Verse 31:  Before the Dawn

Verse 31: Before the Dawn

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Before the Dawn


Vast world is out there. 

Standing is me at pivot point. 

A voice out of nowhere is calling. 

Will you find me before the dawn? 

After me, does darkness want to settle-in? 

This void is telling you to go. 

Then again, time is running thin. 

Your warmth is degrees off temperature. 

This coldness is setting in to discomfort. 

Believing is true measure of fathom.


So trivial in travel is a trek for both of us. 

This emptiness of space is bothersome. 

There is no given span of boundaries. 

Test hearts to their final beat of no surrender. 

Our souls accept to take form of matter. 

Repeatedly to limits is far beyond control. 

Constant battlefields challenge a course. 

Each direction is a mystery destination. 

Numerous lines find a map of fortune. 

Myriads of stars, but one is truly a claim.


Time is not an enemy or question to give blame. 

Sectors of heart beat slowly an interval. 

Eyes cannot see eclipses in barren terrain of abyss. 

Sleep is no longer an enduring option. 

Awaken to blur emphasis of images. 

Separation has lapse given to absence. 

Picture is more a sensational scene. 

Answer has always been in front of you. 

Telepathy is stronger when senses are dormant. 

This is no longer a dream of expectation.


Rise from somber slumber. 

Claim is long overdue. 

Existence has no definitive. 

A measure is complete circle. 

This is life’s unending journey. 

Take my hand to join me. 

Sphere of longevity is ours forever. 

Creation is now making of offspring. 

This place is a sacred world infinite. 

All is self-contained no conflicts of interest.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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Consciousness is more important than life. The only reason that life is important is that it is a nest for consciousness. Consciousness is a Synergy. In a synergy, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An atom of hydrogen is a synergy made up of its component parts, and so forth. We are synergies embedded in synergies. Our moods are synergies. The moods of fear, love, God, hate, pleasure, pain, self-preservation, and so forth are synergies that defy analysis, and therefore have no computable algorithms, but they are none-the-less real human survival traits impressed upon our genes that had to be passed on from one generation to another for the purpose of species survival. Mood synergies are retained because they promote survival, and for no other reason. We don’t believe, disbelieve, or doubt our moods; we just feel them. There should no more be a religion dealing with The God mood, than there should be a religion dealing with Pain for they are both kindred moods that defy analysis.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Glen Yumang Manese

4 Years Ago

A --- I see another thorough observation from your view point...thanks for reading and stopping by m.. read more

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