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The Onyx ~ Vena Amoris: Collection of Verses ~ Of Author of Life Of Love & Aspirations



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Author's Note

Glen Yumang Manese
The Onyx - Vena Amoris
A Collection of Verses by Glen Yumang Manese
Of Author, Of Life, Of Love & In The Between Lies Aspirations

The Onyx - Vena Amoris is a
collection of verses, a mixture of author, life,
love and aspirations. The author’s journey
from the Philippines to the United
States, and all the struggles associated
with immigration and starting anew, are
revealed in the pages of this book from
the language barriers to the discovery of
a love for the written word. This book is
a testament that dreams do come true
with time and perseverance. Indeed, those
books that once challenged the author on
his path to becoming an English speaker,
were stepping stones that inspired the
author to become a poet and storyteller.

Additional information on the book at the link below:

I final finished the book and will put the first 40 verses for display here at WritersCafe --- and the book is now offered for purchase --- you can support my work --- as an E-book or book at the link below --- please pass me along to family and friends --- God bless & thank you --- all for your time & patience in this endeavor.

Here's the link:"Vena-Amoris

and the before --- just details as the book transition into the present.

Inspiration comes from all of you .Only if others would look into others would they find a reason in themselves to write.

Please note, you do not have to leave a comment, but are welcome to do so if you wish. I am just posting for collaboration with the photographers for my upcoming book: The Onyx – Vena Amoris.

*Due to unfortunate circumstances to the photos not being high resolution and 300DPI. I must look into new pictures for the book. Thanks again for those who read the other verses and time to review. I will post a photo/verse as I get them. I hope this collaboration with the photographers can still be salvaged and move forth with this expedition. Number of photos is (18 of 20) done with 2 more to go, before I can sail my ship forward. A storm is brewing and as captain of this ship. I must find a route away from the storm. I will not let this voyage sink. If so, I will be the last to fall with her to the abyss...

Attention this is your Captain speaking. We are in the clear. I did my own experimenting with every photographer’s photos for the book: The Onyx – Vena Amoris and I fixed the problem. I found out that expanding them helped and then doing a quick fix added life to the pictures. I am not an expert in photography by any means like you guys, but everyone is back in the game. Our ship will set sail into the blue yonder. I did pick others from your works and mismatched a few to make things work. I am in need of 2 more and will do my research for the last two photo/verse. They will all be in black and white. If the illustrations are in full color, the price of the book goes up dramatically. This voyage is going as planned. Please give a shout out and a like on their page. They deserve the credits:

Another location to see my work unedited and less refined back in the year 2009. I wanted to engage in this endeavor. Never too late is now 2013 and counting. I did have another site here on Writers Cafe, but no longer use that profile in quite a long time. I believe I've erased and just lost in the archives.

Time and place to act is now. I have come to embrace both my heritage by right and citizenship. I feel there is a sense of purpose for writing all of these verses. A creative way understands not just the author, but also a reflective mirror to looking at oneself in the glass.

I just happen to be born Filipino. Whether my status is judge on that factor then so be, but relative to the world, we live in. Only when we as a people come together as a collective do we prove to be that what we are as humankind. There is a lot more to learn and yet we are so close-minded by the facts that are right in front for full view. I choose to waste my mind to teach others. There is a rightful place for me to grow and nurture. If be one person at a time.

A publicist, an advertisement and this is my book: The Onyx ~ Vena Amoris. Time is ticking and this will be a reality. Even with all of that on my side, the best one is word of mouth. People will judge the cover and not even look at the content. One thing people do know is how to communicate even if they have never read a page. Makes them want to come back and see what they missed.

Follow me on Twitter tag: @glenyumangmanes

From this point down are review comments I saved for personal use. Read them/do not read is totally up to you. I understand time is not on your side, but thank you for reading my work.

This genre is on a decline, but I hope to rise to the occasion and let the people decide if poetry is really on a downward spiral or is there a spark that just needs ignited once again. After years of dedication to this, project good or bad. I have achieved no matter what. The decision is at the end of the day. I will never forget how far. I've come in the English language and this is proof of the fact.

One writer/ one reviewer: there is no such thing as a better reviewer. You state your mind and that is the joy of being. The thought process and exploring the unknown factor creates an exploration of knowledge. That all of us carry and few would like to show more in the world we live in. Even at times, we read others here and leave no comment. We leave with something to reflect that verse or story. Excerpt of a write embedded in our minds and that is what makes us improve. Ever-learning is the capacity of wonder. Thinkers of time and space in this ever-growing society we live in. Thanks for your time... That is the most you can ask from a person. Life is short and to know you have taken a moment matters.

You know there was a time when I had a hard time just reading a sentence. Let alone come this far and write a creative thought to paper. I would write down small bits of stuff and hand them to my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Cercell. What does a kid say who barely knows English? I did my best to scribble something each day. Only because she was someone that resembled my 2nd grade teacher her twin sister Ms. Vance. I did like star stickers, too. Them being beautiful inside and out helped. They put me in remedial English and just did my best to understand. Another interesting fact I had to repeat 1st grade over again not because I did not pass and followed around another student with the same name as me. I did not know the English language well enough to advance. Here I am now in full resolution. Thanks to great teachers for never giving up on me. Time gives back what I have learned.

