Verse 33:  Letters to Avelaem

Verse 33: Letters to Avelaem

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Letters to Avelaem




This is a plot to unravel an envious scheme. 

On the dawn of early light breaks reprisal to write these words:


Argumentative is this moment like unpredictable weather.   Barometer has fallen once again to the nature of our conflictive disagreement.  Hellfire with fair skies that the sun does not wish to shed light.   This storm brings the clouds of gloom upon us.  Flashes is lightning, sounds of thunder rattle the very foundation of relationship.


Venomous in casting stones ensuing this rain turn to hail towards such vengeance.  Those actions favor not the speeches of tongues.  Cries out is the length to the heavens.  This matter has just begun to brew an insult on the kettle.  In waiting is a blow of the whistle.  Before the boiling point rises steam on fertile earth.


Ending are four seasons of spring’s birth to affinity.  Failure knows not the fulfillment to litigate.  Tensions on such behave to keep discussion in the dwellings of abode.  To abrogate the situation that love controls this pain.  Gives fever the temperature to escalate an infectious virus.  Between lies, partners gave penetrating chance.


Leaves of autumn wither to chlorophyll.  Lacking is color turning a breach of contract.  Photo-synthesis governs a need to continue.  Therefore, a parting of ways calls the tears to turn into crystal.  Feelings felt to retreat in flakes of white.  Kill illness questions the mind.


Abound by frigid glaciers to the beat of hearts.  Flow the vessels release this anger to one another.   Purgatory sets a cleansing that nature is ongoing.   So tells the balance of human intervention.  Mistakes are a curable remedy overly glorified acts of lessons learned.


Erecting are seeds of passion which destruction has set to poison ground.   To plant crop feeds from the beginning.   Influences take their rightful place to the vapors of air.  Knowing this will happen once again.  Future reference our lips silenced.


Marks an affidavit controls a necessity to act on far fetch drama.   Accepting is a formal truth to forgiveness.  Bark of our tree is callused.   Undermine outside interests lurking for an advantage. Find less rooted roots of loopholes to ruins.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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Glen Yumang Manese

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