Verse 30:  Birds of Prey

Verse 30: Birds of Prey

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Birds of Prey


We are cosmopolitan as peregrine falcons.

Separation does not divide to wandering creatures.

Together to rise and fall in the end is this flight.

Consume authority in our outcomes a pair can retain.

Briefly, conscience mind fall to trickery of mocking birds.

Swift, aerial assaults and circular dance beckon reason.

Solemn virtue tested to peers in earth and sky.

Value from righteous birth spent into maturity.

Deny nothing a common interest of worth.

Take a pledge in allegiance to a destiny’s end.


Departure needed; missing you gets in the way.

Complicated at times are these moments.

Lying would be ideal answer.

Compelling conversation lack measure, anymore.

Calls echoes a deafen eardrum.

Silence gives wake up far much more.

Believing gossip voices are true verdicts.

Undying sins are absolute offend her nature.

Then again, this apology is out of nothing.

A cheater is among men to prove otherwise.


An accusation lies to present evidence.

Criminal intent is hearsay of blind faith.

Only is she in a mirror’s reflection looks to satisfy.

If by early light does an image not fade to blur.

In plucking away are my eyes to see nonetheless.

Fly out to the others just to clip underneath this wing.

Insults are laughing against the drafting wind.

Those warranting is failure to be one.

Pleasures not even a crystal ball can attain no longer.

Looking through your eyes, can you only imagine?


In living is our solitary lifespan as birds of prey.

Accept a measure of beating hearts.

Contain actions not fallible to words.

Intervenes to lower pride yields confession.

Tears of blood are not temporary replacements.

Diluted drops of saline can never hold spilled love.

They exist, because life is for the taking.

Presume her thoughts without doubt.

Rip out the very nuclei with your talons.

Plea surrender as last emission to fly is free and together.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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