A Poem by Glen Yumang Manese

Epic poetry.


Dwelling of Hopelessness


Luring lost lust is within my grasp.

Welcome you to the doors of deception.

Enter my abode to the last execution.

This dwelling of hopelessness invites.

Ignite the flame of the last of my kind.

Mating season has arrived to meet once more. 

In time, his brave spirit will come to plea. 

Where in this ritual brave men desire is beauty.

Only the bravery of men may enter my womb. 

So, be wise is your attempt to capture.


Longing is a wish to be with vocation. 

Courage is a defeat to call cowardice. 

Step into my chamber, satin sheets wait with welcome. 

A bounty is pleasure, of wine, and the fruits of labor. 

Filling is the euphoria of your belly. 

Consuming is the wealth, gold fever in the heart. 

Host is sending the atmosphere to blind your soul. 

There is no exit to the doors, which one came. 

In satisfying, is the hunger in the vapors of the smell? 

Aromatic scent filters a trance - keep your faith in safe content. 


Doors are still within reach to walk away freely. 

Glimpse of your shadow is waving his last goodbye. 

Distraction of one’s actions is keeping your luring mind.

Even your guardian angel is yelling the lost words of escape. 

Nevertheless, ignorance swallowed by the timeless moment. 

That is attempting to follow the voice of lust. 

In the void is outwit by the other called hope.

False pretense is tripping upon your feet. 

Envelopment, her sweet arms grab such authority. 

Feeding is the glass with more sin. 


Drink solitude of comfort, amazed by warmth of her skin. 

In ruse is massaging her silk upon your flesh. 

Smooth epidermis is radiating degrees in temperature. 

In becoming, more within realms is the comforts of company. 

In her cocaine, numb the very will to keep such victim. 

Relaxing wades in the bath of Sirens. 

In venting, is the pore to exfoliate the tension? 

Which baits is the hook upon your lips. 

Touch of balm is refreshing nectar of bliss. 

Queen’s honey is so innocent too never expire. 

Tantalize the color of sapphire in her eyes. 


Hypnotic to dilate is the pupil of reason. 

Through changes is her ability conquer dominance. 

Lavender is cleansing your earthly filth. 

In the preparation is taking advantage of the lion’s mane. 

A king is among the rest in her cinematic stage. 

Beyond closed panels are echoes no longer clear, but silent. 

In waving, are your hands proudly in glorious array? 

She plays her musical tones within are damper sounds.

In the melody, are broken wishes of times far resolved? 

Atop water’s blue wave, gazes her dance as she floats midair.  


She drips away are the circle droplets break like glass. 

In gleaming, is the goddess to cause such riveting sensation? 

Succumb are the goose bumps to her bosom. 

Evil is love beyond the reach of hell. 

Heavens above leave your absence. 

Worldly decision unfolds the time of discovery. 

Steam clouds the very air of breath. 

Follow the fog of war’s uncertain theme. 

Slip in the articles of clothing to her high-rise den. 

Amend your fixation to call foul in her inviting circle’s romance. 


Lick sugar of extra virgin olive oil from her vixen body’s tone. 

Satisfy saliva of tongue’s release to the blood orange navel. 

Citrus is blinding your eyes with acid. 

In the bounds is unknown haste. 

No contest closes burning fluidity of pepper’s spray. 

Engulf the mound of mountain peaks. 

Mount Everest is between the teeth. 

Groan afflicting her claws to the plains. 

Plateaus slice crevices flow redness of heart’s central core. 

Beat unison lightning away the thunderstorm. 

Unleash fire sparks are lights energizing effects. 


Going through the canals are Suez to the Panama. 

Feel her throat’s need of oxygen to parts hydrogen. 

In her weaning, is a plea of relief to exhale? 

Meet your inhale captivate slither of venomous lashing.  

Magnetic field pulls her interest to quench your desire. 

Gently absorb stalactites, which forever give interest?

In dark corner of the cranium, confines pulse addiction. 

Saddle’s horse is hers alone riding into foreseen fields.

Overlap lands to river’s passion glide her cascade. 

Fall the sweat to bounce and break on the orifice. 

Feelings are senses in poison to the blood stream. 


Send overpowering guilt to no retreat. 

Surrender’s plea is a shallow strife. 

Hinder holds pressure to the darken sky. 

Repetition continues to the sands of hourglass. 

Twisting and turning is the clock of the dials. 

Cancer is signifying the six to the nine. 

Into the depths is mammal’s rage give into defeat. 

Cries her wolf yearn full eclipse moon. 

Rains call her walls of implementation. 

Elusive is a challenge to the climax. 


Morning’s dawns late, finalize thrust to downward spiral. 

Give in a release to cause balance, between entities. 

Sink her fangs draw last of her scorpion’s relaxing scheme. 

Darkness befalls eyes close, slowly to sleep. 

Awaken to the cocoon her spider’s web. 

Dim light is a windowpane remembers your name. 

Looking at you is the world of light. 

Your shadow is walking aimlessly forgotten. 

In her mirror, your age is no longer reflecting youth. 

Stepping is you beside the door of faith recalling. 


Angel is your guardian gives last rites prayer. 

