If I was god.

If I was god.

A Poem by GeorgiaR

If I was god, I would rewrite the world as we known it. 
I'm going to make every single one of you millionaires. 
I'm going to give every single one of you a convertible, or a boat, or maybe even a plane.
When I'm god, i'm going to make sure that there is only one of me. 
Because, all of my brothers up here in the sky are floating around like,
'Man don't we all just preach peace, and to love each other'
If I was god, I would rule with a iron fist. 
I'm kidding, I'd let you rule me. 
You tell me what's wrong with the world?
Is it that that poor boy has no money to attend collage even though he is the brightest in the class, 
meanwhile another boy - a boy who commits a sin by not doing research n his world history - get's a scholarship. 
Is it there is mother's having children who do not want them, and only want to hurt them, when there are mothers who cannot become mothers.
Or tell me is it that the guy in front of you at KFC got the last boneless box, and now you have wait 20 f*****g minutes for the others to defrost?
If I was god, I would end all of that. 
I'd rewrite our history books, tell you all of the bad s**t, that meant we could get to the good s**t.
I'll tell you all about slavery and how here in the united kingdom in 1800's were the founders, and how we wouldn't let a black woman on a bus.
What about how we leave our solders on the streets with no money, no food and no home, when they fought for us to keep ours. I'd give them house, and water and food.
I'd end poverty by taking the money the rich spend on convertibles, because they won't need it anyone because I'm going to give everyone a free one.
I'm going to take orphans and give them all a home. I'm going to take animal shelters and let puppies run wild. I'm going to end the zoo, because I'd love to see an elephant on my lawn in the morning.
I don't care if you are black or you are white, if you are muslim or you are jewish, I will make it fair on all of us. 
I won't be a politician and make empty promises about free cars, or free school meals, because everything is free with me.
If I was god, then everyone would be the same, and we wouldn't be fighting over who gets the last boneless bucket at KFC, because everyone is going to have one. 

© 2017 GeorgiaR

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Added on July 27, 2017
Last Updated on July 27, 2017
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