the way I feel, but at least I have shared with some precious and bittersweet moments and memories that would stay in my heart beyond time if it gets to rot. I offer my appreciation and gratitude, so as my apologies as well, because I really abhor and love that person at the same extent.


          Lastly, to whomever who can’t find themselves in those I mentioned above, I would like to say thank you and sorry for spending (or does wasting sound a little better?) a little part of your time reading this. A least, you have seen through my façade a little, if I failed to render it abrade for real.

          I can hear the sound of the waking noisy rooster of our neighbor again. I glance at my window and instead let the colder breeze of the dark gossamer night blow drastically, making every strand of hair on my body raise. Would this be the last time I’d feel weird? And one look at the clock that flashes 1:24AM tells me it’s time to sleep. But would I? When I have less than a day left?

I don’t think I still have to mention my name here. I guess it would be enough if you would know me as “PRIME,” if you don’t know me personally. I’ll be gone sooner or later, after all. And I wrote too much already. Well, there’s just one thing I ask of you �" especially those I meant above…



© 2014 Prime

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I honestly have no idea what this is about?

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Oh, this is just our project in English IV. I thought I'd post this online so I may have a copy when.. read more

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Sagay City, Region VI, Philippines

Alan David T. Patani from Philippines ^_^ You can also call me Gem Prime. I am not a professional, so expect errors and typos. Sorry in advance anyway. I believe this is a story sharing site, s.. more..

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