The Demands of Democracy

The Demands of Democracy

A Story by GenMuffin7

In-class essay.


PROMPT: Read the following sources (including any introductory information) carefully. Then, in an essay that synthesizes at least three of the sources for support, take a position that defends, or qualifies the claim that television has had a positive impact on presidential elections.


I obviously did not upload the different sources. :)


   Democracy provides its citizens equality and the opportunity to cast their vote on issues, propositions, and most importantly, the identity and leadership of their nation. Without a doubt, the introduction of the television into the standard American household has raised awareness and has positively impacted the presidential election in how candidates and political issues were brought to light.

   As technology improves, so do the demands of democracy. The purpose of presidential debates are to provide citizens insight into the individual frontrunners, their poolicies and their platforms. The mere suggestion of holding an untelevised debate would seem almost undemocratic, as the same opportunities are confined to those within the immediate vicinity (Menand, "Masters of Matrix"). Presidential debates were first aired in the 1960's, and the initial turnouts were staggering, more than twenty-eight million homes were tuned into the program (Nielsen Media Research, Chart). The knowledge that is required to sustain democracy was now available to the public, and not only to those with the means to acquire it themsleves through financial means. In the end, the citizens with the lowest net worth had the same access to power and information as did the wealthiest. The ensuing years brought about an increased biewer turnout, even reaching over eighty million people in the 1980 debates (Nielsen Media Research, Chart)

   The impact that the television continues to have on the presidential election is no longer limited to gaining a better understanding of individuals within each running party, but also ensures the availability of current issues to viewers as well. America want to elect the administration which they believe would best serve the nation's interests, and awareness of hot topics make all the difference in selecting those most adept of candidates. In some cases, the presence of television saved thousands, and potentially millions, of lives. The decision by Congress and the Executive Branch to attack and occupy Vietnam was not to be taken lightly. The results quickly became distratrous as conditions grew increasingly dangerous and troops were offered no respite. It was television that informed the public that change was needed and essentially was the means by which such a message was communicated to the unaware (Ronney, Channels of Power: The Impact of Television on American Politics). The American people now knew what they wanted in the next presidential election, and had the tools with which to find it.

   The value of the impact of television on the presidential election is invaluable and was much needed. Citizens can now rest in peace, knowing that their neighbors now have the means to make their own responsible decisions in electing their leadership. Democracy is strengthened freedom shall endure.

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Author's Note

As you know, the quality of in-class essays generally are significantly less than those one slaves over at home. Any typos in the text are a result of my typing, and did not exist on the actual essay itself. Thanks!

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yeah i spotted a few typos........... i just said this in another politcal poem........ i dont agree with what your saying....... but i think you did a ok job expressing your views and geting your points across......... i wonder what your grade was on this one??? HAHA well hit me back with it if you want.......... anyway nice work good luck

Posted 9 Years Ago

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