Disappearing is the spirit in the distance heavens. 

Turning to beauty is a statue becomes your pride of choice. 

Goddess is standing to kiss your lips of death. 

Forming is the crystals of your dust. 

Taking is the soul’s last parting of goodbye. 

Laughter vibrating is the wind of soon forgotten. 

Leaving sense of hearing gives a tear of sorrow from your eyes. 

Blowing is another kiss to call the final course. 

Your ashes are falling to the soil. 


Setting is a tone gives your remains to the shadow. 

In the end joins his obedient master.

Cast off to the winds of earthly filth.

Wilt like a flower buds of Spring to Autumn.

Gloom knows not to answer conviction.

Execution has long taken this juncture. 

Lioness waits patiently another season for a mate. 

In the birth of a new will claim another in the cycle of life.   

Choice is yours for the taking, death waits.

Door is open - enter if you wish.

Part II.

Shadow’s Silent Reprieve


Take his ashes dark shadow. 

This is the void of the other speaking to you. 

Bury his remains to the seven continents.

His life given back as a child once more. 

Show the rest that one must be of true heart. 

Tell the story of this day of days.

Let forth the coming of the next.

Prepared with her imagery to illusions.

Only then, will the battle end.

Release her weakness to be a unity once more. 

Cast off to the sails of stormy weather wind.


Remember to find the noble one.

Search is far and wide, but avenges this right.

Master was once called you. 

Only the physical has died for spirit lives on.

Carry on this mission for telepathy is dwindling.

Shadow’s silent reprieve releases rights.

Ability to another worthy of the cause.  

Go now, she senses my ability.

Can no longer hold the block from her concealment. 

Many have died in the attempt to bring back order.


Immortals and gift of childbirth forgotten. 

If one can bear her a child.

Circle again restored to the world.

Liberate bond of my cocoon with her web of ruin. 

Order is not what many believe to be right.

Just legends over time do fall in domicile. 

This place made by the injustice of demigods.

Ill effects have gone unnoticed for millenniums. 

Many will come to claim the glory of her paradise.

Realm is unsuccessful with repercussion.


Look for the one that fights without remorse.

Wears mask of the sun on one side.

Also is the moon on the other. 

She is no man, but the last to bear.

Child of virtues gives her rights of immortality. 

Claims death for a chance at giving life.

Shed tears of sins grounded back to fertile earth.

Rise from these ashes my equal. 

Become one with your being. 

Let’s join to be the pure breed of the others. 


Goddess can take a life. 

In the cycle must give back the rights of men. 

Mastery defending our ground and claims our place.

Territory waits a rebellion for the taking of the land. 

Duty fulfill moment of the duration.

In absentee is the chosen. 

Villains have empowered.

Call a new defiance against the birth of men. 

Questioning is the jealousy in their eyes. 

Only one can survive, to claim the throne. 


Fear not death for the road leads all.

Witness fall of the triumph. 

A goddess rewards the victory. 

Standing is the last for humanity. 

A change in time will come to give birth of her daughter. 

World lives in a spectacle of the battle’s cry. 

One calls for evil and the other so-called good. 

Third is a blending of a neutral. 

Trust nothing in the glory of such gathered men. 

We are the shadows. 


Only once in a season becomes like flesh with immortals. 

Many oppose the very presence of your birth. 

Knowing they cannot touch the transparent being.

Given back to the world of light. 

Darkness does not exist in this isolation. 

Only in the caverns can one seek the night’s existence. 

Eclipse comes every thirty-three years. 

Time will come fast a draw.

Take a moment to remember.

Recall the faces of envy.


They will never forget your presence. 

A passage gives the corridor to freedom. 

Your age will come like numbers to the days.

Though the time line has no effect in such minion. 

Only is in the hours of time.

In the dimension of her safety can you appear?

True appearance show in the mirror of time. 

One has a choice to enter and leave back to the times of light. 

Once the illusion plays the notes.

Your eyes will not grant another. 


Overpowered by the artistry.

In the orchestrate movement of an orchestra. 

In the last, a plot becomes an influence in the living.

Dust of the dead gives back a righteous hand. 

A tear grants back life. 

A bold stare of defiance, takes life of the chosen. 

Laughter will be her answer. 

An inhale of your dust will never see the light, no more. 

Road is long, so venture the land’s constant wisdom. 

Keep your eyes open to the truth. 


Surrounding will deal the cards of life. 

Your heart is a deuce at the moment. 

Remember the others carry a different symbol. 

Making the trump to be an ace is your goal. 

Knowledge is the key to prevail.

Obstacles call each wake. 

Sleep is an act of weakness. 

Do lay in the darkness, but know as your eyes are closed. 

Many are watching your every move. 

Your true image appears in the darkness, like all men.


Exactly the opposite in the light. 

On the day of the eclipse, your curse is no longer.

Shadow is a safe haven, but one with men. 

Rest now, sleep deep in your rest. 

Birth of your seed is growing into the wind. 

Eight years will be a reading of wisdom. 

First is your ability to walk the land. 

Second are ideas to speak the words of the realm. 

In the third, becoming the child. 