Glad you found wisdom and love in these verses. What is our art if we cannot let others soak in our thoughts? Our memories are past and present. What is to come as we move closer to the day? When all we are is those written letters of a much beautiful world. We leave behind a legacy to others that continue the path. We left off.

I truly believe one finds a balance with what makes them happy. Even In the event monetary is not as much. Focus to live by is not the bank account. Road for which makes them be content to the fact. Comfort, health and assurance are enough to move on this journey. We call life experience. Trial and error goes hand in hand to the development of who you are and what you want to become. Time is short and living your dream is priority.

This ever-growing world of ours and children next take reign. They develop so much faster and experience events with a click of a button. In turn they teach us more of what we've missed in life. We do our part to guide them in the right direction.

Talent can only get you so far. The rest is living out your creativity. No matter the barriers one must truly have a passion for the art. A man can eat and not be satisfied by the food. Give him the recipe of his dreams. He will be fulfilled for a lifetime.

Mirror is a reflective glass. Only contented image must realize and turn against the ways of misdeeds. No matter how you convey that in the mirror. Your reflection does not change to the person who you have become in life. Healing process is a longer road than the destruction.

Questions are avenues of the soul’s rite of passage. Is there a meaning to all of this rubbish called life? Factor existence of the fabric of your being. You do not breathe and hold. Something inside will let go and make you exhale. You're at an age when doubt comes into play. In time that will come to pass and give direction, which you seek. Meaning of life, the whole truth is a picture not a puzzle of pieces in a box already assembled. Once you put them altogether.

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"Wind is just an invisible reflection.
In a calendar’s end of days gone by.
Without constant admission is your presence."

When someone come and go just like a wind, then who would not feel bad? I have also made poems about the wind and it's invisibility, so I can fully relate to this.
Nice metaphor, Glen. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

5 Years Ago

Good to see you back here and again thanks for your time...I'm at the last stage of this journey...o.. read more
Dhaye (Margaux)

4 Years Ago

Creativity really matters.....
You're welcome, Glen. :)


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First poem ~ distance
I was thinking what sustenance life has offer us… I guess it’s the beauty and love we shared with one another by nature or by someone special… the bond is timeless as the infinity cycle… the invisible strings that connects us always present even distance apart…

Second poem ~ adrift
There are many stressor that can cause conflict… but the weather is just a source of reminder of whatever memories it holds from our past… the magnetic fields of love will always pulls you back to your beloved…

Third Poem ~ before dawn
I see the lyrics of a certain song: it’s always darkest before the dawn… this is such a profound verse.. so many awesome imagery… so trivial with added wisdom of life and experience … like: “Time is not an enemy or question to give blame” ~ it never does… sometimes we human are too assuming… the last stanza is uplifting…. It’s rising from a deep slumber waking in a renewed feeling of beautiful life….

Last poem ~ amber
So abstract…. “Value is in my left-handed judgment” ~ such ways that makes you think twice … highly profound indeed… “Justify a writer to another an artist.” In that verse I remember so well why I write… ‘I write not because I am a writer but I am an artist expressing himself into words'…

All in all congrats for the publication and thank you for sharing it to us here in wc… your words are full of wonders sir… I applaud you and Excellent work!

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

5 Years Ago

These are pieces of a puzzle to me... I wrote most of them back in 2005... The puzzle is now complet.. read more

5 Years Ago

thanks you too... i understand what you meant about the pieces of puzzle... in my way i call them li.. read more
Glen, as a layman in terms of writing, i have some observations on your above pieces. i am not really sure though if these observations are relevant considering i don't have any formal education in literary writing (i hope you don't mind me gicing such disclaimer)
On Distance
You penned beautiful lines in here. However, some lines are so abrupt and it doesn't help me that the next line appears to impart a different concept. nonetheless, i noticed that these seemingly sporadic lines would all mean that a person can cross distance for just one reason- perhaps, that's love.

Magnetic field is a concept that I could never forget in our science class. There was this proposition to use Filipino language in science and the same was translated as ‘magnetikong larang” I like how you use this concept in this piece. When two persons are fated to each other, distance, challenges and storms would eventually yield to give way to the meeting of these souls.

On Before Dawn
it's long but the individual lines making this piece are interestingly enthralling. This line "Myriads of stars, but one is truly a claim" really stands out for me.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Glen Yumang Manese

5 Years Ago

Gab... if I may use that instead of writing your complete name... not that I'm lazy at typing... LOL.. read more

5 Years Ago

welcome glenn. thank you for sharing with us a glimpse of your book. i wish you well on your endeavo.. read more
Two different thought patterns culminating in one feeling of love.
liked them. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

5 Years Ago

Thanks... I'm just sharing the images with the verses... that will be in my upcoming book: The Onyx .. read more

5 Years Ago

Best Wishes For it.

I saw, have to read them yet, your other posts, I understand as you.. read more

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Glen Yumang Manese
Glen Yumang Manese

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Me in a nutshell: I am currently, done with my first book of verses: The Onyx - Vena Amoris. Friesen Press finished in December and is out for release before the holidays at the end of the year 20.. more..


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