In the fourth is understanding of the printed word. 


Power of written verse has no book.

Writing on the walls of the caverns. 

A time is when the world was a unity.

Now so far a cry of yearning. 

Four years develop the pain-staking task to absorb.

Do not squeeze too hard the idea to understand.

Each reading, become one with the words.

Answers laid in full view. 

All will make sense as the story unfolds.

Ancients resurrect before your eyes curiosity. 


Skip not a glance of the words.

Study each line to absolute memory. 

How does one live to sacrifice his life?

Gain another by chance? 

Knowing death is rumbling.

There is no chance of escape. 

Men battle for opportunity.

Actions are in their own ways. 

Thrill of being the bold is better.

Worst to be the living in constant distress.


Death is the deal, which takes your final rest.

Triggers life of unity to be once more. 

Failure is not an option.

Others are willing to be the first in line.

Only your kind has ever succeeded.

In her rituals of mating and come back.

Others have failed in the last moment.

Her kiss of death consuming their souls.

Keep her satisfied for now.

Questions more than just why your spirit is here. 


Womb grows child of destiny.

Effectiveness causes her much laughter. 

Another chance at life to answer.

Question lies in waiting.

Far and between is the next thirty-three years. 

Immortality has a chance.

Mortals once more to the world. 

Give birth is not by the actions of one.

Daughters of the forgotten are memories.

Execution is within the after-thought.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

Author's Note

Glen Yumang Manese
Lost is in the cutting room floor of my archives. I will not post any more than this part. Attention span here at the Cafe is about null and void. Let me say this is not to insult or demean my readers or fellow writers here at Writers Cafe. This narrative is long like the rest of my writings that I post here.

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Can I make a suggestion? I'm a member of Writer's Carnival, and there, there is much more professionalism and reads. You will find yourself lost in a sea of fantastic writers, all ready to welcome you with open arms. This site ok, but nothing like the other. Not only that, but it's a paying site as well. If they like any pieces, they will publish it in their magazine, (with your permission, of course), which is not a physical magazine. The play a flat rate of 7 dollars a poem, and about $27.00 for each 1500 maximum word story. Great exposure, challenges, and much much more.

Posted 3 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

3 Years Ago

I will have to take a look...thanks for the suggestion...always good to see a new atmosphere...I was.. read more


I was particularly grabbed by the description of foods and flavors. We have such strong reactions to food, sex and base instinctual drives. For me, life (the good part) is always about food. But again, for me, food is the drug I use to fill a hole where important parts of myself should be.

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

Chris --- Thank you for you time and review...I did put forth the descriptions in the first chapter... read more
wow this is amazing, bravo..I love it. It kinda leaves u wanting more...

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

Thanks for your time and review...Diona...
there is more...
will post as I edit and revi.. read more
Beautiful. Forgive my one word review. Wow. Thank you.

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

Thank you...for your time and review of my times --- one word is all that is needed to be .. read more
The work may be long, but your poetry is like telling a story.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

A. H. --- Thanks for stopping by...I have the other parts...just need to edit a bit more and showcas.. read more
And, I felt that your soul had more to say...I was wanting more. I was wanting to know where did that door you entered took you, because our natural ability to explore made you enter. Or so I assume, made you enter . . .What did it make you feel. So much depth within this, yet so much left unsaid. I used to like abstract writing, but I now prefer to know your story, no matter how long it is, it's long because your mind has so so so much to say. Only the ones you attract will gain the message, or want to know more...You wheeled me in, and now its going to be hell to get me out lol. I love everything about this, except not knowing you. . .Is it possible to make it longer?

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

F. Gentil --- this has more...I just left out the rest for now...the epic verse...has a lot more...I.. read more
This poem just shows me that I have to dig deeper in my own soul for my poetry to be half as good as one line in this poem. Brava.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

BriBri --- thanks for your comment of my work...and time...this was a verse on the cutting room floo.. read more
The word flow of this piece is beautiful!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

A Mile...---thanks for your time and review of my work...I'm editing the other parts to showcase her.. read more
Your works are wonderful, your ability to create masterpieces of length far exceeds that of most writers, and also those who are able to read such lengthy postings, so it is not that I do not wish to review your work, but I am usually overwhelmed by the length of what you post as there are many works to be read, many writers who ask for reviews, but as you are so very faithful in reviewing my work as well as the work of fellows writers, I wanted to take another look at one of your pieces and see your note posted above. I would not take it personally, but ask you to realize that you are not the norm - you are obviously profoundly gifted with the ability to speak and convey thoughts in a coherent way - a very noble gift!
So, please do not say the attention span of the Cafe is about null and void but rather that people are so very busy in today's worlds, and also have their own works to complete. We are here as writers first and reviewers second.
I applaud your every effort, and am pleased to see you have been published!! You are so very talented and your writing appears to be top notch, so please continue to write!! I will read as I am able!
I am captivated by the first verse of this write, and I don't want to be remiss in my review so I will be back for an in depth review, but I must read this more than one time to be able to fully express my opinion, and I am sure that is what you want!
Until later,

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

Sheila _ thanks for your time...and visit to see this work of mine...I do agree with your comment ab.. read more

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